As word spreads about Jodie and the truck accident, his mom begins to get antsy and thinks it might be time to go on the run again.

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General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (Netflix) August 16, 2023
Director(s) Everado Gout
Writer(s) Iturri Sosa

Jorge Dorantes

Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Eriko Matias Coronado
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Marie Dianna Agron
Jodie Bobby Luhnow
Magda Lilith Curiel
Hipolito Jorge Javier Arballo
Tuka Juanito Anguamea
Wagner Alberto Perez-Jacome


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Remember, We Have To Keep Low-key – Marie, Jodie

With news spreading that Jodie survived a multi-ton truck slamming onto him, Marie gets worried. She remembers when they tried to take him away from her right after she gave birth. Also, there have been past instances where, even in Mexico, they had to quickly leave because of something that happened. So she warns him to let her know if anything happens, for all signs are pointing that it might be time to leave again – as there are people very interested in Jodie beyond his little friends.

The First Kiss – Jodie, Magda, Hipolito, Wagner

While Jodie comes out of that car crash unscathed, his heart? Not so much. Hipolito, showing he is willing to take initiative far more than Jodie, makes a move and kisses Magda, which is a little shocking for her. Partly it is because Hipolito sort of stole her first kiss, but with it also being his, it was kind of sweet. But, what makes things awkward isn’t Jodie finding out, but Hipolito wanting to make things official and Magda just not sure if she wants to potentially complicate everything.

Magda (Lilith Curiel) and Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) talking
“Magda (Lilith Curiel) and Jodie (Bobby Luhnow) talking,” The Chosen One, “Miracles?,” directed by Everado Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

Now, as for how she feels about Jodie? She verbally says he is like a brother to her, yet Wagner picks up on signs she may feel like he is more than that. Plus, with Jodie and Magda having an “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours moment,” it could be that she only said Jodie is like a brother, so he doesn’t start acting like Hipolito.

The Miracle Boy – Eriko, Jodie, Magda, Hipolito, Tuka, Wagner, Angelo

But, as much as Magda plays a role in Hipolito and Jodie’s life regard their crushes, she also is the voice of reason as the boys decide to hustle the locals by selling off items related to the crash or have Jodie do “Miracles.” Magda doesn’t support this, especially as the boys get more and more elaborate with their shows, like having Wagner’s brother Erik pretend he no longer needs glasses after Jodie blesses him.

As shown, some people, like a man with a hearing aid, would love for such a miracle, and in doing these shows, Jodie only attracts more attention – including Angelo. Which is quite dangerous for Jodie since the driver of the truck was Angelo’s father, and while Jodie is walking around like nothing happened, Angelo’s father is in a coma and assuming his life is similar to Tuka and Hipolito, with the man of the house out of commission, it means he might be forced to step up and forego what remains of his childhood.

Though, as the episode goes on, Jodie continues to hear voices and question what they are and what his mother is hiding or lying about, and the more he does this, the more it seems what is supposed to be a scam is eventually going to be anything but.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. We see some type of strange man who seemingly has been hunting for the chosen one, but it isn’t clear what he does when the child isn’t who he is looking for.


Violence To Come

If Jodie is the second coming, someone will either act as his Judas or a different figure who will seek to kill him.

New Character Description(s)


Erik is Wagner’s younger, spectacled brother, who joins his brother scam in order to make money.


On The Fence

The Magda Love Triangle

The problem with nearly any love triangle is that there are far better stories in the show or movie than who may get the girl (or sometimes the guy). When it comes to “The Chosen One,” the same issue applies. You have Hipolito, who has the sudden end of his childhood hanging over his head. Jodie having powers and being on the run, and the question of where Magda’s older brother is, alongside her family’s beef with Angelo’s.

Now, is this to say each character can’t have multiple storylines? No, they could. It’s just this feels so mandatory and unnecessary that it becomes a chore. Especially since the chemistry isn’t really there for any sort of romance to be an asset for the show.


Angelo (Patricio Serna Meza) looking like a generic villain
“Angelo (Patricio Serna Meza) looking like a generic villain,” The Chosen One, “Miracles?,” directed by Everado Gout, 2023, (Netflix)

I think the issue with Angelo is that we don’t know his story, so why he has such a chip on his shoulder doesn’t make sense. Has he already begun the process Hipolito fears and is walking in his dad’s footsteps? Is there abuse in his household? I need some sort of details besides him not liking Jodie and his friends because he doesn’t like them hanging out or choosing white people over their people.

The Mystery Behind Jodie

From turning water into wine, the eventual magic of him helping that man hear, and things like that, “The Chosen One” is walking what could be seen as a dangerous line. Granted, why would Netflix care about depicting some kid as the second coming of Jesus? But, to have such a story in what feels like “Believe” or even “Touch,” but not with teen drama injected in? I don’t know if they can balance all that it means to be a miracle worker, a teen, and keep the tone this show has, without the balance being off and this falling to the ground – without any sort of safety net of a storyline to save the show.

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The Chosen One: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Miracles?” - Overview


There is a good chance “The Chosen One” might begin to seem like the type of show that should have been a movie than what currently seems to be a mini-series.

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