Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead: Season 1/ Episode 9 “Treehouse of the Dead” – Recap and Review

Akira (Shuichiro Umeda)

Akira finally makes it home, but a few new people in Gunma don’t fit in with the down-home, rural vibe.

General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (Netflix) September 25, 2023
Director(s) Yū Harima
Writer(s) Hiroshi Seko
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Masura Kumano Kusumi Naomi
Tendo Sasaki Yuuko
Teruo Kinoshita Hiroyuki
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Akira Shūichirō Umeda
Shizuka Tomori Kusunoki
Beatrix Minami Takahashi
Kencho Makoto Furukawa

Plot Recap

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Let’s Build A Treehouse! – Akira, Masura, Shizuka, Beatrix, Kencho

With the tunnel to Akira’s village, Gunma, blocked, Akira originally feared the worst. However, with not seeing anyone familiar amongst the zombies, there is some relief as Shizuka preps them to hike around the tunnel. During this roundabout, old way to the village, the team comes across Masura, a carpenter, being chased by a zombie pig. Luckily for him, Beatrix is good with a bow and arrow and easily takes care of the pig.

This leads to Masura explaining why he is in the woods and revealing he is in the process of building a tree house. Amazed, and with a tree house on his list, Akira convinces everyone to help, and they do as asked. What helps is Akira learning from Masura why he is alone and that part of the reason for building the tree house is for his dearly departed son. He had to kill him and his wife after they turned, so the tree house is for them – and Masura’s future.

Home Never Changes – Akira, Tendo, Teruo

Upon arriving at the village, which requires a treacherous cliff that shows why the tunnel was made, Akura sees everything empty and fears the worst. However, it appears that, like most rural areas, they just don’t have the population they once did. There are some new people from the city, but there isn’t such a great influx that all the homes are filled.

This leads to Akira reuniting with his parents, Tendo and Teruo, who are neither tear-filled nor dramatic about their son returning after three years. Note: Akira is, but not his parents. His dad, Tendo, especially isn’t impressed. He bops him on the head with his fist and pushes the idea that Akira wanted to appease Kosugi so badly because he reminded him of his father. But childhood trauma aside, Akira does his best to honor his parents, but neither really wants him to go above and beyond. They’d rather him do as everyone else and help.

But, as Akira does this, we are hinted at something being wrong with Tendo without the exact details.

Dark Akira

Among the village newcomers are four people who may remind you of Akira’s group, but if they were all evil. There is one who is like an anti-Akira, and the others are the worst kind of outcasts. They feel discarded by society, so they desire to get back at society, whether by hurting people, assaulting them, or destroying the organizations that made them feel like they didn’t belong.

New Character Description(s)

Masura Kumano

Masura Kumano (Kusumi Naomi)
“Masura Kumano (Kusumi Naomi),” Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, ” Treehouse of the Dead,” directed by Yū Harima, 2023, (Netflix)

A master carpenter, after the death of his wife, who infected his son, he decided to live in the woods and with finding an acre of Oak Trees, he decided to build a tree house to live out the rest of his days as the zombie apocalypse rages on.


Tendo (Sasaki Yuuko)
“Tendo (Sasaki Yuuko),” Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, ” Treehouse of the Dead,” directed by Yū Harima, 2023, (Netflix)

Tendo is Akira’s stern dad, who doesn’t say much, works on the farm, and tries to contribute to his community.


Teruo (Kinoshita Hiroyuki)
“Teruo (Kinoshita Hiroyuki),” Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, ” Treehouse of the Dead,” directed by Yū Harima, 2023, (Netflix)

Teruo is Akira’s mom, who is far nicer than his dad.

Collected Quote(s)

“People say when you’re ready to repay your parent, it’s already too late.”
— Masura


Notable Performances or Moments

Seeing How Akira Ended Up Wrapped Around Kosugi’s Thumb

While Kosugi is loud and boisterous, you can see some similarities between him and Tendo in the form of someone who is stern and knows how to demand a certain level of output. Now, yes, Tendo by presence causes Akira to want to do and be more, but you can see, far from your rural town, how Kosugi could easily be seen as akin to Tendo and capture Akira in a way that could put him into a trance.

Kosugi was everything Tendo could be if he controlled his temper and wasn’t above doing hard work.

Dark Akira

Anti Akira Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Season 1 Episode 9 Treehouse of the Dead scaled
“Anti-Akira,” Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, ” Treehouse of the Dead,” directed by Yū Harima, 2023, (Netflix)

Better than getting a what-if episode, we finally got a multi-episode villain who isn’t a blast from the past but likely a part of an extended future. What we’re dubbing Dark Akira, since I don’t think they say his name, has a book of 100 things to do, but they aren’t fun and carefree but harmful to others and all about what can be done without proper law enforcement.

Now, it isn’t clear if we may follow him and his crew’s journey to Gunma, to see how they survived and how much of their list was done, but just the clash alone between the two Akira’s is something to look forward to. Especially if, regarding what Tendo is running out of time about, is liked to something Dark Akira did.

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Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead: Season 1/ Episode 9 “Treehouse of the Dead” – Overview


With meeting a villainous character who will likely stick around, paired with Akira’s first big goal of reuniting his parents, it is going to be quite a few interesting episodes to come.

  • Seeing How Akira Ended Up Wrapped Around Kosugi’s Thumb - 85%
  • Dark Akira - 86%
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  • Dark Akira
  • Seeing How Akira Ended Up Wrapped Around Kosugi’s Thumb


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