The Recruit: Season 1/ Episode 4 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Hannah and Owen almost kissing

As a new problem comes between Max and her freedom, Owen struggles to keep everyone happy and maybe experience some joy for himself.

As a new problem comes between Max and her freedom, Owen struggles to keep everyone happy and maybe experience some joy for himself.

Aired (Netflix) December 16, 2022
Episode Title I.Y.D.I.A.A.C.
Director(s) Alex Kalymnios
Writer(s) Amelia Roper
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Daniel Woodrow Jr. Charlie Saxton


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Too Many Things To Too Many People – Hannah, Owen, Senator Smoot, Dawn, Nyland, Amelia, Terence, Violet, Lester

Owen is doing his best. With winning over Lester he’d like to win over Violet, but by giving her a case that has her meet a $100 million torture robot, she has even less of a reason to like Owen. Yes, this case is a challenge, as she asked, and she probably prevented a potential Hague case, which surely Nyland can appreciate, but she didn’t explicitly ask Owen for this, so how she feels, in the long run, is up in the air.

Which brings us to Dawn. She is back home in Langley and seemingly has been speaking to Nyland about making Max an official asset. Owen isn’t sure if she wants that, but no one cares what Max wants. All Nyland cares about is her getting out without it seeming like the C.I.A. was part of it so she can be inserted back into Belarus and get close to the #2 of the F.S.B., General Kuznetsov again.

As you can imagine, this is a lot, but Owen likes being overwhelmed, remember? Hence why he double books again and has it where Hannah helps build his reputation, to hopefully get Senator Smoot to back off, and following that, he is supposed to see Amelia at her house.

To show how well Owen does, he is able to get a suit from Terence, despite Terence not liking Hannah and Owen potentially getting cozy, and alongside getting to the event in style and making an impression, he gets to have some fun with Hannah. Nothing sexual or funny, since she is getting serious about “I work at the White House” Jeff. But, there is a moment she is reminded why she liked him, and in that moment of weakness, they almost kiss.

However, they stop themselves, and with mentioning Amelia and that dinner, Hannah remembers to back off since Owen is accused of not being able to be monogamous. That conversation aside, Amelia greets him, is slightly peeved he is late, but they have sex, she gives advice, have sex again, and everyone ends the night happy.

Can I Get A Witness? – Daniel, Cora, Owen, Max, Kelly

Daniel Woodrow Jr. (Charlie Saxton) meeting Owen, who is trying to trick him
“Daniel Woodrow Jr. (Charlie Saxton),” The Recruit, “I.Y.D.I.A.A.C.,” directed by Alex Kalymnios, 2022, (Netflix)

However, the coming days lead to a lot of unhappy people. Specifically Kelly, Daniel, and Owen to a point. Kelly is hoping Max doesn’t get out, and the idea of it has left her in a really bad place. The kind which makes Owen feel immense guilt. But karma is a bitch, and he acts quickly, so while he tries to turn or get rid of the witness to Salvatore’s murder by Max, Owen finds himself dealing with another assassin.

Now, who is this assassin, and where did they come from? Well, Cora found out the witness’ name, Daniel, Max hired an assassin, and as Owen was trying to handle things, the assassin shows up, and Owen, with Daniel, barely made it out alive. But, luckily for Max, Owen lives, Daniel is scared away, and without a witness, she walks free. She loses Owen due to not trusting him to handle the situation, but she is now free – to be an asset to the C.I.A.

Doing Things The Easy Way – Dawn, Xander

Who, by the way, are just trying to have her killed without getting their hands dirty. Dawn and Xander are working together, and want to get rid of Max easily, so they have a plan. As for Owen? If he knows too much or if he becomes a serious problem, they have no issue killing two birds with someone else’s bullets.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Terence advocating for Hannah's happiness
“Terence,” The Recruit, “I.Y.D.I.A.A.C.,” directed by Alex Kalymnios, 2022, (Netflix)
  1. Where did Owen take Daniel when all was said and done?
  2. Did Hannah catch Owen cheating or was it just a rumor?
  3. What is the root of their friendship when it comes to Terence and Owen? Hannah and Owen are established exes but is Terence a friend of Hannah’s who Owen became cool with, or do they have their own separate thing?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Max trying to win Owen back
  2. Amelia catching feelings
  3. Owen in a love triangle
  4. Dawn attempting to kill Max by putting her in situations she isn’t ready for



Being Torn Between Amelia and Hannah For Owen

Generally, I hate love triangles since they are usually made to keep a weakly written character part of the mix rather than written off. However, Hannah and Amelia don’t fit that description. Amelia is not only an asset to Owen, by keeping Dawn from bugging his office, but she is also a mentor, and then when you consider their relationship isn’t one-sided? Mainly because she pushes him to remember she needs to get something out of this; it’s hard to not like and want to be invested in her.

Then with Hannah, with each detail, from why she might have broken up with Owen, to meeting her parents, learning her background, and understanding what initially and still draws her to him? I feel like I’m starting to get why this, albeit lazy but frequently used means of creating #Team scenarios, remains popular.

Dangerous C.I.A. Personnel

There is some balance now when it comes to C.I.A. personnel. You have the Lester and Violet, who can get you tripped up and sent to some sad, satellite office where your career will be effectively dead. But then there are operatives like Dawn and Xander, who can just get you killed and make it look like an accident. Seriously, I hate how “The Recruit” couldn’t have just been this good from the start.

Max’s Next Move

Max talking to Owen
“Max,” The Recruit, “I.Y.D.I.A.A.C.,” directed by Alex Kalymnios, 2022, (Netflix)

Max has got her freedom, but the C.I.A. is demanding her to go back into business with them, despite screwing her over once before. On top of that, she is going to be working with people she is familiar with who have a lot riding on her failing, slipping up, or just plain dying. So with that in mind, I can’t be the only one interested in how she’ll try to have the tables turn in her favor, right?

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