“Unexpected Visitors” is a world-building episode establishing the type of beings that exist, their problems, and origins of the world. Network Crunchyroll Director(s) Takaharu Ozaki Writer(s) Hideyuki Kurata, Yōsuke Kuroda Air Date 10/20/2018 Characters Introduced Tokage Sugita Tomokazu Kouhito Nakamura Yuuichi Yousei Touyama Nao Majo Hikasa Youko Images and text in this post may contain…

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“Unexpected Visitors” is a world-building episode establishing the type of beings that exist, their problems, and origins of the world.

Director(s) Takaharu Ozaki
Writer(s) Hideyuki Kurata, Yōsuke Kuroda
Air Date 10/20/2018
Characters Introduced
Tokage Sugita Tomokazu
Kouhito Nakamura Yuuichi
Yousei Touyama Nao
Majo Hikasa Youko

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The Origin Of Things: Onna, Goblin Slayer, Tokage, Kouhito, Yousei

In the episode, we learn a few theories about how different cultures see the creation of the world and the origins of things. For example, Onna begins the episode by making it seem the world all began with a dice game. One in which the gods played, until they tired out, to decide how their world would be ruled. Later on, the origins of goblins are hypothesized with Tokage, a lizard being, noting his people say they come from an underground kingdom. Onna notes, where she is from, it is said they come from human mistakes and Goblin Slayer has perhaps the most elaborate of them all.

Within the world the show takes place, there is a green moon and one which is pinkish. According to Goblin Slayer’s older sister, goblins come from the barren green moon out of envy for all that humans, dwarves, elves, and lizard kind have. Also, similar to what Onna says, one could say, though I might have misinterpreted this, humans whose envy consume them also become goblins.

Us gathering a sense of culture doesn’t end there though. We also learn, like many a fantasy, elves and dwarves not getting along much. Also that elves are an evolved form of faeries. Presenting us not just with folklore and each culture’s belief on how the world came to be, but information which explains character interaction.


Goblin Slayer Season 1 Episode 3 Unexpected Guests Dice

Though I could understand many seeing this as a boring episode, it was also necessary. There is nothing worse than a show which has this huge, vibrant world, yet it ignores it. Makes it seem like you read the manga, so it doesn’t have to go into all that, or you won’t have a single question about what’s going on. Thankfully, Goblin Slayer gives us a taste of what history different creatures have and how their worlds conflict and coincide.

Take just their different origins of goblins. Each way speaks to how life was for them growing up. For Tokage, while goblins were likely a nuisance, they weren’t treated as something to keep kids in line like they were for Onna and Goblin Slayer. Then, even when it comes to beings and their interactions with one another, it is established everything isn’t kumbaya or all beings regularly interact. Upon Tokage coming into the guild, the rarity of lizardmen being seen is noted. Kouhito and Yousei bickering, light-heartedly, helps craft how they were brought up and how they see each other’s people. Heck, Yousei dropping how humans see them continues to establish, no matter the show it seems, humans are trash.

Thus not giving us an encyclopedia of information but enough to understand this world didn’t just start when the artist put their utensil to paper or a screen.

A New Quest: Onna, Goblin Slayer, Tokage, Kouhito, Yousei, Majo

It was noted in a previous episode that the demon lord has been resurrected. However, since the Goblin Slayer only really cares about goblins, naturally this was treated as something we’d never see. That is until Yousei, Kouhito, and Tokage decide to seek him out for assistance. After all, he is a silver and so him not going after these things the demon lord is summoning, seems like a waste.

But, upon trying to approach Goblin Slayer with that, Yousei, who might be the leader, or just most vocal, gets shut down. So, working with what they know, goblins are brought up and before they can mention reward, Goblin Slayer is off. Even tries to talk Onna out of coming with him since Tokage, who seemingly has some reconnaissance done, makes it see silver level goblins maybe in play.

However, no matter the Goblin Slayer’s standoffishness or Majo, the witch we saw briefly in the last episode, making it seem Onna needs to be careful, she is done with him till the end. Even with, in addition to Majo, Onna being warned Goblin Slayer takes on rookies for bait.


Goblin Slayer Season 1 Episode 3 Unexpected Guests Onna Kouhito Goblin Slayer Yousei Tokage

With the warning Onna got, you have to wonder how many people did die following Goblin Slayer? I would assume he doesn’t have an absolutely bad reputation, or else the receptionist would have warned Onna. However, with not a lot of information circulating about Goblin Slayer, besides how dingy he looks and the surprise he is silver, this rumor is quite interesting.

Though, so is the idea that amongst Lizard people, elves, even dwarves, they all seem to know who the Goblin Slayer is. That and they all seem to agree that each of their reps should go out to pursue him. Have him part of their coalition to handle this demon lord thing. Which brings its own questions since, considering the capital may not have a whole lot of their people, is this strictly a trade thing? If not a case of, we got to help the humans protect their capital before they come for our people?

Also, you gotta ask, why do demon lords always start with humans? You’d think they’d work their way up since usually elves have less people, and live in clusters, and dwarves can’t run that fast and mostly use primitive weapons. All I’m saying is, if I just got revived from the dead, or eternal rest, I’d like a warm-up before dealing with the people who, based off seeing Majo, likely has the best of other creatures’ worlds.

New Friends: Onna, Goblin Slayer, Tokage, Kouhito, Yousei

As noted, outside of trade and situations like a Demon Lord causing havoc, social interaction between the various species is probably nil. Hence why everyone feels the need to share something of their people. Goblin Slayer shares cheese, which seemingly is foreign to all but Onna. Tokage shares a sort of swamp meat, Kouhito some dwarf wine, and Yousei a ration given to adventurers.

However, one thing shared, which may not be something we see till the end of the show, is how Goblin Slayer looks under his helmet. We get a brief cutaway to Ushikai showing he does have more than one, so he likely does change his armor. But it seems us getting to see what he looks like after being in that armor, fighting all these battles, won’t happen anytime soon. We’ll just be teased.


Goblin Slayer Season 1 Episode 3 Unexpected Guests Yousei

With us learning there are silver level goblins, I wonder if that means this show will find a way to escalate the danger Goblin Slayer is in. For, not to be negative, but one thought I had going into this episode as, how will they not make it seem he always overpowers these goblins? Him destroying a nest, and those in it, is like going back to the beginning of a video game when you’re about to fight the final boss. By my gauge, most of goblins we’ve seen him fight are porcelain level. Maybe a level higher. So does this mean we’ll see some which actually may make his armor worth it? Perhaps coerce him to replace what he’s wearing maybe?

Also, considering they’ll have to travel to get to these nest, will we get to see more of the world or will they fast travel through everything? Will Goblin Slayer be forced to take on other beings, or will we never see him fight anything but goblins? Heck, may he be stubborn enough to sit out battles which don’t involve goblins? If not scared by the idea of fighting something he doesn’t have a clear edge against? Hopefully, we’ll find out.


  1. Alongside being introduced to characters, who have personality, we also got a sense of their culture and how they differ and are similar, in some ways.
  2. It being likely that we’ll see Goblin Slayer take on more than porcelain level goblins.

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  1. How does he overpowered the Goblins? by using his brain not brawn.
    In Episode 2, he drilled his knowledge to Priestess – what time is best to attack, how to approach a nest or just simply destroy it from the outside using any means necessary (like burning them down or simply make the nest collapse)

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