Title Card - Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 2 “Chapter Two Vecna's Curse”

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As El has her own kind of “Carrie” moment, Vecna finds a new victim to add onto the one from episode 1.

Aired (Netflix) 5/27/2022
Director(s) The Duffer Brothers
Writer(s) The Duffer Brothers
Introduced This Episode
Vecna Jamie Campbell Bower
Fred Logan Riley Bruner
Jason Mason Dye
Enzo (Antonov) Tom Wlaschiha
Argyle Eduardo Franco

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

“Chapter Two: Vecna’s Curse” Summary

With Vecna, the name for this season’s villain, coined by Dustin, having killed Chrissy, Eddie becomes public enemy number 1. At least for Jason, who, amongst the basketball team, has a Gaston moment to rile them up. However, not all think of Eddie as capable of this, even if D&D is assumingly satanic. Nancy, and her managing editor Fred, speak to Eddie’s uncle and seem more neutral than the more established press. Plus, with Vecna killing Fred, using Fred’s guilt over accidentally killing someone in a car accident, that should help get Eddie off – or worsen his situation.

But, at the very least, Eddie will have an alibi for this second killing. With the help of Max, Steve, and Robin, Dustin found Eddie in a local drug dealer’s shed. Eddie reveals what he saw happen to Chrissy as Dustin reveals all that has happened to them since season 1. Which may help or just freak out Eddie more. We’ll find out in the next episode.

As for things in California? With Murray by her side, Joyce calls the number in the Russian doll and gets a prison guard named Enzo, who wants $40,000 to free Hopper from the prison he is in. Murray is suspicious, but Joyce is determined, so she is ready to get the money he asks for and drive up to Alaska to drop off the cash and hopefully get Hopper.

This brings us to El, Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Jonathan’s best friend, Argyle. From what we learn, both Jonathan and El have lied to their significant others. El has lied to Mike about her life in California, and thanks to Angela and Will, the truth is revealed as Angela creates a “Carrie” moment at the skating rink. Jonathan? Well, he reveals to Argyle that his aims are a community college rather than following along with Nancy’s dreams of going to Emerson. For in his mind, if he changes the plan, Nancy will follow him and waste her potential.

But getting back to El, with no powers, she decides to do things the old-fashioned way. Angela embarrassed her in front of everyone and Mike and refuses to apologize. Okay. So, El uses a four-wheel rollerblade and busts Angela right between the eyes – with everyone seeing. Leaving you to wonder, will Angela press charges for the assault?

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is the Vecna feeding the past season villains, or is it feeding off of them to hurt people in our world?
  2. Why does Vecna break bones and cave in skulls?
  3. While I can understand why Fred was chosen by Vecna, why was Chrissy?
  4. Where is Joyce getting $40,000 from?
  5. How did the Russians transport Harper to a completely different country?
  6. Why did Nancy wait so long to ask a cop to help find Fred?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Joyce needing the money she was going to use to get Hopper for El’s bail money
  2. Nancy feeling immense guilt for Fred’s death, and that triggering memories of not being able to save Barb
  3. Vecna coming for Angela, Eddie, or Jason since they only seem to come for newer characters.
  4. Lucas being called upon to take a side



El Fighting Back, Without Powers

I didn’t think she had it in her. After all, El’s powers were her crutch and seemed to be the way she managed her emotions. So for her to grab a skate and hit Angela like that? I know it is wrong to applaud violence, but considering the level of harassment Angela has subjected El too, and for how long? Can you not find it in your heart to justify what she did?


Vecna presents the idea that people are supposed to grow up with the Stranger Things kids. Yes, they aren’t adults, but they’ve been traumatized for years, and Vecna is just another escalation of what the upside-down is able to give.

Dustin As The New, Or Temporary, Leader of the Group

In previous seasons, Dustin was in the lower echelon of the group. He seemingly was being replaced, not hanged out with much, and people were moving on. However, his loyalty and commitment to the group seemingly have made it so he is the leader now. With Eddie as his new Steve, he is gathering everyone to find him, prep to defend him, and bring him into the larger group aware of the Upside-down and what can come from it. All while not getting lost amongst all the various storylines and new people involved. Which pushes the idea that Dustin is the head of the pack, and everything we’ve seen has been building to this.

On The Fence

Joyce’s Quest For Hopper

Don’t get me wrong, I miss Hopper. However, Murray and Joyce as a team don’t bring the same level of intrigue as what is going on in Hawkins. It makes for a lopsided story, and if it wasn’t for you knowing it would likely matter in the long run, and this being on a streaming platform, I would say Joyce’s parts in each episode could be good for going to the bathroom or getting a snack.


Because Jonathan is separated from both the Hopper situation and Vecna, his storyline is solely about Nancy and his relationship with her. That’s quite unfortunate since Nancy has moved on to better things than worrying about Jonathan and their relationship. So he is left on his own, with Argyle, who is neither an asset nor liability, to the season. He is just an addition who wouldn’t be a huge loss if he got killed by Vecna.

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Title Card - Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 2 “Chapter Two Vecna's Curse”
Stranger Things: Season 4/ Episode 2 “Chapter Two: Vecna’s Curse” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
While things in Hawkins are what you expect, the California side is a bit rough, and though El hitting someone with roller skates and having a "Carrie" moment did liven things up, "Stranger Things" splitting focus does put a strain on how entertaining it can be.
El Fighting Back, Without Powers
Dustin As The New, Or Temporary, Leader of the Group
Joyce's Quest For Hopper
Community Rating1 Votes
Dustin As The New, Or Temporary, Leader of the Group
El Fighting Back, Without Powers
Joyce's Quest For Hopper

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