The Mandalorian: Season 3/Episode 5 “The Pirate” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Pirate King Gorian Shard invades the small city of Nevarro with Greef Karga and it’s citizens having no choice but to run to the outskirts hoping for a rescue.

Season 3/Episode 4 – Chapter 21, “The Pirate,” ushers in the return of Pirate King Gorian Shard with his eyes now set on overtaking Nevarro.

Aired (Disney+) March 29, 2023
Director(s) Rick Famuyiwa
Writer(s) John Favreau
Previously Noted Characters
The Mandalorian, (Din Djarin) Pedro Pascal
Grogu David Acord
Bo-Katan Kryze Katee Sackhoff
The Armorer Emily Swallow
Paz Vizsla Tait Fletcher (voiced by Jon Favreau)
Kelleran Beq Ahmed Best
Greef Karga Carl Weathers
Carson Teva Paul Sun-Hyung
Colonel Tuttle Tim Meadows
Elia Kane / Amnesty Officer G68 Katy M. O’Brian
Pirate King Gorian Shard Nonso Anozie
Nevarro Copper Droid Parvesh Cheena


This content contains pertinent spoilers.

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Pirate King Gorian Shard – The Mandalorian, Director: Rick Famuyiwa March 29, 2023                                                                                                                                The Pirate Attacks – Greef Karga, Pirate King Gorian Shard, Nevarro Copper Droid

The Mandoverse lore expands with the addition of familiar characters from other Star Wars productions to unify the Star Wars universe and delight die-hard fans. Episode 5 propels the importance of the city of Nevarro. It opens with Greef Karga beaming with pride as he makes way for a train to come through his burgeoning trade Mecca when his implicit planning is interrupted by citizens screaming below his office. There is no rest for the weary as he looks to the sky to find the familiar ship of the ⁸deliciously hideous and grotesque Pirate King Gorian Shard preparing to wage a siege upon the vulnerable Nevarro. The fact that Gorian Shard is interested in this small city on the outer rim speaks to it’s increasing importance. Karga and his small number of citizens are ill-equipped to handle such an assault so he calls in a favor owed from familiar Carson Teva to enlist the aid of the New Republic.

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If Looks Could Kill! The Mandalorian, Director: Rick Famuyiwa March 29, 2023

The Hypocrisy of the Bureaucracy – Carson Teva, Elia Kane/Amnesty Officer G68, Colonel Tuttle

Carson springs into action only to be met with a bureaucracy stone-wall blockade by Colonel Tuttle, who was on the fence but is deviously maneuvered by Elia Kane, Amnesty Officer G68, as she rather decisively interrupts their meeting and points out that Nevarro is not under the regime protection of the New Republic. If eyes could cut, Elia would be lying on the floor from the venomous stare of Carson Teva. With Moff Gideon’s whereabouts in question, it pointedly questions Elia’s loyalties. Her thinly veiled deterrence of the New Republic’s interference reinforces the pivotal stance of the city of Nevarro.

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The Mandalorians to the Rescue! The Mandalorian, Director: Rick Famuyiwa March 29, 2023

The Mandalorians to the Rescue – Mando, Bo-Katan, Grogu, The Armorer, Paz Vizsla, Kelleran Beq

Teva goes looking for Mando after basically having the door slammed in his face from the New Republic. He is able to enlist the sworn help of Mando on the basis of his newfound friendship with Karga and the previous promise of land acquisition which he uses to convince the others as their hideout has now been compromised by R5’s reveal to Carson Teva.  They take to the skies after a rousing speech made by Kelleran Baq to the reluctant Mandalorians as they hadn’t forgotten Karga’s hand in the death of many of their members.

Pirate King Gorian Shard smugly presides over, in his eyes, a foregone conclusion conquest when in swoops the proverbial calgary to the rescue! He is out-maneuvered by the well-strategized attack of the Mandalorians, who were outnumbered 10 to 1 and out-classed by his Corsair warship. Hey Pirate King you underestimated the resource of allies supporting Karga and the vast possibilities of the city of Nevarro.

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Bo-Katan No Helmet! The Mandalorian, Director: Rick Famuyiwa March 29, 2023

The episode conclusion introduces more depth to several sub-plots, such as the victorious Mandalorians choice to come out of hiding and take the land offered by Greef Karga to strengthen their clan. Bo-Katan will be instrumental in their plans as she is undertaking a new mission at the behest of The Armorer. Incredulously The Armorer asks her to remove her helmet, where she now acknowledges her belief that Bo-Katan has in fact witnessed the legendary Mythosaur, which is the precipice of the prophecy. The Armorer, in her wisdom, feels that Bo-Katan can lead the way and unite the clans as she has walked the path of both factions with helmet off and on. Lastly, Moff Gideon’s return is asserted as Carson Teva discovers the abandoned and ravaged prison transport ship that was carrying Gideon. There is evidence that implicates Mandalorians aiding his escape. There is much to look forward to as this episode is chock full of future baking cookies!

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What exactly is Elia Kane / Amnesty Officer G68 up to?
  2. Are Moff Gideon and Elia Kane / Amnesty Officer G68 still in league with each other?
  3. Has the Mandalorian prophecy truly begun?
  4. Will Bo-Katan remain faithful to “The Way” of the traditional Mandalorians, or will she fight for the dark saber to rule?
  5. Where is Moff Gideon, and are Mandalorians truly his evidenced allies?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Moff Gideon returns.
  2. Elia Kane / Amnesty Officer G68 true intentions are revealed.
  3. Bo-Katan may meet resistance from other clans if they are in league with Moff Gideon.
  4. The Mythosaur is revealed.
  5. Bo-Katan struggles with her ambition to rule.

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  • Plot and Dialog - /100
  • Character Development and Performances - /100
  • Visuals and Sound - /100
  • Pacing - /100
  • Value For Intended Audience - /100
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