Sins of the Bride (2024)

Title Card, Sins of the Bride

With “Sins of the Bride,” get ready for a slightly different take on the crazy light-skinned character who becomes disruptive to someone’s relationship.

Plot Summary

Greg, Jack, and Cassie have lived together for almost eight years, and things, for the most part, were good. Greg is a nurse, Cassie is a wedding boutique owner, and Jack is also on his hustle. But, with Jack and Cassie getting married soon, the idea is that they need alone time, and Greg should live on his own. This would be fine if Greg hadn’t become notably attached to both, to the point that he suffers from something far beyond separation anxiety.

Cast and Character Guide

Character’s NameActor’s Name
GregCharlie N. Townsend
JackTitus Makin
CassieKyle Kankonde
ArielAnissa Felix

Content Information

  • Dialog: Cursing
  • Violence: Torture, Notable Fight Scenes
  • Sexual Content: Nudity, Sexual Situations (Explicit)
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Good If You Like

  • Boundary-pushing friends taking things too far

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How Greg Was Crafted

Greg initially comes off as a stereotypical crazy, light-skinned character whose jealousy knows no end. However, Townsend’s portrayal of Greg is something different.

How? Well, it begins due to “Sins of the Bride,” not initially painting Greg as crazy but as someone who doesn’t respect boundaries and loves to test the water. In addition, he isn’t a stranger. Unlike many other films within the realm of “Sins of the Bride,” Greg has known Jack and Cassie for over eight years. On top of that, Greg and Jack’s relationship may go back to when they were kids.

With that change to the usual formula, Greg isn’t that pushy new person, therapist, or what have you. This adds a layer of acceptance that makes Greg’s madness less of this random stalking type and more that friend who causes an eyebrow to be raised and boundaries set, but you overall think is harmless. At least until he shows he is not.

On The Fence

How Much Gets Swept Under The Rug

With Greg, Jack, Cassie, and Ariel being friends for years, and what is hinted regarding their relationships, it may make you wish Greg wasn’t the sole one bringing the drama. Jack clearly has reservations regarding Cassie; hence, they go on a break for a year and dates someone else. Ariel seemingly hasn’t the best opinion of Jack and has an odd dynamic with Greg, and you may wish that was explored.

Add in Cassie making it clear, in present times, something is wrong in her relationship with Jack, and it can seem Greg sucked up all the air in the room and didn’t leave room for anyone else to show there is more to them than reacting to Greg.

General Information

Film Length1 Hour 28 Minutes
Date ReleasedJune 20, 2024
How To WatchTubi
Director(s)Sara Lohman
Writer(s)Sara Lohman, Amy Irons
Genre(s)Horror Thriller Young Adult LGBT+
Content RatingRated TV-MA

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Sins of the Bride (2024) - Review
Title Card, Sins of the Bride

Movie title: Sins of the Bride (2024)

Movie description: With “Sins of the Bride,” get ready for a slightly different take on the crazy light-skinned character who becomes disruptive to someone’s relationship.

Date Released: June 20, 2024

Country: United States

Duration: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

Author: Amari Allah

Director(s): Sara Lohman

Actor(s): Charlie N. Townsend, Titus Makin, Kyle Kankonde, Anissa Felix

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Young Adult, LGBT+


With Greg’s character having a different origin and path towards becoming crazy, there is a need to appreciate “Sins of the Bride” doing something different from the norm. However, considering the complicated relationships setup that were too intriguing to be barely touched on, for what good it does, it unfortunately creates issues for itself.

  • How Greg Was Crafted - 85%
  • How Much Gets Swept Under The Rug - 75%
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  • How Greg Was Crafted


  • How Much Gets Swept Under The Rug

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