The Good Doctor: Season 6/ Episode 15 “Old Friends” – Recap/ Review

Jared makes a potential long-term return as Alex faces someone from his past. Also, Morgan and Lea find some much-needed camaraderie in their motherhood journeys.

Community Rating: 92% (2 votes)

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Chuku Modu as Jared

Jared makes a potential long-term return as Alex faces someone from his past. Also, Morgan and Lea find some much-needed camaraderie in their motherhood journeys.

Aired (ABC) March 6, 2023
Director(s) Mike Liston
Writer(s) Adam Scott Weissman
Newly Noted Characters
Roland Usman Ally
Previously Noted Characters
Alex Will Yun Lee
Danny Brandon Larracuente
Morgan Fiona Gubelmann
Dr. Lim Christina Chang
Jordan Bria Henderson
Dr. Glassman Hill Harper
Lea Paige Spara
Dr. Andrews Richard Schiff
Shaun Freddie Highmore
Jared Chuku Modu


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Forgiveness Is Not Easily Given – Alex, Danny

Of all people, the man who was part of Mia’s affair shows up at Alex’s hospital asking for medical attention. Alex, on sight, is ready to do the bare minimum, and Danny is very curious. He even pushes the possibility of Alex forgiving the man, but Alex is hesitant. In fact, he snaps a bit when practicing Tae Kwon Do.

However, in the long run, he does the procedure and forgives the man, thus letting the weight go.

It Takes A Village, Even Before The Baby Is Born – Morgan, Dr. Lim, Jordan, Dr. Glassman, Lea, Shaun

Morgan continues to struggle to get pregnant, and once again, Jordan is faced with a situation where a patient may need an abortion. Naturally, she is against it. However, she is not as combative with Morgan as she was with Dr. Lim when she first started, even with Morgan being a bit more aggressive.

But, while she prays for the patient and sympathizes with her, as it becomes clear that trying to keep the baby means the mother’s death, and the baby wouldn’t survive out of the womb, Jordan is able to convince the patient to get an abortion and help her manage the very emotional ordeal.

In fact, the patient’s situation leads to all involved getting quite emotional. Jordan speaks about her abortion, Dr. Lim about hers, and Morgan even opens up to the ladies regarding her IVF, and it seems the support, the village she could need, Morgan finally finds. She isn’t alone, though. Shaun and Lea are struggling with what kind of car to get, and Dr. Glassman seems to be the only one on her side regarding this. She is going through a major change in life and wants to hold onto what makes her who she is and to give that up and get a mini-van? That’s hard.

Luckily, a compromise is made so that a mini-van isn’t acquired but a mid-size vehicle that still harbors cool points.

Second Chances Sometimes Come At A Price – Dr. Andrews, Jared, Roland, Shaun

Usman Ally as Roland
“Usman Ally as Roland,” The Good Doctor, “Old Friends,” directed by Mike Liston, 2023, (ABC)

Jared returns to the hospital, and with him being the personal doctor to a billionaire named Roland, Dr. Andrews is all smiles and friendly in hopes of a donation. Unfortunately for Dr. Andrews, he doesn’t get the $100 million donation because of Shaun and Dr. Lim.

Now, what did they do? Well, with Dr. Andrews’ permission, they talk about Jared potentially returning to the hospital, but not as a third year, but as a first year – under Shaun. Jared agrees, and in response, Roland rips up the check for, alongside Jared being Roland’s personal doctor, he was helping him cover up a long-term affair.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering Jared’s return after multiple seasons, who else could come back?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Is it wrong to assume Jared will develop feelings for Jordan?


Community Rating: 92% (2 votes)

Notable Performances or Moments

The Comradery Lea and Morgan Are Given

While many talk about how it takes a village to raise a child, what isn’t discussed is how it takes a village to prepare for a child. Thankfully, Lea has Shaun and Dr. Glassman, and you can see how the combination can be overwhelming but also allows her some relief. Shaun focuses on every little detail, so Lea often just has to make choices once he has done all the research. Dr. Glassman, while he shares an opinion with Shaun often, he also can be a voice of reason and someone to vent to. Never mind a father figure far better than her own and certainly better than Shaun’s.

Then, as for Morgan? With no sign of her family and Alex being a last resort type of support system, it is beautiful to see Dr. Lim and Jordan potentially joining her journey. For even something as small as Dr. Lim volunteering to give Morgan her IVF shot is quite meaningful. Now, it isn’t clear if they will continue to be part of their journey or not, but seeing Morgan have a meaningful, non-work related moment with someone beyond Alex, and it being the other women of the show, is a sight to see.


Jordan’s Growth

Considering there was a time Jordan utterly refused, potentially to the point of being fired, to perform or even be part of someone having an abortion, her performing one now? That’s growth. It pushes the idea she recognizes that her personal belief easily can conflict with what is medically necessary. Now, this doesn’t mean she won’t continue to advocate based on her faith, but it does appear she understands nuances.

On The Fence

The Return of Jared

Of all those who left, Jared wouldn’t be our top pick for who should have returned. His storyline wasn’t the best, and similar to Alex with Morgan, a lot of it relief on Claire to bolster him up. So, with Claire gone, there is a need to question whether he can stand on his own or will the character have someone new to lean on?

Shaun’s Malpractice Suit

It’s understood that “The Good Lawyer” is a planned “The Good Doctor” spin-off, and what better way to introduce a new character than to have them supported by Shaun? However, considering all the decisions made, and that the show largely has cut off the legal aspect of doctors’ decision-making around season 2? Having it where the one time someone gets a malpractice suit, which is quite serious, just to set up a show cheapens the severity of many of the decisions Shaun and the others make that are life, death, or can cause drastically altered lifestyles.

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Chuku Modu as Jared
The Good Doctor: Season 6/ Episode 15 “Old Friends” – Recap/ Review
While the return of Jared doesn’t lead to any necessary fireworks, at the very least, the ladies of “The Good Doctor” get moments to shine, especially the doctors who get to be in the sun without any of the men casting a shadow.
Jordan’s Growth
The Comradery Lea and Morgan Are Given
Shaun’s Malpractice Suit
The Return of Jared

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