A Note To Douda, with a tie for his funeral
A Note To Douda, with a tie for his funeral

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Plot Recap

Time To Collect – Emmett, Kiesha, Nuck, Douda, Tiff, Alicia

With Alicia still alive and Douda knowing she is the only threat to his life and business, he pulls up on Emmett as he is in the hospital with Kiesha, because her son is sick. In Douda’s doing this, her worries over what is going on with her son, which may require getting to know the medical history of his father’s people, have to be transferred back to worrying about Emmett’s potential demise, and she isn’t happy.

However, this only incentivizes Emmett to make a deal with Alicia in hopes that she can buy out Douda and that, in time, he can buy her out and become independent. Tiff does her best to support him, especially since Alicia is taking to Tiff, but she may need Alicia to focus on her business more than Emmett’s, as Nuck presents himself as not only a leech but a threat to Rob’s life.

Long Term Deals Require Speaking When Necessary – Tiff, Alicia, Bianca, Douda

Bianca (Jill Marie Jones) and Tiff (Hannaha Hall)
Bianca (Jill Marie Jones) and Tiff (Hannaha Hall)

While Alicia wasn’t fond of Tiff initially, she sees her drive and business acumen, so she takes her under her win as Bianca did. However, with Tiff mouthing off to Bianca, telling her business, and potentially ruining her relationship with Douda, professional or otherwise, Tiff may not make an enemy out of Bianca, but certainly presented the reminder that while Tiff has realized potential, she still has so much to learn.

You Either Die A Hero Or See Yourself Live To Become A Villain – Victor, Papa, Kenya, Ezekiel, Shaad, Quincy

Making deals that aren’t perfectly aligned with his platform is hard for Victor. However, with Quincy as an advisor, he bites the bullet and supports the mayor’s budget that rapidly expands funding for the police.

This naturally leads to protest, and while R.O.C.K will get money from this, it doesn’t qualm the people. Add in Shaad refuses to accept a job offer there, for he not only has a better opportunity with Alicia but feels like the offer is about Victor trying to ease his own issues? Victor is firmly in the struggle, and what doesn’t help is him being charged with murdering Q by the episode’s end.

He may not be alone in his downfall; however, it is just that Papa is at the beginning of what could be his end. For with Papa taking to Ezekiel’s style, Kenya might be the one to bear witness to the fall of a kid who meant to do good things but got seduced into focusing more on the power of money than the power of the word.

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Emmett Jacob Latimore
Kiesha Birgundi Baker
Nuck Cortez Smith
Douda Curtiss Cook
Tiff Hannaha Hall
Alicia Lynn Whitfield
Bianca Jill Marie Jones
Victor Luke James
Papa Shamon Brown Jr.
Kenya Kennedy Amaya
Ezekiel Daniel J. Watts
Shaad Jason Weaver
Quincy Thomas Mackie

Other Noteworthy Information

Collected Quote(s)

  • You can’t put on a cape and expect people to not have high expectations. — Fatima

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who is the mayor of Chicago at this point? Is it still Douda’s wife?



Papa’s Storyline

Papa (Shamon Brown Jr.)
Papa (Shamon Brown Jr.)

Papa has been either using his podcast or advising his friends to walk a just path since we’ve met him and now, with his platform growing to a literal stage, so comes the question of what will happen going forward? He knows Ezekiel and his push for prosperity through giving money lives in a grey area, yet he is not going to let this opportunity pass him by.

So with that in mind, will we see Papa learn and take what he learns to his father’s old church, will he get burned by walking the path Ezekiel has paved, not knowing that Ezekiel has grown callouses to not feel the flames anymore? It’s all interesting to watch, and being that Papa may have friends in Jake, Maisha, Bakari and Kenya, but I’d submit doesn’t necessarily have a best friend who is really taking note of his life, it is going to be interesting to see how easily he influenced he is by power.

After all, we saw what happened the last time Papa got a big head.

Alicia Potentially Stepping Into The Role Douda Has Filled

Alicia (Lynn Whitfield)
Alicia (Lynn Whitfield)

It isn’t clear if we will see the end of Douda this season or the next, but all men must fall, and if anyone were to end Douda’s reign, it would be Alicia. The only issue here is that while touted as formidable, she doesn’t have hitters. She has Shaad, but with a fear of going back to prison, I wouldn’t call him the most reliable or fearsome.

There is always the possibility of turning Zay or Nuck, but I’d submit even if she usurps Douda, a power vacuum would still happen as Douda was the only thing stopping Nuck’s ascension, and Zay serving Alicia seems possible, but not forever. It would be a calculated move to once again learn from someone who knows what they are talking about until it is time for them to be removed from their position.

On The Fence

Victor’s Potential Downfall

The issue we’re having with Victor’s downfall is that it lacks oomph. While “The Chi” is an ensemble show, you’d think this would be a leading and impactful story. The once-thug turned councilman, whose quick rise is now seeing a drop from grace, should be pushed as if they want Luke James to have accolade contention. Yet, it feels like just another story.

On top of that, it increasingly feels like, as much as the series has dedicated its time to politics, it is starting to refocus on the criminal and gangster element, as it slowly withdraws from City Hall. I mean, we haven’t seen what happened regarding the mayor’s office, despite that formerly being a major storyline. Also, we haven’t met any of the other politicians.

This storyline should be a massive undertaking, but it seems there is a lack of investment or because there is a recognition that it needs to be bigger to really deliver, it is being underserved so that it collapses under the weight of its potential and can be swept under the rug like when the show focused on the local police.

Background Information

Episode Title City of Gold
Release Date May 31, 2024
Network Paramount+
Director(s) Deondray Gossfield, Quincy LeNear Gossfield
Writer(s) Kristiana Rae Colon
Previous Episode Season 6/ Episode 11
Series Page The Chi
Character Guide N/A

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The Chi: Season 6 Episode 12 - Review


As new storylines continue to take shape, one thing “The Chi” may need to worry about is that it relies heavily on the potential of these storylines playing out rather than having one actively selling the show.

  • Victor’s Potential Downfall - 74%
  • Alicia Potentially Stepping Into The Role Douda Has Filled - 81%
  • Papa’s Storyline - 83%
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  • Alicia Potentially Stepping Into The Role Douda Has Filled
  • Papa’s Storyline


  • Victor’s Potential Downfall

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