The Chi: Season 6 Episode 15 – Review/ Recap

Ezekiel (Daniel J. Watts) and Tatiana (Cereyna Jade Bougouneau), The Chi Season 6 Episode 15, directed by Justin Hillian, 2024, (Paramount+)

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is a time for many to reconcile and form new bonds. But, for others, it is time to reflect and make a statement.

Plot Recap

Thanksgiving Plans – Nuck, Emmett, Kiesha, Rob, Tiff, Alicia, Shaad, Victor, Quincy, Fatima

With all that has been going on, Victor has decided to take a break from his political role and focus on his personal life. This means hanging out with Shaad more, who is falling in love with Alicia and trying to win back Fatima. Thankfully, he does, since she has missed him, and this allows him to have a good Thanksgiving.

But while Victor gets to enjoy his, Emmett? Not so much. First, he didn’t get to host Thanksgiving and on top of that, Kiesha invited Nuck to Rob and Tiff’s for Thanksgiving. Now, as for Rob and Tiff are handling the idea of all these people? Honestly fine. Alicia, though not issued a proper invite, decides she will help Tiff cook, and task Rob with getting food, and during all of this, she and Tiff bond like never before.

All the while, both Tiff and Shaad side-eye Alicia and Rob for not reacting much to Alonzo’s death.

A Time To Come Together, Despite All Driving Us Apart – Roselyn, Bianca, Dom, Jamal, Sarah, Ezekiel, Tatiana, Serena

As many prep to eat, reconcile, and more, others are dealing with more complicated things. For example, Ezekiel and Tatiana are having issues since Sarah, Ezekiel’s assistant, is coming to Thanksgiving. Now, while Tatiana is known to mess around, the agreement overall was not to be messy. However, it is one thing for Tatiana to mess with a boy barely old enough to buy cigarettes compared to Ezekiel, in pursuit of gaining favor with Sarah’s father, potentially getting with her – a White woman.

Of course, they aren’t alone in complicated relationships that exist more due to agreements than love. Roselyn, is worried something will befall Douda, decides to visit Bianca, with Serena by her side, and Bianca seems lost and confused. Is she using Douda like everyone else? Yes. However, why be married to a man you don’t love or be with men at all since it seems you don’t bat for that team? The answer? Business. Which Bianca gets, alongside how her own business is wrapped up in what could happen to Douda, so while not uneasy allies, there is at least an understanding.

Which leaves Dom and Jamal. As should be expected, Dom is a woman of a certain age and wants to do better because she knows better. So taking on a project like Jamal? A broke man who has good game, but doesn’t have a lease, mortgage, or is on her level? It’s a hard sell. But, as many people have experienced, smooth talkers will compensate immensely for what they lack, and if you let them, you may have reservations, but your underwear will still be off.

No Rest For The Wicked – Douda, Emmett, Kiesha, Nuck, Britney, Lynae, Maisha, Jemma, Bakari, Zay

Poor Britney. With Maisha and Jemma telling Lynae about her spying for Douda and that getting to Bakari, she has seemingly lost her brother all over again. To make matters worse, Douda is ready to cut her off, and it is hard to say if that will just be financially or will he kill her as well?

This leads to some desperation, but on good intel – Britney reveals Nuck’s side hustle, Rob and Tiff’s weed empire, and this causes Nuck to get his ass whipped before he even gets to touch a turkey, collard greens, or Alicia’s homemade cranberry sauce. But, Nuck’s lost is Zay’s gain as he becomes Douda’s number two and is tasked with sending a message to Emmett.

What happens this time? Just Emmett’s car blowing up and, for a moment, him thinking Kiesha and her son was in the car. They weren’t but all the faith Kiesha has had in Emmett to handle the situation likely was destroyed with the car.

Additional Storylines

  • Nina is considering going on the road with LaPorsha and has her friend group’s support.
  • Kieth pushes the idea he isn’t going away until Damien pays him for time lost, even if that means Damien stealing from Emmett and Douda.

Miscellaneous Information

  1. Previous Episode: Season 6/ Episode 14
  2. Series Page: The Chi
  3. Character Guide: N/A

Collected Quote(s)

  • I wanted to make a difference, not be a hero. — Victor

Cast and Characters

Character’s NameActor’s Name
SarahConner Ann Waterman
NuckCortez Smith
EmmettJacob Latimore
KieshaBirgundi Baker
RobIman Shumpert
TiffHannaha Hall
AliciaLynn Whitfield
ShaadJason Weaver
VictorLuke James
QuincyThomas Mackie
FatimaL’lerrét Jazelle
RoselynKandi Burruss
BiancaJill Marie Jones
DomLa La Anthony
JamalVic Mensa
EzekielDaniel J. Watts
TatianaCereyna Jade Bougouneau
SerenaDre Hollingsworth
DoudaCurtiss Cook
KieshaBirgundi Baker
BritneyAmari Noelle Ferguson
LynaeZaria Imani Primer
MaishaGenesis Denise Hale
BakariAhmad Nicholas Ferguson
ZayAaron Guy
NinaTyla Abercrumbie
LaPorshaDa Brat
KiethJackie Long
DamienBrett Gray

New Character Descriptions


Sarah (Conner Ann Waterman), The Chi Season 6 Episode 15, directed by Justin Hillian, 2024, (Paramount+)
Sarah (Conner Ann Waterman) convincing Ezekiel to let her come to Thanksgiving, The Chi Season 6 Episode 15, directed by Justin Hillian, 2024, (Paramount+)

Sarah is Ezekiel’s assistant, whom he originally hired for networking purposes. However, with admiring the quality of her work, despite having no reason to work, the two have grown close. Note, Ezekiel has never made a move, but they know something is there and she isn’t above dangling her influence over her father to keep Ezekiel from maintaining interest.



Alicia and Tiff’s Relationship

Considering where they were and where they are now, Tiff and Alicia’s relationship might be one of the few that has matured quickly and in a way that is admirable. They are more than two characters pushed together because one or the other needs screentime, there is admiration there, a path forward for Tiff, and someone to help Alicia loosen up a bit.

Take note, Rob is scared and cautious when it comes to his mom, and their relationship is built on her title and her raising him. There isn’t much beyond that. However, Tiff can joke with Alicia, got her to smoke weed, and can do more than exist in her world or follow orders.

Mind you, Alicia doesn’t see Tiff as her equal, nor does Tiff have the audacity to believe such, but it does seem she is making inroads to befriend the person, not just see her as her not-so-silent business partner.

Goodbye To Nina?

“The Chi” has to cull how many characters it has. I’m all for everybody collecting a check, and God knows there aren’t too many Black predominant dramas out there that are made with any desire to present entertainment and a sense of prestige. However, just because there is a scarcity doesn’t mean those that exist must be overpacked.

So, when it comes to Nina, it is definitely a case of goodbye and farewell as yet another OG character might be slowly making their way out. Well, at least we’re hoping so because, like Jada and Tracy, it seems these characters aren’t simply on the back burner and will be moved forward anytime soon. If anything, it seems Showtime/Paramount still gives “The Chi” enough of a budget, because of its ratings, to not have to do cost cutting measures, and so, even if bloated, because the balance sheet still looks good, they keep characters long past their expiration date.

Douda Reasserting Himself

Every now and again, Douda has to remind people in the show and viewers that he is not one to play with. Yes, he does a lot of talking and threats, but it is because he knows what he and his soldiers are capable of, and he’d rather be in the shadows than recognized as the boogeyman.

But, as shown by how he whipped Nuck’s behind, and that being followed by almost killing Kiesha, Douda is not only the one, he is the only one. So let’s hope this security detail Alicia said she would provide becomes more consistent since he is making it seem only Shaad is aware of what his job duties are.

On The Fence


When it comes to “The Chi,” it hasn’t had a notable White character since its early seasons. However, the cops are gone, Brandon’s crush, and since then, it’s hard to say if we even had a bi-racial character as we haven’t even seen someone’s White parent come around. With that in mind, the first notable character being introduced as someone who is tempting Ezekiel to have an affair, and exist solely because he wants to get to her father? I’m torn.

On the one hand, if it was going to be anyone, it was going to be Ezekiel, and his goal is to build a true mega church and that isn’t something Douda can just finance. Ezekiel has to network and then Douda can maybe step in and grease some hands. Yet, like Tatiana, we have to admit it is annoying that of all people, it just had to be a White girl.

General Information

Episode TitleTower of Terror
Release DateJune 21, 2024
Director(s)Justin Hillian
Writer(s)Mia A. Brumfield, Jewel Coronel

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The Chi: Season 6 Episode 15 - Review/ Recap
Ezekiel (Daniel J. Watts) and Tatiana (Cereyna Jade Bougouneau), The Chi Season 6 Episode 15, directed by Justin Hillian, 2024, (Paramount+)

Title: The Chi: Season 6 Episode 15

Description: As Thanksgiving approaches, it is a time for many to reconcile and form new bonds. But, for others, it is time to reflect and make a statement.

Date Released: June 21, 2024

Episode number: 15

Part of season: The Chi

Part of series: 6

Author: Amari Allah

Production company: Paramount+

Director(s): Justin Hillian

Actor(s): Conner Ann Waterman, Cortez Smith, Jacob Latimore, Birgundi Baker, Iman Shumpert, Hannaha Hall, Lynn Whitfield, Jason Weaver, Luke James, Thomas Mackie, L'lerrét Jazelle, Kandi Burruss, Jill Marie Jones, La La Anthony, Vic Mensa, Daniel J. Watts, Cereyna Jade Bougouneau, Dre Hollingsworth, Curtiss Cook, Birgundi Baker, Amari Noelle Ferguson, Zaria Imani Primer, Genesis Denise Hale, Judae'a, Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson, Aaron Guy, Tyla Abercrumbie, Da Brat, Jackie Long, Brett Gray

Genre: Drama


As we approach the season finale, admittedly, there isn’t a huge amount to get excited over. However, as Douda makes a big move, and Roselyn foreshadows something could happen, maybe we’re like how Emmett was and had a false sense of security?

  • Sarah - 76%
  • Douda Reasserting Himself - 83%
  • Goodbye To Nina? - 81%
  • Alicia and Tiff’s Relationship - 82%
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  • Alicia and Tiff’s Relationship
  • Goodbye To Nina?
  • Douda Reasserting Himself


  • Sarah

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