Hannah and Clay having a stare down.

As Hannah establishes herself as the annoying voice in Clay’s head, Courtney takes the stand and you question if she may still to her lie or reveal the truth. Network Netflix Director(s) Gregg Araki Writer(s) Thomas Higgins Air Date 5/18/2018 Actors Introduced Nina Jones Samantha Logan Chloe Anne Winters Cyrus Bryce Cass Dennis Wilson Cruz…

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As Hannah establishes herself as the annoying voice in Clay’s head, Courtney takes the stand and you question if she may still to her lie or reveal the truth.

Director(s) Gregg Araki
Writer(s) Thomas Higgins
Air Date 5/18/2018
Actors Introduced
Nina Jones Samantha Logan
Chloe Anne Winters
Cyrus Bryce Cass
Dennis Wilson Cruz

Maybe You’d Be Better Off Elsewhere?: Tyler, Alex, Zach, Bryce, Jessica, Clay

As the threats continue, so comes the question of what to do? Lie on the stand and hope between the school and Olivia’s lawyers that they don’t have some trump card to catch them in a lie? I mean, they already threatened Jessica, who we learn is sleeping on the floor in her parent’s room just to get through the night. Alex is now getting threats, despite him barely remembering anything, and Tyler? They trashed the yearbook room and the equipment. On top of that, due to him taking pictures of Hannah, and the reputation which came from that, he can’t take pictures of the girls at any events.

It seems Chloe, who thinks Jessica is so brave for coming back after “falsely” accusing her boyfriend of rape, is uncomfortable. Because, you know, not to compare apples and oranges, beyond them both being fruits, she may find the idea of a peeping Tom creepy but dating a guy accused of raping someone, totally different thing.

But, as shown through Zach, Bryce has the mind of a politician. He knows how to spin stuff, cover his tracks, and make you owe him loyalty. Such is the case with Zach’s family now using Bryce’s family lawyer. Which, with Bryce not comfortable with Alex and Zach spending time, perhaps is supposed to buy some influence on that front. However, with Alex’s memory cloudy and him badly wanting those tapes, who knows if Zach or whoever is threatening him, can stop him from telling the truth.

Oh, and it seems Tyler’s dad thinks he should transfer schools. But, with Tyler claiming Alex for a friend and this dude named Cyrus, he talks his dad out of it. For now.


Considering the way Bryce’s network is, be it between friends and teammates, I doubt it is him or even Chloe sending the threats. Heck, I bet you Bryce honestly may not know it is even happening. If anything, it is someone riding on Bryce not going down for that would affect their future. But, at the same time, it has to be someone who knows the truth. Which leads you to look at those we haven’t seen yet. Sheri is back from her punishment and seems like she wants no piece of all the drama. Justin is, wherever he is, and likely more worried about his next meal than being subpoenaed. Ryan may have given Tony evidence to burn but, sending threats isn’t his MO.

As for Marcus? Honestly, until I looked at the recaps, I forgot he was even in the first season. However, he is an option. He didn’t want any trouble and being dragged into court is trouble. For lurking beyond whoever is protecting Bryce is everyone fearing their future. College in particular. And while they mostly all are minors, so likely this shouldn’t follow them, with social media in existence, their police records and things of that nature may be sealed, but their reputations still have the possibility to follow. Hence why, whoever this is, would rather keep Bryce protected, so they could go on to great things, rather than be dragged into a courthouse, forced on a stand, and either commit perjury or potentially ruin their future.

For, lest we forget, Bryce’s family has money and I’m sure telling the truth could lead to accusations of slander no one but Bryce’s family can afford to fight. Never mind, with Bryce’s silver tongue, as seen by this Jessica thing, he could probably find a way to make himself a victim.

The Blame Game: Courtney, Olivia, Sonya, Mr. Porter

It isn’t clear how much Sonya is being paid to defend the school, but the school is definitely getting their money’s worth. She breaks Courtney. I’m talking to the point of making it clear she lied on her deposition, she has her come out, and when she confronts Mr. Porter, whose meeting journal just so happens to be missing the page he last saw Hannah, she gives him a taste. Not a thorough lashing, but just a taste so when Dennis comes after him, he’ll be more than prepared.

But, one of the things which must be noted, since this season really about personal responsibility, is how Olivia plays into that. Whether it is not telling Hannah she wasn’t beautiful enough, taking her fear of having a stalker seriously, she realizes she was part of the problem. Not just Courtney who fueled rumors and was part of the cyclone Hannah went through, but with her not getting support at school and it being the same at home, she had a hand in killing her daughter.


Sonya revealing she doesn't feel bad for her method of questioning at all.
“They knew what they were doing.”

I forgot how heavy this show could be. Seeing Sonya tear down every wall Courtney had made me feel bad for her. Courtney of all people! And granted, it has been more than a year so my feelings of animosity towards Courtney aren’t as hot as they used to be. However, I still was not fond of this child. But, again Sonya, who strangely I have nothing against, despite her, like Mr. Porter says, taking things a bit far, is so good at her job. She makes it clear that Hannah’s death was a shared thing. Everyone was to blame because everyone was just being human. Often times in the worse way possible, but human nonetheless.

And if I may say, Hannah, showing kindness to Courtney in back treading how Courtney’s first kiss meant nothing was so touching. A part of me, when Katherine Langford was nominated for a Golden Globe was a bit confused, but then you get moments like that which reminds you how underrated a lot of teen, tween, and child actors are. Just because their show isn’t made to appeal to adults. Making their inclusion, unfortunately, seeming more like an anomaly than something which fits alongside their older peers.

It’s Hard To Compete With A Dead Girl: Skye, Clay, Hannah

For reasons she can’t explain, Hannah is full on haunting Clay and isn’t trapped to his room. She can go outside and seemingly anywhere she wants. As for whether she can remember anything and may not just be a means of Clay’s mind coping? Who knows.

What is a fact though is Skye cannot deal with being in a dead girl’s shadow. Especially since, when it comes to Clay, she is trying. I mean, genuinely, she is trying to be a good girlfriend in every way possible. She hangs out with him, is good with his family, tries to be a little freaky to keep things hot but, while Clay loves her it isn’t in such a way which makes Skye feel validated. If not, rather, like a placeholder maybe?

It’s hard to say for Skye is far more invested in Clay than he is her and with him being unable to say he is over Hannah, it leads Skye to doing something drastic. Well, assuming when her mother said she is ill she meant mentally and not physically. Like, maybe, because she didn’t take her insulin or something she got sick suddenly because of dinner.


Skye talking about why Clay makes her feel insecure.
“How am I supposed to compete with that? She’s perfect. And she’s dead.”

I fully believe within the next few episodes I’m going to be bawling tears. How can you not? Being put on the stand is breaking these kids down. Stripping them from the gunk that Hannah and Clay’s perceptions made them dirty with. Now, like newborn babies, after cleaned off, they seem fresh, new, to a point innocent. I mean, Tyler was a creep and Courtney a bastard but, there is this desire to forgive them now. Take note they were teens in a position where their hormones made them idiots. If not survival extinct in the case of Courtney. For, despite having gay dads, as Hannah showed, it’s the world which ultimately has some of the strongest influence on your ability to easily find happiness.

I mean, take Skye. Though a bit broody and a loner in season 1, she opened up to Clay and we saw her smiling, giggling, and probably was in love. Yet, then came the Hannah comparisons, in terms of both her and Clay. Hannah, as we saw, kept trying to make someone her reason for living a weight everyone, including her mom, failed at. As for Skye, because Clay, I guess, brought a sense of normalcy, she craved that. Including dinner with his family and stuff your everyday couple does. Like, have sex.

But when it comes to Clay, I really do believe that his investment in Skye was just so she wouldn’t end up like Hannah. Hence why he ran after her. Hannah’s influence has made it so Clay isn’t able to just sit and ponder anymore. Being stagnant isn’t much of an option. He needs to take initiative, get justice, and compensate for the person he wishes he did save.

Something that may end up ruining his relationships in the future. For everything might just end up being about Hannah. Who, clearly, is now going to haunt him until he figures out a way to rid himself of guilt. That or get some serious therapy.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Sheri giving Mr. Porter face and attitude.

  1. What are the chances of Tyler being hit on by Cyrus? There was a bit of chemistry there no? Granted, it could just be for a good friendship but you never know. Tony and Ryan aren’t part of some quota.
  2. Is Nina Jones looking out for a sister or was she too assaulted by Bryce and had to deal with the narrative Jessica did? She seems unknown to Jessica but, considering Bryce has quite the network of older and younger associates, you never know.
  3. Is Jackie trying to vicariously get justice through Olivia? She is a character I barely remember from season 1 so between her and where Andy is, I’m confused a little bit. Not enough for it to bug me but sort of searching in my skull for answers.
  4. How will Sheri play a role in all the drama?
  5. Where is Marcus?
  6. Will Courtney get a love interest?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Sometimes keeping secrets is how you survive.


  1. Sonya finding a way to breakdown season 1’s characters, one by one, and making them sympathetic. Even Courtney.
    1. Who, alongside Hannah, had such a touching scene when Courtney basically came out to Hannah before shaming herself back into the closet.
  2. Sosie Bacon. Her performance as Skye really drives the challenge of maintaining your mental health. Especially while dating someone and that throwing you all the way off.
  3. How Bryce’s hold and people’s silence being established. Especially in terms of this idea that he likely isn’t involved in the circulating threats but it is to his benefit.
  4. Clay dealing with PTSD to the point of manifesting Hannah.
  5. Olivia and Tony’s relationship.

Low Points

  1. Dennis is honestly a terrible lawyer.

On The Fence

  1. Sheri showing up like she is all hard now and is about that thug life.

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