Sole Bovelli: Writing The Definition Of What It Means To Be An Artist

Still of Sole Bovelli from our interview

A summary of our interview with Sole Bovelli, which chronicles her path to “The Offer” and her upcoming projects

Sole is someone who defines herself as an artist. Which throughout our conversation, you come to realize why more and more creatives, whether primarily actors or musicians, use this term. For it is about more than the medium they choose as their creative outlet. Being an artist is more than the performance. It’s about making you feel. Whether it is feel seen, understood, or even renewed, that is what artists like Sole bring, and through her passion for her work, you, too, will both be entranced by her journey thus far and her breakdown of how she has gotten here.

The Foundation

The second oldest of four siblings in an Italian-Mexican household, Sole was born into an extended community. One that allowed her to have a sense of home, no matter if her family was living in the Boston area, Los Angeles area, or Mexico City. For there was always a sense of connection.

One of Sole’s earliest connections was with older sister Diamante. Together they would make videos and unleash their imaginations, which gave Sole her first taste of what it meant to be in front of the camera. You can even credit Diamante for Sole’s exploration of the music scene, as Diamante is a musician whose music lives in the rock scene.

And that might be why Sole has often chosen to push beyond where she is. Growth is an underestimated task in life. Each day there are new stimuli and new people introduced to your person, and while Sole clearly can enter any industry, from teaching, marketing, business, and even politics, there has always been something about acting. Connecting with people, on a personal level, is a driving force for Sole and all she does.

For just as much as she was raised knowing what community is, it seems now the goal is to build that for herself and others. To bring what has made her love being Italian, being Mexican, and having all these connections to people who may not know that type of light, love, acceptance, and sense of belonging that can give you.

Early Work

Like many in the entertainment industry, Sole started young. She was lucky enough to have a mother invested in her vision, and whether it was going to Rhode Island from Boston or New York, she didn’t treat her daughter’s interest as a dalliance. Sole was allowed, at a young age, to begin cultivating the woman we’re introduced to, and this led to her being scouted at a competition in Arizona, coming in third place with her monologue, and being signed to her current agency CESD.

But, while New York is one of the meccas of the Entertainment industry, a return to California was in order, so her family moved to the Los Angeles area, and Sole switched to the LA branch of her agency. There, she continued to find work, mostly doing print and commercials, but in terms of roles like what we see in “The Offer” or future releases like “At Last Deserted” and “Let’s Meet Halfway?” they didn’t come just yet. Which might have been for the best.

One of the things, aside from community that is a core to who Sole is, is vulnerability. The ability to be open isn’t just beneficial to being an actress but also as a person. People are so quick to put a wall up and guard themselves that they don’t even realize it when they are starving for meaningful connection. And like anyone else, Sole had moments when she had to distance herself from what is known to discover who she is beyond the influences in her life.

This is part of what led to her working under the tutelage of legendary director Antuillo Jimenez Pons. What he provided was a sense of structure that allowed Sole to focus. Options have long been a privilege, but they allowed for a certain level of chaos that didn’t lead to the type of creation she wanted. It was like the difference between a steady flame and magma shooting out from a volcano. Both can be seen as beautiful, majestic, and represent passion, but a flame can be controlled. It can provide warmth and ambiance and foster feelings of reflection.

From working under someone who has been in cinema since the 50s, Sole got someone who understood how to refine and teach the technical side of what she loved, so she could enjoy and appreciate the creative side. But when we say technical, it isn’t just about camera work and terminology. What Antuillo also presented was the business side.

Recent Releases

Many may think that once you get signed, that’s it. You made it, and now you just have to wait for the role of your dreams to come in, book it, and that’s it. No. There is a reason why artists talk about their team and are thankful for them, but make it clear, like any leader, they have to present the vision, advocate for how to bring that into reality, and make sure their team is on the same page.

Before her role on “The Offer,” Sole did over 50 self-tapes in a year. She experienced the grueling process that discourages a lot of young artists for whether it is silent rejection or being told no, it hurts. Many of us have done app dating, so we know this experience. You want something so badly yet, ultimately, it is out of your hands whether you are deemed worthy, even if you have done the work.

The Offer

Simonetta (Sole Bovelli) trying to be cast in The Godfather
Simonetta (Sole Bovelli) trying to be cast in The Godfather

But, as the saying goes, you don’t have to get ready if you stay ready. This is what allowed Sole to gain the role of Simonetta in Paramount+’s “The Offer.” Now, it is a small role to viewers, only one scene, but the experience Sole talks about is much more than that.

It begins with connecting with Anthony Ippolito, who plays Al Pacino in the show. While he has had roles dating back to 2006, which includes playing George in Netflix’s “Grand Army,” he hasn’t forgotten that feeling of being someone new. To be an actor who, while they had a litany of theory about acting, or even performing in a production of “The Offer’s” scale, the practicum? That can only be gained in the moment. And together, Anthony and Sole began creating that sense of community that comes not only from being Italian but also from recognizing the potential for a professional relationship that isn’t transactional but eternal.

The same goes with Juno Temple and the episode’s director Adam Arkin. Thanks to her tutelage, from Antuillo to others, there was an understanding of advocating for yourself and that the work is ultimately a collaborative process. You bring your initial take to a character, the director molds it, changes it, presents a different take, and with another actor, you figure out a rhythm. You do the work and create a mutually beneficial experience. One that can bring laughter, as Sole’s scene as Simonetta did.

Coming Soon

As a member of Diana Castle’s “The Imagined Life” acting studio, Sole has found her people. Yes, she has a team at her agency, CESD, but the tutelage under Diana Castle’s team presents something next level. It has Sole wanting to explore different mediums, like live theater. With based on the tail end of our conversation, she is currently studying “The Seagull.”

At Last Deserted and Let’s Meet Halfway

The above reel contains scenes from “Let’s Meet Halfway,” in which Sole plays Charlie. 

But, until Sole’s debut on stage, her focus remains in front of a camera, and she has two productions soon to be released. Both are produced under “After Moon Productions,” with Dana Dveris directing both pictures with Max Schmitz co-directing “Let’s Meet Halfway.” This production was another example of Sole advocating for herself, for while agencies are looking for the next big thing, it’s part of your job to look for those they may overlook.

It’s like Sole says; you must acknowledge the industry’s business and artistic side. Money is a major factor and exposure, but you also need to pursue what you’re passionate about. Working in indie films means less structure, more room for experimentation, and the type of collaborative community Sole thrives in. This isn’t to imply being on sets like “The Offer” are stifling, but they require a different mindset and muscle.

Now, unfortunately, during our conversation, exact release dates weren’t given for either production, and in terms of “At Last Deserted,” there still isn’t a precise summary to know what it is about. However, it is noted both will be on the film festival circuit soon and are completed. So just keep your eye out for them.

Social Media

We would be remiss for not addressing that, if you search for Sole Bovelli online, you might find something oddly missing. In 2022, it can feel like there is a level of accessibility to any entertainer that is too much. You can see their friends, know where they are and what they like to eat, and pretty much whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube, their lives are as commercialized as their art.

This is part of why Sole’s social media is scarce or private. Note: at one time, Sole was like anyone else trying to make it and was very active on social media. You can even find old pictures, remnants of videos, and more if you look. You’ll even see some of Sole’s songs when music was her primary focus. However, at this point, her dedication is just to honing her craft as an actress, and in terms of social media? She may revisit it as a tool to use someday, but right now, she has seen so many benefits of living life without it that she is in no rush to return.

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