Author: Amari Allah

Amari is the founder and head writer of and has been writing reviews since 2010, with a focus on dramas and comedies.

The Chi: Season 6 Episode 14 – Review/ Recap

As “The Chi” continues to test how big of a cast can it have before it cannot handle keeping up with so many characters, Alicia begins to pull weight to position herself as Douda’s successor.

Swimming Home (2024)

Starring MacKenzie Davis and Christopher Abbott, between them we watch a increasingly estranged couple, potentially towards the end of their relationship, try to enjoy a vacation featuring a young woman enamored by Abbott’s character.

All That We Love (2024)

Starring Margaret Cho and Kenneth Choi, in “All That We Love,“ we watch as an estranged ex husband and father with the best/worst timing, tries to reconcile with his ex wife and daughter.

Sacramento (2024)

As two long time friends, deal with how they have become estranged, one is dealing with the weight of pending fatherhood, which is leading them to become an anxious mess.

The Wasp (2024)

Starring Natalie Dormer and Naomi Harris, prepare for twists, reveals, and a shocking ending that reminds you the writing needs to match the performances for any surprises to work.

A Mistake (2024) – Written Review

Starring Elizabeth Banks, we watch as a doctor handles the death of a patient from her protégé’s guilt, the administration’s desire to lessen the blow, to parents who just want answers.

The Other, Gold (2024)

In a multi week spanning movie, Farrah tries to navigate her feelings and frustrations as another wave of COVID hits, as well as the realization some of her relationships might be over.

Winter Spring Summer or Fall (2024)

Starring Jenna Ortega and Percy Hynes White known for “Wednesday”, in this Tribeca Film Festival release, the two are seniors unsure of where their relationship could or should go.

Incision (2024) Movie Review

“Incision” seems to forget to give you reasons to get invested, beyond familiar faces and the assumed empathy for people being victimized.

Love Kills (2024) Movie Review

“Love Kills” loses its luster as you figure out it is using sex and violence to compensate for a lackluster story.

Guy Friends (2024) Movie Review

In “Guy Friends,” a young woman discovers, despite thinking she is a guy’s girl, she’s really just someone multiple guys are waiting for their chance with – and they all make a move when her relationship goes awry.

The Young Wife (2024) Movie Review

At times feeling like a visual album, “The Young Wife” delivers both the anxiety and sense of overstimulation that can come when two worlds collide via marriage – especially when there are unresolved issues.

My Old Ass (2024) Movie Review

Megan Park delivers another coming-of-age story, but this one focuses on a young woman meeting herself in the future and questioning the sexuality she thought she was firm in.

The Chi: Season 6 Episode 12 – Review/ Recap

As the beginning of the end may come for Victor, Papa too seems ready for his chance to fly too close to the sun. All the while, Emmett struggles with making deals with new devils, hoping to get the old ones off his back.

Close To You (2024) – Movie Review

Starring Elliot Page, known for “The Umbrella Academy”, in this NewFest Pride release, Page plays a transman returning home for the first time in 4 years since transitioning and dealing with their friends and family awkwardly trying to reintegrate back into his life.

RSVP (2024) Movie Review

Starring Natasha Marc and Robert Ri’Chard, in this BET+ release, a man decides to get revenge for his fallen wife, and you’re sadly left taking his word due to a lack of character development.

The Good Doctor: Season 7 Review

In its final season, “The Good Doctor” tries to end things on a high note but continues to commit to many of its flaws or trips in its pursuit to leave a lasting impression.

The Ms. Pat Show: Season 4 Review

“The Ms. Pat Show” continues to blur the lines between being a sitcom and drama as it gives its live and at-home audience what feels like a top-notch play.

Hit Man (2024) Movie Review

Starring Glen Powell, known for the recent hit “Anyone But You”, in this Netflix release, he plays an everyday guy thrust to pretend to be a hitman for the New Orleans Police Department in a movie based on a real person.

The Equalizer: Season 4 Review

With a shortened season, season 4 of “The Equalizer” tries its best to keep the course for many of its characters, but some are clearly sacrificed to meet the reduced episode count.

Killer Body Count (2024) Movie Review

Starring Cassiel Eatock-Winnik and Savana Tardieu, this Tubi release sends teenage boys and girls to a Catholic camp to repent and reform from acting depraved.