Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 1 Chapter 1 MADMAX [Season Premiere] - Title Card (2)

Stranger Things’ second season not only presents a serious new villain, and more complicated characters but also finds a way to make minor characters more relevant.


It has been roughly a year since Eleven banished the Demogorgon and seemingly disappeared. The truth is though, Sheriff Hopper has been hiding her and playing house. Something which was fine for awhile but then Eleven gets restless and upon learning her mother is alive, she goes on an adventure for the truth. Meanwhile, Will is dealing with this shadow monster and his inability to control going into the Upside Down. Which, eventually, leads to him becoming a host to the shadow monster by using Will as the rope in the Flea and the Acrobat analogy from the first season.

Which of course ties up Joyce and Hopper’s storyline as they deal with Dr. Benner’s replacement Dr. Owens. Someone who seems less of a company man and more just a head scientist. The kind whose moral compass hasn’t been through off by the magnetic pull of the Upside Down.

As for those not directly involved in Will’s situation? Well, Jonathan and Nancy pursue #JusticeForBarb, mostly because of Nancy’s guilt. Dustin and Lucas are crushing hard on this new girl Max, and Dustin even finds himself gaining a new role model in the form of Steve. Someone whose reputation continues to tumble as Nancy runs off with Jonathan and cheats on him, as well as Max’s older step brother, Billy, embarrassing him.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Everything in the season takes place in around 15 or so days.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 2 Trick or Treat, Freak - Samantha Shea Jones
Shea Jones
  • So, what was the purpose of introducing Samantha – I refuse to let that go?
  • So are Billy, and his dad, certifiably racist?
  • What happened to the girl who was crying over Will during his funeral? How come she didn’t ask him to dance during the Snow Ball?
  • Who is Eleven’s biological father? Is it safe to assume her mom had a fling with Dr. Benner?
  • Considering the nose bleeds Kali and Eleven have, what physical effect do their powers have on their bodies and are there significant consequences for pushing themselves? Like, can they have aneurisms, or things of that nature from taking it too far?
  • We know 8 and 11 are alive, what about the other 9?
  • It’s made clear that Eleven’s mom has powers so there comes the question of whether the rest of the mothers did as well or just Eleven’s mom?
  • Should we expect to see Dr. Owens in season 3?
  • Will Hopper, now that Eleven is his daughter, call her Jane more than a number? Will he make sure her mother and aunt see her more?
  • Should we just consider Joyce and Hopper ride or die friends for life or will they actually have a relationship eventually?
  • Is it safe to finally assume Hopper is a veteran?
  • How much of season 3 will be dedicated to Eleven and Mike’s, Lucas and Max’s, and Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship?
  • Will Nancy and Jonathan graduate high school in season 3?
Strange Things Season 2 - Murray
Murray waving to soldiers and government officials as they close down Hawkins’ labs after the news learns about a watered down, slightly altered, version of what happened to Barb.
  • Is there going to be any sort of government retaliation for what Nancy and Jonathan exposed?
  • With Hawkins labs shutting down, doesn’t that mean Hawkins, the town, lost both their biggest asset and liability for when the Shadow Monster returns?
  • Eleven levitates when using her powers to seal the Shadow Monster – can she do that on a normal basis, levitate? Much less, we have seen her dive into the past, find people with her mind, use telekinesis, and now levitate – what else can she do?
  • Will Nancy and Steve properly break up?
  • Will there be #JusticeForBob?
  • Considering what happened to Dustin and Hopper in the tunnels, is it safe to say, within a few months to a year, they may end up fleas on the tight rope?
  • Where is Dustin’s father?
  • What is the full story when it comes to Max’s father and his mother? The reason for moving to Hawkins is a fresh start but you have to wonder what made things so difficult they had to move to the midwest?
  • How come Max doesn’t talk about her friends from California, at all? Did all she do was play video games at an arcade and not talk to anyone?
  • Did Nancy and Jonathan really have sex because some odd dude called them out?
  • How come Joyce doesn’t go to therapy, considering her family history, and all the trauma, you’d think she’d be in that chair every other day.
  • Where is Hopper’s family?
  • Should we expect the girl who danced with Will to return in season 3 or nah?
  • How did Joyce react to a dead Demogorgon in her refrigerator and what happened to it thereafter?
  • How old was Kali exactly?
  • How large was Dr. Benner’s operation?
  • How come we have yet to see the mayor of Hawkins and they have no part in all this? Surely they should and would know more than the sheriff.
  • Will Eleven be going to school with Mike and the rest of the kids next season?
  • So Eleven is officially not jealous of Max anymore right?

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    That’s a lot of unanswered questions. I forgot about the demo-dog thing stuffed in the fridge but that’s a fair point. Though given what the rest of the house looked like, I’m guessing that is probably a small issue at the end. I’m more concerned about all these tunnels under and around the town where the plant thing was growing that is now dying. Doesn’t that mean we now have some severely unstable areas that should probably cave in next time it rains?

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