The Good Doctor: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Sacrifice” [Mid-Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 10 Sacrifice [Mid-Season Finale] - Shaun

Shaun finally seems to succumb to the pressure he is under but not because of the work. Rather, it is because of Dr. Glassman.

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Director(s) Michael Patrick Jann
Writer(s) Lloyd Gilyard Jr.
Characters Introduced
Bobby Manny Jacinto
Hazel Rhona Rees
Dr. Coyle Eric Winter
Melissa Bourne Erin Matthews
Jessica’s Dad Andrew Airlie

Meeting Dad: Dr. Melendez, Jessica

Despite the way Jessica’s life seemed, in terms of Dr. Glassman’s place in it, we are given something which complicates the picture. Her father, who admittedly seems very full himself, reveals she and him are quite rich. I’m talking, Jessica works because she wants to work rich. Which doesn’t bother Neil, Dr. Melendez, them having money, but Jessica’s dad just seeming a bit too frivolous about it bugs him. After all, Dr. Melendez didn’t grow up with money so this man who seemingly never worked for a dime in his pocket, it flares up some emotions. The kind which insults Jessica’s dad and leads him to walk away.

However, it must be noted Jessica’s dad had it coming. He was making Jessica uncomfortable by calling her a nickname she doesn’t like, kept questioning why she works, asking about her having a family, and Neil was just stepping in. Unfortunately for him though, one of the reasons why Jessica was so uncomfortable is that she doesn’t want kids. Something which apparently should be taken as a big deal and could be a serious crack in Neil and Jessica’s relationship.

Women in the Workplace: Claire, Jared, Dr. Andrews

Being that Claire, Shaun, and Jared are star pupils, they get to drawstrings for a top case. Two of them will work on an E-Sports pro athlete and the other an entrepreneur named Hazel. Claire ends up with Hazel. Someone who is a good patient, super! However, the doctor she works under, Dr. Coyle? Not so much. He is handsy and very forward. Even talking about how he gives good massages and also makes a mean omelet. All of which is inappropriate and showcases a major reason why women in Claire’s position and Hazel co-signs, have such a tough time in the workplace.

For Hazel, the main reason she is in the hospital is because venture capitalist she tries to secure money from, they said she had cankles. With that, she hit a spinning class too hard and ended up in the hospital. As for Claire’s situation, can she report Dr. Coyle? Yes. However, her first move was asking Jared and Shaun to swap. Now, with Shaun, him not reading how she is uncomfortable with Dr. Coyle can be understood. He just got what flirting is. However, Jared? Um, what’s your excuse bruh?

Which is what Claire brings up when she is dealing with the complex issue of how will her career be negatively affected if she escalates things? It’ll be her words against his; apparently, people know about her and Jared hooking up, so that won’t help her case; and considering how much office politics helps you get ahead, imagine how hard it would be for her to get invited to those things. Do you think a doctor is going to let someone they think is a snitch in their home? Be alone with a woman who they may fear, if they say or do the wrong gesture, will report them? It becomes a serious case of just hoping for the best and prepping for the worse.

Thus leading to Jared trying to make up for his actions and making a fool of himself. For not only does he rough up Dr. Coyle like an idiot, but Dr. Coyle reports it and he gets fired. Now putting on Claire’s plate some kind of guilt because Jared wanted to play her knight in shining armor rather than do what would have shown he respected her. That is, during the original complain, swapped with her or just offered support. But sometimes the only thing you can expect from men is them going to extremes and disappointing you no matter which direction they go in.

The Breaking of Shaun: Shaun, Dr. Glassman, Dr. Melendez

Speaking of disappointments, that comes from both sides of Shaun and Dr. Glassman’s relationship as Dr. Glassman continues to push Dr. Bourne onto Shaun. I’m talking having them meet at work, having her wait at his apartment, and Dr. Glassman even trying to bribe Shaun. All of which makes him so uncomfortable he’d rather sleep in a janitor’s closet in the basement.

But, luckily for Shaun, Bobby acts as a sort of silver lining. His attitude about doing what you want, thinking positively, and just his way of speaking, it appeals to Shaun. Especially because he actively seeks to empower Shaun. Something no one else is really doing and it seems to be getting to Shaun a bit. To the point that if Shaun ever went to therapy and learned to control any and all ticks, those lessons are unraveling.

I mean, it is so bad that Dr. Melendez is even asking about Shaun and you know he has pretty much disregarded Shaun as a person and just focused on his work. But, Shaun is cracking and while Bobby helps relieve the pressure, Dr. Glassman begins to step over the line. He breaks whatever trust he and Shaun built up by basically harassing him, and Shaun not only freaks out – publicly but hits Dr. Glassman! Leading to him, afterwards disappearing. Now, it could very well be he disappeared to Lea’s apartment but with Dr. Glassman not knowing that, he thinks Shaun is simply gone.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So is it safe to say that Jessica’s dad often abandoned her in their home, mother was not around, and that is why she often was at Dr. Glassman’s house?


Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault

The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 10 Sacrifice [Mid-Season Finale] - Claire

With all the news about various entertainers, be it moguls, on-air personalities, or actors, having their careers set on fire thanks to sexual harassment or assault charges, there comes questions. A lot of which, if you peer into the darker minds of social media, ask why now? Others question the validity and some even make it seem they are jumping on the bandwagon for a possible payday. Yet, Claire and Hazel’s story dispel that.

With Hazel, sexism in her industry caused the kind of insecurities which pushed her body to a breaking point. No one may have touched her but just the culture the men presented in her industry, they made her uncomfortable in her skin to the point her skills felt like they were mute. Can you imagine speaking up how this man or that one made you uncomfortable when you are in a position where you need their money? That power dynamic doesn’t really open up the opportunity for you to be heard and things to be corrected. You’re facing a pretty steep, in the rain, after it snowed, and there is ice, uphill battle.

Which you can especially see with Claire. Already there are rumors about her and Jared having sex. That is bad enough, but now this culture that maybe Dr. Andrews and Glassman know about, maybe not, has approached Claire. Starting with an uninvited touch, conversation in which a rejection is taken like it will come with a punishment, and then the worse part of all: Not being believed.

If you ever wonder why women, men, and children as well, don’t say something, it is because of the fear of not being believed. Alongside perhaps being considered as someone overreacting. Thus forcing you to wonder if it is just you? Are you the problem? Could it be you’re just being sensitive? Making it so until there is an actual crime against you, you are left uncertain.

But, as noted, it is not just not being believed but also the repercussion. If Claire’s business with Jared got out there, and they are being rather discreet, imagine what could happen during Dr. Coyle being investigated? If other women played down what Claire brought up, she gets seen as the problem and everything mentioned in the recap section hits her. She won’t get hired because she could be a problem. If she did get hired, now the men, who make up a healthy part of the board, may not feel comfortable mentoring her for they don’t want any trouble, and so on and so forth.

A problem which whether it is entertainment or the place we are during the day, can be a constant issue. It’s just depending on how aware you are, maybe even if you care, you just don’t notice. If not, like Jared, you downplay a situation just because you may think so-and-so is harmless.


The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 10 Sacrifice [Mid-Season Finale] - Bobby - Manny Jacinto

Manny Jacinto made one of the best guest appearances on this show. Outside of Steve, alongside Liam, his interactions with Shaun seemingly had the greatest impact. The kind which makes watching a hospital show so frustrating. For you already know this guy, no matter how charismatic, is just going to be in for one episode. Yet, you gotta give it to Jacinto, he made it count.

Shaun Breaking Down

The Good Doctor Season 1 Episode 10 Sacrifice [Mid-Season Finale] - Shaun

Call me a horrible person, but I was waiting for this to happen. Shaun doesn’t have much of a support system and once Dr. Glassman was turning on him, it seemed bound to happen. Plus, as much of a “savant” as Shaun is, his social skills seemed minimal. So imagine being in a place you are constantly trying to prove yourself and even a patient, someone who just showed up, recognizes your co-workers don’t respect you!

Add in that you didn’t pull through when you are usually the idea guy, and it is this patient who perhaps is the sole person being friendly to you at the time. That is heavy. And let’s not forget that all the patients Shaun has dealt with, including that shooting, are also probably weighing on him. Let’s not forget the one who looked like his brother he couldn’t have helped the way he wanted. All of that, to me, eventually was going to break Shaun.

The question is now though, how will he recover and how long will it take?


Jessica and Dr. Melendez’s Relationship

Honestly, have we been given any real reason to invest in this relationship? Jessica is barely around and that has been a good thing. For while learning the legal aspect of all these feats could have been interesting, she has been utterly neglected. Her relationship with Dr. Glassman barely went anywhere since it was established in the first episode. Every time we see her with Dr. Melendez, it seems more of a reminder than a continuation.

So the whole supposed, “Oh my god, she doesn’t want to have kids!” reveal, what else could you say besides: So?

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  1. What was the latin phrase that Dr. Glassman uttered in the OR on Bobby that he told Shaun to look up? I know some latin but the comment wasn’t clear enuf for me to understand.

  2. As always, I’m late to the party 🙁 But another great recap! Lol your ending “what else could you say besides: So?” But I like seeing that Dr. Melendez has a relationship because it makes him human when he’s being a jerk to Shaun, even if it’s not give much time. But I got so sick of Dr. Glassman shoving the therapist down Shaun’s throat. I was like, “Back off!” I probably would have hit him, too!

    1. I think he is so badly trying to compensate for whatever happened to his daughter that he is becoming stifling for Shaun. But what I really want, and need to see, if Shaun’s own parents show up. Especially since he has done fairly well without them.

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