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Quotes & .Gifs From July 2020

by Amari
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In this post, you’ll find quotes & .gifs from July 2020.

The Umbrella Academy

Men have sides, women have secrets.
— Sissy (2.1)

Whitney Cummings

Comedians become comedians to control how they get embarrassed or how they get laughed at.
— Whitney Cummings

Trixie Mattel

People want to be told what they are, so they have direction.
— Trixie Mattel

You are what you are dressed as.
— Trixie Mattel

Amanda Seales

Everything you’ve done ends up being training for what you’re doing.
— Amanda Seales

That strength that you think you’re putting up to keep people from hurting you is doing the same work to keep people from loving you.
— Amanda Seales

Your emotions are the language of your soul. So if someone is trying to silence your emotions, they’re silencing the actual core that you speak with.
— Amanda Seales

The Kissing Booth 2

Perhaps the Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road.
— Elle



Ain’t nothing necessary, till it is.
— Andre

Let that stage be your stepping stone, not your tombstone.
— Mercedes and Uncle Clifford

You never know when you got to turn a window into a door.
— Uncle Clifford

A Nice Girl Like You

You can’t be useful in a two until you figure yourself out in a one.
— Grant



“Sometimes […] support comes in the form of releasing control.”


The truth can be hard to say, but it usually gets better as you go along.
— Tara

If you won’t do anything to help, be quiet.
— Lady Mae

Little Voice

[…] you’re too easy on everyone else and just way too hard on yourself.
— Prisha

The Bold Type


I’m a private person, but that doesn’t mean I’m hiding my sexuality.
— Eva

The Chi


I’m so concerned with them being perfect, I don’t leave a lot of room for them to be free.
— Karen

I didn’t get lost, I walked away.
— Ronnie

Uncle Tom

Success does not come in a straight line, it’s a zigzag.
— Herman Cain

Under The Riccione Sun

If you’re afraid of losing, you won’t play well.
— Vincenzo


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