Character Guides His Dark Materials: Cast, Characters & General Information (with Spoilers)

His Dark Materials: Cast, Characters & General Information (with Spoilers)

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A show/ character guide for BBC One & HBO’s His Dark Materials featuring who plays who, character descriptions, storylines, and general information.

Information is updated as new episodes are released and watched, and images are changed as better ones are captured.


Table of Contents


General Information About His Dark Materials

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Groups & Organizations

The Magisterium

Inside the building the Magisterium meet.

The government organization, whose control has lasted for centuries, that has a keen eye for anything considered heresy.

Additional Information About The Magisterium
  • They have confiscated nearly all the Alethiometers in existence

The Gyptians

An outcast group, of which has at least 6 communities, that are seemingly made mostly of the poor who live in Oxford, among other places.

Additional Information
  • 1.5: They burn their dead.

The General Oblation Board (Gobblers)

Human traffickers who operate under Mrs. Coulter, with financing from the Magisterium.

The Bears

In this monarch society, giant polar bears, who appear to be daemons, are actually independent and known to be some of the fiercest warriors around. Yet, they aren’t that highly respected by The Magisterium despite having around 200 members.

Notable Locations


The location of His Dark Materials in the beginning, and where we meet The Gyptians, Lyra, and see Jordan College.

Jordan College

Where Lyra was raised, the Master is the head, and Lord Asriel gets his funding from.


A location introduced in 1.4 where Iorik, among many others, are met.

Bolvangar (The Station)

Where the Gobblers experiment on kids.

Terms To Know


Not to be confused with demonic beings, but daemon are connected to their humans in an almost spiritual way. For example, when their human dies, they do as well, and vice versa. Also, like their human goes through puberty and have biological changes, their form changes. Leading to some, like the Gyptians, thinking that when the daemon has settled onto a form, their human is an adult.

Additional Information About Daemons
  • Their final form is often based on their human partner’s and it seems birds, insects, and reptiles are the most common forms. Though we also see those in the ape family and cat family as well.


A rare item, of which only six exist, which, when presented to Lyra, is said to be able to get the truth.


A substance which is mostly found surrounding adults, but is portrayed as something far more powerful than Lyra is aware of in the series premiere. Also, we’re told by Lyra that it comes from space.

Additional Information
  • The Magisterium often associates Dust with sin based on their version of Adam and Eve and the assumption that, since Dust is only found in adults, you begin to collect Dust during puberty. However, for Lord Asriel, his interpretation is that Dust is knowledge. Hence his belief that it powers Alethiometers.
    • How daemons come into play in terms of Dust and sin is that Eve’s daemon is said to settle into its final form after eating the apple, thus why cutting off a person’s daemon was considered one way to keep pure.


The Great Flood

An event that occurred around the time of Lyra’s birth that led to record levels of water around Oxford and the surrounding areas.


The means someone can go from one world to another which requires a great energy expulsion to create. As seen in 1.8.


Monsters that are encountered in 1.6 that are scally and ruthless – but not daemons.


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