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A Star Is Born (2018) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Summary (with Ending Spoilers)

At this point in Jack’s career, between his drinking, drugging, and hearing loss, he is coming towards the end of his rope. He can still put on one hell of a show but with him refusing to use any kind of device to enhance or protect his hearing, he’s on borrowed time. Luckily though, one night, after finding himself without anything to drink, he finds himself stumbling into a gay bar and gets to witness Ally. To say he is enamored by her talent would be an understatement. It’s like, after spending decades on the road, meeting people, even going overseas, she is the first woman he ever saw something in.

Leading to quite a romance. One which benefits Ally greatly as Jack may hold a similar demon as her father has, drinking that is, but unlike her dad, he believes in her. Even puts her on stage, as seen in the video for “Shallow” and so begins her career. Well, at least her career singing with Jack during his concerts. Her solo career doesn’t begin until meeting a man named Rez. Someone who represents the people who rejected Ally before she met Jackson yet now, with their attention, she seizes the opportunity – with Jack’s support, initially.

However, as Ally’s career rises, Jack’s falls and he sort of just becomes Ally’s husband. Which is fine, but then Rez starts exerting his influence and it changes Ally. Her music isn’t the same, her look isn’t, and Jack is starting to fight with her. Which messes him up for he got better because he thought he found someone who got him. Who protected him as much as his brother Bobby has tried to, but without the baggage.

Leaving us to wonder, as Rez asserts his influence and Jack’s drinking leads to more and more fights, what may come of these two?

Well, what happens is Jack eventually hits rock bottom at the Grammy Awards as Ally is accepting an award for best new artist. Leading to him going to rehab and no sooner does he get out does Rez make it seem Jack is holding Ally back and always will. Which she provides evidence of by talking about cancelling a tour to be with Jack. So, he takes what pills are left in his car and hangs himself. Something he tried to do when he was 13 but the fan broke. However, the garage door was much stronger.

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