You: Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Captain” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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We get to go inside Beck’s head a bit, as Joe learns that he can’t find everything about her through the internet or hacking her Apple account.

Director(s) Vic Mahoney
Writer(s) Michael Foley
Air Date 9/30/2018
Characters Introduced
Edward Michael Park
Nancy Emily Bergl
Mia Mercedes Griffeth

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8 Seconds: Beck, Joe, Peach

As you can imagine, one of the many things both guys and girls fear is the guy not lasting long. This is especially scary for Joe since Beck has shown herself to be a young woman who enjoys sex. So a few pumps and AHASHASHDASKD is not a good way to seal the deal. Luckily, it seems Joe has some size to him and while Peach treats this as a sign to dump Joe, among others, Annika and Lynn remain supportive.

However, how does one recover from such a bad first impression?


Peach downplaying Joe.
Peach: Becks, love yourself.

Is Peach ever going to reveal to Beck she has feelings for her? While I’m aware the way women are friends with men, and men are friends with each other, differs from when it is two women, playing with someone’s hair seems a bit intimate. Especially since Peach was just twirling Beck’s hair, not getting it ready for an event, or anything like that. And considering Peach doesn’t seem to have any reason to stay closeted, unless she fears losing Beck in the process of coming out, I just don’t get it. Well, unless she sees Beck as a little sister but, even then, their relationship would seem weird.

Focusing on Joe, considering how meticulous he has been about being the perfect guy, you’d think he would have figured a way to be a better lover. Be it sex toys or getting back into the swing of things with someone who doesn’t mean anything to him. It isn’t like Beck wasn’t seeing other people and I’m sure Joe’s mind could have been persuaded to believe that showing he isn’t hung up on Beck, solely, would have been a good idea.

Daddy Issues: Edward, Nancy, Mia, Beck, Joe, Ethan, Peach

Edward, Beck's dad.

Remember Beck saying her dad is dead? What she really meant was her dad is dead to her. Particularly since it seems he has moved on from not just the drugs, but largely his past life. Which kind of includes his kids. Not fully, possibly due to guilt, but with him having Nancy and her children to take care of, also one on the way, to say there is a lot in the way of Beck and Edward truly reconciling is an understatement.

However, Nancy isn’t trying to make it easy either. Mia, Nancy’s daughter, as well. For with them both being shady, though Mia may just be flat out insulting, and Edward not saying much, it doesn’t make Beck feel welcomed. Add in the idea she only talks to her dad when he gives her money, and Nancy wants her cut off, and you can see more and more why she doesn’t engage her dad much. You could also factor in that her mom never recovered from his abandoning her as well.

Now, as for how Joe plays a role in all this? Well, thanks to those 8 seconds, and Ethan running his mouth to Peach, Joe gets discovered. Thus leading to Beck wanting to use him to help ease the awkwardness of the situation – at first. That is, until Nancy and Beck have a verbal altercation as Beck brings up who Edward was when he was an addict which makes Nancy uncomfortable. Also, it makes Edward a little uncomfortable, since he doesn’t remember what happened back then too well.

Leading to Beck storming out and Joe following. Not for long, however. Since Joe may often know the right thing to say but that doesn’t mean the receiver is always ready. At least in that particular moment. But, with Joe talking about Beck writing her feelings, she heeds the advice and even gets a compliment from Blythe about it.


Peach getting information out of Ethan.

As shown in this topic, and the next, Ethan is going to be a HUGE liability. From telling Peach where Joe is, then telling Beck where his boss lives, either he has no common sense or gets back at Joe leaving him alone in the store when he can. That aside, considering the history involved with Beck’s father abandoning her, how rushed things were with establishing his family, what happened in the past, and the potential for their future, it sort of cheapened the experience. Especially Joe just jumping into a situation which clearly he had no business getting involved in. Thankfully, Joe is smart enough to keep his mouth shut when in unfamiliar territory.

But, let’s be real here, the likelihood of Edward and the rest showing up again this season is nil. This was just to add a layer to Beck and further push how much Joe really doesn’t know about this girl. Even with him hacking her accounts and likely having Google alerts every time something about her is posted online. For it could be, as noted in episode 2, whoever this girl is that Joe has crafted in his mind, she may not exist.

Fortifying The Relationship: Peach, Beck, Joe

With Joe making up for his 8 seconds by being there for Beck when she could use him, he is given a second chance to show the 8 seconds was just a blip. Which he does. However, before he could prove to Beck he could put it down he had to carefully hide all his souvenirs from breaking into Beck’s apartment as well as stealing her old phone. Something he does with ease. Thus leaving them in a good place again.

But, to make sure the issue is over and done with, he also makes sure Ozma of Ozir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=933ec210d6fa8bee847db66fe7784eec& cb=1538414802122 is returned to Peach’s house so that, hopefully, he’ll get off her bad side.


Peach being shady towards Joe.

All I can say is, Beck joking about Joe being a stalker and her learning from the best was kind of hilarious. That and what likely will happen to Ethan who can’t keep his mouth shut. Because that is twice, in one week, he almost blew Joe’s cover by telling people Joe’s business. Even Paco doesn’t make those kind of mistakes and he is in middle school.

Speaking of mistakes, how did Joe break into Peach’s house without alarms going off? Considering how rich she is, are you telling me she lacks any real kind of security system? Granted, maybe her system was lax to accommodate the handling of her bed bug issue. However, as smart as Joe is, are you telling me no one is looking out for this heiress and taking note of a guy with a cap, no company logo on him, entering her building? Especially considering Peach doesn’t seem to hook up with random guys to imply he is just her 11 o’clock appointment.


  1. With another lie, Beck continues to show that Joe can’t rely on social media, even his hacking of her devices, to say he truly knows Beck. He only knows what she has been willing to share.

On The Fence

  1. Meeting Edward slowed down the momentum of the show and the lack of build up to it made it something hard to care about honestly. Even in terms of him trying to reconcile for the past.
  2. The introduction of Edward and his family also shows that this program works best with the cast it has and not adding too many more. For it seems if they aren’t an enemy or asset to Joe’s goal, they take away from the show’s luster.

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