Star Season 2 Episode 5 May The Best Manager Win - Simone and Karen

I can’t be the only one who feels like there is a bit of inconsistency with Simone. It seemed with Carlotta taking her to church, even providing that maternal role, she was bouncing back a little? Perhaps becoming an average, well-adjusted, girl.

Something completely thrown out at this point. But, considering how raw Simone has always been, her being nice and wholesome, maybe for Carlotta’s benefit in retrospect, or because Star pressured her, makes her current attitude make sense. Simone never had much in the way of choices in her life. She hasn’t gotten to choose who she lives with, who touches her, who she has to associate with and while being with Star is better than being with a rapist, there comes a point where you want something of your own.

Yeah, Star rescued her, but that doesn’t mean she now owns her. That just having Star and her sharing her friends and people like Carlotta is enough. Getting to pick Karen to be someone in her life I think was the first time she felt like she had some sort of control. That she wasn’t pushed one way or the other but she got to pick someone. Which perhaps is the most recognizable character growth in a while. Especially in terms of the growth not seeming geared toward crafting network soap opera drama.

On The Fence

Brody & Arlene

Star Season 2 Episode 5 May The Best Manager Win - Arlene

Did anyone expect, after Star came at Arlene’s neck, for her to just go away? Hopefully not. However, the more soap opera drama we get in the form of out of nowhere curve balls, like Lucky getting shot, and Arlene being Brody’s partner, it pushed the expiration date on Star forward. For while I’m sure FOX wants to keep Lee Daniels happy, as someone who digs this show, and absolutely hated Jahil’s human trafficking drama of the first season, this really feels no better.

Couldn’t they just had it be Brody’s difficult time trying to get back in Star’s life? Trying to win back the only daughter he knows? That in itself, him trying to redeem himself, stay clean, and maybe work a job good enough to keep an apartment, would have been enough. But I forget that subtlety doesn’t exist much on Network TV.


The way this whole “I had an abortion” thing is being handled, alongside Alex know talking about prayer, seems so forced upon the character – just to remain relevant. But, as said since the beginning, Alex hasn’t really been built to be someone who can compete with Star, and even Simone’s, drama. Yet, between Derek, the pregnancy, and seemingly, in the next episode, it looking like she is messing with Noah, there is a real push to make you enjoy her besides what she brings to the music. A struggle I don’t think they’ll ever get out of.


Noah and Star

For some reason, I feel like we may experience a cycle when it comes to Star. Her sleeping around until she finds someone comfortable and then, despite all intentions not to, letting them in. Which is clear, she says it herself, to stem from her daddy issues, but there is just so much sensationalism one show can take, you know? Of which, Star has pretty much jumped from one situation to another with no stopping. Something that may feel like it has to be done because she is the lead but, like with Brody, there is this desire to see someone take a route that doesn’t require someone getting killed to change things.

Like with Noah, would it have been so bad for her to, against better judgement again, just slowly let her guard down without Lucky’s death being involved? We know that despite all she says, Star, similar to Simone in a way, wants to the ability to choose who is in her life. But, being that she is older, it isn’t just about choice but choosing the right one. Someone who isn’t abusive, is an asset and not liability, much less isn’t trying to box her into their girlfriend but recognizes game.

But I don’t write the show just talk about it so what do I know?


Star Season 2 Episode 5 May The Best Manager Win - Angel (Evan Ross)

Sooner or later he was going to appear and while I dig his sound and beats, there comes the question of what his story is going to be? With Simone being queer, or maybe bi depending how they handle that, there goes that potential. Star has someone, likely Alex will be with Derek for a while, so is it safe to assume he’ll be stuck with Jahil and Andy? Which, no offense to either, but even it just seems like such a waste.

Though, at least Evan Ross won’t be alone in being wasted since, according to Shadow & Act, Brandy and Patti Labelle are to join Star as Carlotta’s little sister and mother.

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    Love the blog! Great insights! I’m not sold on Brody coming back into the girls life without ulterior motives but maybe they will have him turn around and thwart one of Star’s antagonists which is the reason for revealing his little bedfellow.

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