The Chosen One: Season 1/ Episode 4 “True or False?” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) looking directly at the camera

Alongside learning how Sarah got pregnant with Jodie, we see how his rise to prominence will attract the wrong people and lead him to turn his back on those he’ll need the most.

General Information

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Release Date (Netflix) August 16, 2023
Director(s) Everado Gout
Writer(s) Tina De La Torre, Jorge Dorantes
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Lemuel Tenoch Huerta
Carlos Israel Islas
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Sarah Dianna Agron
Jodie Bobby Luhnow
Angelo Patricio Serna MEza
Pastor Cruz Carlos Bardem
Mr. Hernandez Alejandro Edda
Elvis Elvis Zamora
Magda Lilith Curiel
Tuka Juanito Anguamea
Hipolito Jorge Javier Arballo
Wagner Alberto Perez Jacome

Plot Recap

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Just Sign On The Dotted Line – Sarah

Though things are a bit murky, what is made clear regarding how Jodie came to be is that Sarah was supposed to just be a surrogate. She signed away her rights to Welterebe Der Vorfahren USA, and within 24 hours, a strange angelic being appeared, and she was pregnant. Now, what type of dealings that company has with celestial powers isn’t gone into, but it is apparent that Sarah didn’t have sex with anyone to become pregnant with Jodie.

And So, His Legend Grew – Sarah, Jodie, Carlos, Lemuell, Angelo, Pastor Cruz, Mr. Hernandez

With Pastor Cruz becoming a believer, Jodie now has the whole town coming to Sarah’s doorstep, and she is freaking out. She is ready to run, but Jodie is not. With knowing he was an immaculate conception, and his mom lied to him all his life, he turns his back to her. Then, on top of that, he draws more attention to himself by performing miracles. He helps a deaf man hear, speaks to one kid telepathically, and gives Mr. Hernandez’s mom the peace she needs to die.

But, while he has done miracles for many, Carlos, Angelo’s father, is a questionable one. He still moves about like a zombie, despite Jodie “healing” him, and when this investigator, Lemuel, meets him, when Angelo talks with him, it seems he is barely coherent, even if his eyes are wide open and he has mobility. Yet, despite Carlos’ miracle being botched, Lemuel wants to meet Jodie and test him to see if he truly is the Chosen One, and Jodie passes his test. Thus leading to a phone call to who knows who.

Seeking Peace With Everyone Usually Means Losing Allies – Sarah, Jodie, Elvis, Pastor Cruz, Magda, Tuka, Hipolito, Wagner

Jodie, as his followers grow and become potentially over a hundred, he rises to the occasion. His friends make him a throne, and while they aren’t outright becoming disciples, they are taking their positions. Hipolito, despite being a bit upset that Magda chose Jodie over him, isn’t going to lose an opportunity to sit next to someone seen as the second coming. Tuka, for his people, proves to them Jodie is the real deal, thus expanding Jodie’s flock. Add in Wagner asking questions taking his seat, and Jodie is becoming insulated.

The problem with that is Jodie’s growing relationship with Pastor Cruz, who has taken it upon himself to become a father figure and protector of Jodie, is Elvis’ brother who disowned them. Jodie would like the two to make peace, but that isn’t an option for Elvis; in fact, they feel betrayed by Jodie’s decision. Not enough to abandon them outright, but there is a need to step back. Which for Sarah means one less person with eyes on her son, and losing the person she trusted more than anyone will make things all harder.

New Character Description(s)


Lemuel (Tenoch Huerta)
“Lemuel (Tenoch Huerta),” The Chosen One, “True or False?”,” directed by Everado Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

Lemuel investigates claims of people, primarily kids, with celestial-type powers.


Carlos (Israel Islas)
“Carlos (Israel Islas),” The Chosen One, “True or False?”,” directed by Everado Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

Carlos is Angelo’s father, a truck driver, who is also associated with the disappearance of Magda’s older brother.

Collected Quote(s)

There is no right answer if you ask the wrong question.
— Lemuel



Jodie’s Betrayal Of Elvis

What makes Jodie’s betrayal of Elvis a highlight is the reminder that Jodie is barely 13. Elvis has been like a second mother to Jodie, and while you can say there are good intentions with him wanting Elvis to reconcile with their brother, Jodie is still too young to understand how deep the wound is. I’d even say sheltered as well.

Mind you, it is 1999 in the show, so it isn’t like Jodie grew up in some overtly progressive world. Add in it is Mexico, so you have to factor in how heavily religious, like Pastor Cruz, people can be? Not to forget, Jodie seems to live in a small town? It makes him wanting to have some kumbaya, let’s have everyone love each other all the more hurtful, and makes it seem that, while he has the powers that can make him a great leader, he doesn’t understand the nuance that could keep him from being exploited.

Some Kind Of Information On Jodie’s Origins & A Small Peek Into Sarah’s Past

While it is established this show has magic and spiritualism, that doesn’t answer the question of what happened to Sarah or how she got into this situation. All we knew was that she was fighting some guy and then ran to Mexico. However, in this episode, it is pushed that she was someone potentially desperate for money. You could submit the idea that she didn’t have family and friends before Elvis and Jodie, hence her reaction when they tried to take him.

On top of that, when you take into consideration her ability to start over, get a fake ID, and even save up the kind of money to be on the run – without us seeing her work a single day, it leads to more questions and this little sliver of truth being something desired.

On The Fence

Wondering If Things Will Really Pick Up Soon

Something about “The Chosen One” feels slow. I don’t know if it is because Sarah’s mystery doesn’t mesh well with Jodie coming of age or how the pace is with Jodie learning he has powers is developing. Also, with the storylines of Jodie’s friends going from making them feel like individuals to barely, if ever, being focused on, I think that also took some sense of urgency out of the show.

For, don’t get me wrong, I understand Lemuel shouldn’t be underestimated because he doesn’t present any immediate threat, but because nothing is threatening Jodie, the troubles of his friends have gone to the wayside, and whoever Sarah snatched Jodie from not having a name or presence, it feels like the show is just slowly laying down a foundation with no desire to finish anytime soon.

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Answers to some questions you may have regarding this episode:

What Is The Name Of The Company Sarah Signed A Contract With, That Led To Her Getting Pregnant With Jodie?

Welterebe Der Vorfahren USA

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The Chosen One: Season 1/ Episode 4 “True or False?” - Overview


“The Chosen One” needs a major event of some kind to up the ante and present the idea something is going to happen. Right now, its slow pace is making things excessively dry.

  • Jodie’s Betrayal Of Elvis - 81%
  • Some Kind Of Information On Jodie’s Origins & A Small Peek Into Sarah’s Past - 82%
  • Wondering If Things Will Really Pick Up Soon - 73%
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  • Some Kind Of Information On Jodie’s Origins & A Small Peek Into Sarah’s Past
  • Jodie’s Betrayal Of Elvis


  • Wondering If Things Will Really Pick Up Soon

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