The Chosen One: Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Awakening” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Magda (Lilith Curiel) and Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) having a moment together

As Jodie is finally told the truth, he questions what to do with it since he doesn’t wish to make money from it but isn’t necessarily trying to step up to become a prophet – yet.

General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (Netflix) August 16, 2023
Director(s) Everardo Gout
Writer(s) Kevin Rodriguez, Jorge Dorantes
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Hernandez Alejandro Edda
Father O’Higgins Alfonso Dosal
Pastor Cruz Carlos Bardem
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Elvis Elvis Zamora
Jodie Bobby Luhnow
Tuka Juanito Anguamea
Sarah Dianna Agron
Erik Matias Coronado
Wagner Alberto Perez-Jacome
Hipolito Jorge Javier Arballo
Magda Lilith Curiel

Plot Recap

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You’re A Mutant, Like Your God Mother – Elvis, Hernandez, Jodie, Tuka, Father O’Higgins, Sarah, Pastor Cruz

Jodie turning water into wine becomes the talk of the town and also a bit of a red flag for many. For now, Jodie isn’t some kid running a scam, but it is assumed he is putting effort into his tricks now, and for those like Pastor Cruz and Father O’Higgins who make a living and have influence in the area because of their religious followers, you can see Jodie is becoming a threat. Pastor Cruz talks to Sarah about this, who is by no means happy to hear her son’s popularity is growing.

As for Father O’Higgins? He speaks directly with Jodie, and with Jodie developing the power to hear a person’s negative thoughts, it seems clear that as much as Father O’Higgins downplays what Jodie and his friends did as a trick of some kind, it’s clear that he needs something to believe in. God isn’t talking to him, and it seems his faith is waning.

But, while things on the religious end are just people wondering and worrying about Jodie, Mr. Hernandez has a very different issue. During a play that he has the kids do, specifically a pastorela, Jodie decides to join Tuka in calling out not enough acknowledgment and celebration Yaquis traditions and vulture and then takes things a step further. He calls out Hernandez’s family, including his mom for the enslavement of the Yaquis people, and with that, Sarah is called in since Mr. Hernandez was offended and because kids have been saying Jodie has been giving people wine.

Thankfully for Jodie, Elvis is their emergency contact, and Elvis sticks up for their boy at any and all opportunities. They even, when Jodie is suspended for a week, take them to their workplace, where they are a boss, and this allows us to get to know Elvis. They manage, potentially own, an industrial bakery, pretty much are accepted by most of their family, sans their brother, and they are Jodie’s God Mother.

Now, you might be wondering, since we’ve yet to see Elvis and Sarah talk on the phone or in person, how did that come to be? Well, it is because they are welcoming, seemingly weren’t afraid to make the first move, and in time, even with Sarah’s trust issues and paranoia, she felt safe. In fact, Elvis has such a rapport with Sarah that they are able to push her to finally open up to Jodie about who or what he is.

You Don’t Want To Do Good, You Just Want To Exploit Me – Erik, Jodie, Wagner, Hipolito, Magda, Father O’Higgins

Between his conversation with Father O’Higgins and his friends Hipolito and Wagner, Jodie is torn and unsure what to do with his life. From what it seems, his miracles are on some kind of delay, as shown by Erik now having beyond 20/20 vision. This, of course, triggers Wagner and Hipolito into the idea they are going to be rich from exploiting Jodie.

Father O’Higgins though, that conversation touches Jodie and adds in this new bond with Magda, who seemingly is the only one willing to steer him in the right direction, one not out of fear or riches, Jodie is torn. Add in she kisses him, despite the whole comment of seeing him like a brother in the last episode? It makes all these actions and hormones kicking in lead to Jodie having a pseudo-meltdown.

Some Kind Of Miracle – Sarah, Jodie, Angelo, Pastor Cruz

With seeing and hearing all Jodie could do, Angelo forces him to lay hands on his father who continues to be in a coma. Jodie, despite his efforts, is unable to revive Angelo’s father and nearly pays for that by being sliced by Angelo’s switchblade. Thankfully, Sarah shows up and stops him, but the damage is done.

At this point, Jodie is sick of the secrets, of not knowing who he is, what he is capable of, and while Sarah gave him some idea of what she has seen and what the pills she has given him do, it isn’t enough. He decides to venture to where Sarah holds their emergency money and identification and explore, and it seems the voice that keeps calling to him only will go stronger the more curious he becomes.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. While Sarah’s real first name is Marie, the subtitles have now switched to referring to her as Sarah, hence us calling her Sarah.
  2. The reason Angelo appears to hate “Gringos” like Jodie is because his mom crossed the border and abandoned him, his sibling, and his father. As for why she did it? That isn’t detailed.

New Character Description(s)


Principal Hernandez (Alejandro Edda) meeting with Elvis
“Principal Hernandez (Alejandro Edda) meeting with Elvis,” The Chosen One, “The Awakening,” directed by Everardo Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

Mr. Hernandez is the principal of Jodie’s school, whose family has a long history in the town as owners of a local mine that exploited indigenous groups like the Yaquis.

Father O’Higgins

Father O'Higgins (Alfonso Dosal)
“Father O’Higgins (Alfonso Dosal),” The Chosen One, “The Awakening,” directed by Everardo Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

Father O’Higgins works with Pastor Cruz and has been experiencing a crisis of faith recently.

Pastor Cruz

Pastor Cruz (Carlos Bardem) greeting people
“Pastor Cruz (Carlos Bardem) greeting people,” The Chosen One, “The Awakening,” directed by Everardo Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

Pastor Cruz has gained and holds power due to his place in the church, and as Jodie begins to commit what he sees as “Blasphemy,” he sees a real threat to what he sees as the established order and his livelihood.


Notable Performances or Moments


Elvis (Elvis Zamora) meeting Jodie's principal
“Elvis (Elvis Zamora) meeting Jodie’s principal,” The Chosen One, “The Awakening,” directed by Everardo Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

What we love about Elvis is that they are what they are, and while it is acknowledged they went through something to own this person, that isn’t the entirety of their story. They are someone who is just as much a boss as a worker who kneads bread and sells it at a stand, as they have many people working for them. Yes, some family members had to warm up to them, and one might be holding out, but again, that isn’t the sum of who they are.

Now, I understand this shouldn’t be notable as it isn’t like there aren’t LGBT+ characters, but it really depends on the demographic. Yes, when it comes to White and Black characters who are under the LGBT+ umbrella, some can say this exists. But, Latino, specifically Mexican, and Spanish speaking? If you look on a macro level, there is representation, but when you look beyond that for diversity, it can become minimal.

Hence why we love Elvis since, whether you are talking about their role in Jodie and Sarah’s life, or at their company and society, even without being as consistent as Jodie’s friends, they make their presence known and appreciated.

A Cliffhanger That Leaves You Wanting To Head Quickly To The Next Episode

Angelo’s father being out of a coma and walking amongst us was a shocker, and damn if the episode didn’t cut off right after that point. That was probably the first time I wanted to skip the credits to quickly get to what was next for this show, as his father seemed almost like a zombie, with still being in his hospital gown, than truly brought back to life.


Showcasing Yaqui Culture & People

As it is important to show people like Elvis, it is important to use a platform like Netflix, a worldwide platform, to showcase cultures like the Yaqui. To highlight issues they have gone through, similar to what Hernandez did, for it gets people talking. There is a push to Google who they are, their history, what was made for “The Chosen One,” and what is fiction.

Also, as Tuka and Jodie speak out against Hernandez, and Tuka notes there isn’t anything done to celebrate his culture, it can push people to think about whether or not their culture is well represented. And pushing the people to think is a notable accomplishment for any show. Even if the thinking comes in the form of curiosity.

On The Fence

Magda and Jodie’s Relationship

The issue at hand isn’t Magda and Jodie’s relationship evolving into something potentially romantic, but more so how this is a 6 episode show or season, and it is easy to see Magda’s complete storyline steamrolled by what is going on in Jodie’s life. So, her brother’s disappearance, and her family’s issues, whether internally or with Angelo’s, seemingly will be something introduced and dropped.

Just as much as everyone else’s issues.

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The Chosen One: Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Awakening” – Overview


It’s weird in a way that what should be the driving force here, a boy who might be the second coming of Jesus, is one of the least interesting things. For between characters like Elvis, and how Jodie is changing the power dynamics and social structure of the town, that is far more interesting. Especially as he goes from an annoyance to a true threat.

  • Elvis - 87%
  • A Cliffhanger That Leaves You Wanting To Head Quickly To The Next Episode - 85%
  • Showcasing Yaqui Culture & People - 84%
  • Magda and Jodie’s Relationship - 76%
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  • Showcasing Yaqui Culture & People
  • A Cliffhanger That Leaves You Wanting To Head Quickly To The Next Episode
  • Elvis


  • Magda and Jodie’s Relationship

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