Lynn Whitfield

The Chi: Season 6 – Written Review

As “The Chi” extends into its 6th season, it continues to be something worth applauding for how diverse it wants its depiction of Chicago to be. However, it still struggles to do the most at a high caliber.

The Chi: Season 6 Episode 14 – Review/ Recap

As “The Chi” continues to test how big of a cast can it have before it cannot handle keeping up with so many characters, Alicia begins to pull weight to position herself as Douda’s successor.

The Chi: Season 6 Episode 12 – Review/ Recap

As the beginning of the end may come for Victor, Papa too seems ready for his chance to fly too close to the sun. All the while, Emmett struggles with making deals with new devils, hoping to get the old ones off his back.

The Chi: Season 6 Episode 9 – Review/ Recap

“The Chi” returns with Douda, ready to get his revenge, and a warning shot and trouble within his ranks makes the king slightly worried that he doesn’t have the soldiers he needs

King's Faith – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Plot Overview An 18-year-old who had a rough upbringing is trying to change his life around. However, his faith gets tested as some old friends from his past try to mess up the good thing he has going for him since he knows about the hiding place of a major score. Rating: TV Viewing Review…

My Other Mother – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview With a young woman knowing for decades she was adopted, she decides to finally take the time to meet her parents. Review (with Spoilers) To be quite honest, I was a bit hesitant to watch this since the movie premiered on a religious station and, to put it softly, I don’t find programs or…