As “The Good Doctor” pushes the idea that maybe Shaun isn’t the only one on the spectrum, Dr. Glassman does things that could risk his license.

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Plot Recap

Compensating For Past Actions – Hannah, Dr. Glassman

With Hannah reminding Dr. Glassman so much about Maddie, who didn’t just die because he left her out in the cold but also a drug overdose, it seems his guilt pushes him to invest in Hannah further. Mind you, he knows the ethics involved, but to see a young woman like her live on the streets, addicted to Oxy and willing to do who knows what to get it? He can’t just abandon her the way he did Maddie.

But, what starts off as a kind gesture quickly gets complicated and unethical. For with Maddie overdoing in Dr. Glassman’s home, after she scores something laced with fentanyl, he offers to get Oxy for her and ration it out – knowing he could lose his license.

I Want It That Way – Alex, Morgan

Fiona Gubelmann as Morgan
Fiona Gubelmann as Morgan

For Morgan, marriage is more about making things easier, like Alex adopting her daughter. Alex, on the other hand, sees it as something romantic. So, in her version of compromising, Morgan tries to give Alex romance through a public proposal, getting a ring at the pawn shop, and coming up with an elaborate backstory, but Alex doesn’t just take the gesture and remember who he is in a relationship with.

Maybe on some “I’m the man” type nonsense, Alex wanted to propose to Morgan and do it his way, which, if it means the end result is the same, Morgan is fine with it. She is just trying to get her ducks in a row.

The Worries of New Parents – Shaun, Lea

Shaun seeing signs Steve could be autistic and how adamant Lea is on not getting him tested triggers memories of Shaun’s parents not only fighting over him being tested but his father trying to coerce him to be neurotypical. Ultimately, as expected on “The Good Doctor,” Shaun gets his way and gets Steve into a study that could determine if he is autistic, but he pulls out in the last second.

As with Alex and Morgan, Shaun is pushed to understand compromising for the greater good, such as the long-term relationship he wants with Lea. So, rather than have Steve tested so early, the results could be negligible; instead, he proposes that the family get ice cream.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Does Lea ever contact her parents about how to raise a child?

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Hannah Ruby Kelley
Dr. Glassman Richard Schiff
Alex Will Yun Lee
Morgan Fiona Gubelmann
Shaun Freddie Highmore
Lea Paige Spara



Hannah and Glassman’s Storyline

Ruby Kelley as Hannah
Ruby Kelley as Hannah

All things considered, I wonder if what Dr. Glassman needed the most wasn’t a love interest but a character who pushed him to really get past the trauma of being a factor in his daughter’s death. Shaun could be seen as a response to that, but to me, it remains unclear whether he took him in, ever adopted him, or if Dr. Glassman’s relationship with Shaun’s parents. So, as much as Shaun could have been seen as the new Maddie, it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison like Maddie and Hannah.

For with what feels like a recent reveal that Maddie was an addict, not just a rebellious child, this adds some layers to Dr. Glassman’s foundational story, and it also reminds you how big of a heart Dr. Glassman has. Granted, starting a storyline like this in the last few episodes of the series does come off strange, considering the repercussions, but considering we thought Dr. Glassman could die, retire, and other means of ending his time on this show, losing his license, or being forced to retire, isn’t the worst way to end their character’s story.

Shaun and Lea’s Storyline

I’m of the opinion that Lea may have evolved regarding her opinion on autism and people who are autistic, but there are levels to not only acceptance but embracing someone different from you. It’s one thing to date or sleep with an autistic man; it is another to raise a child who is autistic. Like all parents, you have dreams and expectations built up in your head about conversations you’ll have and their interests, all the way to imagining them starting their own family and becoming grandparents.

Paige Spara as Lea, reminding Shaun that once he fixates on something, he doesn't stop until he proves it (Dr. Glassman being someone who shouldn't be a surgeon anymore, being an example)
Paige Spara as Lea, reminding Shaun that once he fixates on something, he doesn’t stop until he proves it (Dr. Glassman being someone who shouldn’t be a surgeon anymore, being an example)

Anything that could derail those dreams, even if all of it is beyond your control, is frustrating at the very least. This makes Lea’s handling of it delicate, and Shaun’s understanding of her worries a show that he gets it. It isn’t ideal for Lea, but Shaun is learning through Charlie, who doesn’t create headaches this episode, how to mentor someone on the spectrum and knowing how not to do things, he is all the more capable of doing things right.

On The Fence

Alex and Morgan

While I get opposites attract, at this point, I feel like Alex still wants Morgan to be something she’s not. Does he not realize that, even without a diagnosis, Morgan has ways about her that aren’t neurotypical? That she is very focused on the end goal, and while romance is something she has had an interest in, she will put things in life into a checklist and set emotions aside.

This is my main issue with them as a couple. I feel like Morgan has come to accept who Park is, and even adapts when necessary. However, he generally refuses to do the same when it isn’t in line with his expectations. Almost as if this whole show is trying to push the idea, while Shaun might be the most visible example of someone on the spectrum, damn near every character is certainly not neurotypical.


The Good Doctor’s course correction regarding Charlie seems to have allowed it to lose its more aggravating aspect and get back in line with what could be expected from the show. But with still lacking the feeling that we’re wrapping things up, it can leave you wondering if the series finale may leave us on an ellipsis.

Background Information

Episode Title The Overview Effect
Release Date May 7, 2024
Network ABC
Director(s) Tracy Taylor
Writer(s) Yaou Dou, David Hoselton
Previous Episode Season 7/ Episode 7
Series Page The Good Doctor
Character Guide N/A

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