Below Deck Deceit (2023)

Victoria Bryant

Review By

Jodi Binstock

Directed by

Jodi Binstock

August 11, 2023

Written By

Released (Tubi)


A yachting trip takes a dark turn as it goes from what was supposed a break for pop star Sadie Woodford to a murder mystery.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Sadie Woodford (Mea Wilkerson), Captain Jimmy (Jason Faunt), Reaghan (Shellie Sterling), Kyle (Freddie L. Flemming), Kara (Sara Jane Morris), Robbie (Paul Toweh), and Bill (Charles Mesure

What Is “Below Deck Deceit” Rated And Why?

"Below Deck Deceit" is Rated R for physical violence resuting in blood and also people being poisoned.

Review Summary

From the depiction of Sadie being a popstar who desires freedom, how the murder mystery is handled and more, "Below Deck Deceit" has the kinds of highs and lows that can't be summarized here.

In "Close Encounters," the death of a family patriarch leads to soap opera style drama as twists, betrayals, and secret relationships are revealed as everyone fights for supremacy.