Alone/Together (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

AloneTogether (2019) - Title Card
65.38% (1)

Alone/Together is a bit forgettable, but makes for a breezy watch, as most Philippine based romances do.

Director(s) Antoinette Jadaone
Written By Antoinette Jadaone
Date Released 2/22/2019
Genre(s) Romance, Drama
Good If You Like Lowkey Drama

Simple Romances

Isn’t For You If You Don’t Like Back And Forth
Noted Cast
Christine Liza Soberano
Raf Enrique Gil
Aly Jasmine Curtis
Greg Luis Alandy

Alone/ Together Plot Summary (Ending Explained on Page 2)

For most of their adult life, Christine and Raf have known each other. In fact, at one time, they planned to marry, and Christine had plans to conquer the world. However, one event changes her plans drastically in life and love. Leaving her, for almost 5 years, becoming someone Raf barely recognizes. Thus creating the need to question if she is still the young woman he fell in love with and if she, considering all that has happened, still loves him?


Soberano and Gil Are Cute Together

Christine (Liza Soberano) and Raf (Enrique Gil) about to kiss during a festival.
Christine (Liza Soberano) and Raf (Enrique Gil)

There is absolutely no denying Soberano and Gil’s chemistry. Yes, because this is a movie from the Philippines, it means their romance is very PG, but due to that you get a sort of pure connection. One in which you are reminded of the importance of a kiss or holding someone’s hand, and the intimacy that represents. Also, the way Christine and Raf are played, it makes some of the complications they face seem small in comparison to all that could be ahead of them. Even to the point of forgiving some of the things one or the other does to win the other back.


The Way Time Is Handled

Unlike The Hows Of Us or Us And Them, when time is jumped (it only happens a few times early on) you got to rely on context clues to know what is going on. Something that gets annoying, and throws you off as we deal with the rise, fall, and rekindling of Christine and Raf’s relationship. For while you’ll be able to put the pieces together, in the long run, the initial jarring feeling may take you out of the film. Especially since the jump is 5+ years and the change in our leads is drastic.

On The Fence

The Will They Or Won’t They Is Complicated, But Quickly Handled

As college students, Raf and Christine have the kind of whirlwind romance you expect. However, then they grow up, their obligations change, and that makes the possibility of reconciling a bit difficult. But, arguably the movie doesn’t address the complications as it should. You have new partners, new jobs, but in a love conquers all kind of way, rather than make these issues big and leading you to question if they can be handled, they are made light. Making it so, like the romance, you feel you are given something easy to consume and light. Which takes away from the film, even if you are rooting for Raf and Christine.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Purchase, Rent, Get Tickets, or Merchandise On (Fandango/ Amazon)

Christine (Liza Soberano) during an awards assembly.
Christine (Liza Soberano)

The best and worse thing about this movie is similar to most imports from the Philippines. Yes, this is basically PG, minus some cursing, so the whole family can see. Also, like most imports from that country, the starring couple are well cast, have good chemistry, and will have you rooting for them until the very end. However, there is also a bit of predictability, and with the movie being so sanitized, it makes not just the expression of romance, but the drama seems tame.

Hence the mixed label. While a good watch for a lazy Sunday or matinee, it isn’t something you must see. This isn’t going to have you laughing or crying to the point of trembling. It is a very basic romance film that you can enjoy but likely won’t remember long term.


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