Character Guides Meet The Characters of Crunchyroll's Goblin Slayer

Meet The Characters of Crunchyroll’s Goblin Slayer

The Following is a list of cast and characters from the Crunchyroll anime Goblin Slayer and their status at the end of the season(s).

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Characters are added as they are noted in episode recaps.

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Umehara Yuuichirou As Goblin Slayer

Also known as Beard-Cutter and Orcbolg

First Noted: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Fate of Particular Adventurers”

Character Introduction

Having had his village massacred as a youth, losing his older sister in the process, the Goblin Slayer, real name currently unknown, has seemingly vowed to kill goblins for the rest of his life. In fact, he has killed so many he has earned the top rank an adventurer can have – Silver.


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