As usual with Star, the focus is more on the personal drama to create obstacles for “Big Trouble” than anything dealing with getting into the music industry. But, outside of Jahil’s situation, and maybe Alex’s, it seems like the same BS but a different day (or boy).

Trigger Warning(s): Domestic Violence

Alex is Pregnant and Derek Has Spinal Injuries (Alex, Derek, and Rose)

Alex has come out of that car crash unscathed but discovers she is pregnant. Something Rose learns about before Derek and she immediately talks about an abortion. However, despite being 19, Alex wants to think about it. For one, she wants Derek’s input, and he seems ok with whatever she decides, and eventually Rose feels the same. But Derek doesn’t mention to Alex how he may not have full motor functions so while Alex dispels her potential drama, Derek is holding onto his until later.


Alex and Simone swapping who got the dramatic storylines has, as noted in the last episode, more hurt Alex than helped her. For while she maintains the status of being the grounded one, despite her financial privileges, and connections, I do feel this whole pregnancy story is strictly to shake things up with her. But when you have Star in an abusive relationship, Simone having mental issues, which cleared up all of a sudden[note]Like seriously. How did she go from self-medicating to deal with her trauma to being the quiet one?[/note], I guess Alex couldn’t be left as some sort of square with a functioning relationship, huh? No, she had to join in on the fun and get a borderline ridiculous storyline where somehow she comes out unscathed and stage ready after car T-bone car accident.

Cotton Getting Desperate To Have Her Surgery: (Cotton, Carlotta & Jahil)

Michelle steals Cotton’s money to pursue becoming famous meaning she is back to the starting line. This isn’t accepted. She decides to go pawn her jewelry, even if it means seeing her momma and listening to her trip over trying to reconcile. Heck, she even go-sees Elliot, who got a new thing, to get his check book and then asks of Jahil to help her get a new fake ID. Something he isn’t really for, despite being supportive of Cotton’s transition, but with or without his help she is going to get her surgery done ASAP. Even if it means, as we see, her butching it up in order to take Elliot’s money at a check cashing place.


While the idea of Cotton stealing and screwing people over to have her surgery isn’t a surprise, I must admit, considering how it seemed there was some sort of investment in this character and her transition, I was expecting more. First in terms of her interacting with Star more, for it honestly seemed like that relationship would be more significant than it is. But, I thought we would also see some part of her and trans people struggles with hormones, us getting to see her go on doctor’s visit, and just Cotton demystifying the whole procedure. To me, just Jahil going with her to understand what is going to happen, what he can do, that would have been one of the best ways to have Cotton transition from some stripper he knew to his baby girl. However, I think I’m expecting too much out of this show, or any show, which takes on topics like these. As if suddenly they are going to become something they are not just because the drama isn’t something petty and juvenile.

The Fate of Big Trouble: (Star, Jahil, and Eva)

Between Hunter getting possessive and insecure to the point of becoming violent, privately [note] Hunter once again gets violent with Star but this time he punches her. Leading to, thankfully, an appropriate song instead of some dance or pop tune.  [/note], to Big Boi talking about taking on the girls, the status of Big Trouble is up in the air. Especially since Jahil has a contract Alex is trying to figure out a way to break. However, unless they can prove he is incapable of fulfilling his duties, they are stuck with both him and Eva. But, with the cops having evidence which points at Jahil killing Otis, it seems the girls may get their wish. If only because when we last see Jahil, it is when the cops bust into his apartment and arrest him.


Star’s big reveal that she knew was such a letdown. I knew she and Eva would get into a fight but when Big Boi was coming around I was hoping she would plan something epic to remove Eva and Jahil out of her and the group’s life. But, instead, first chance she got, with hardly any planning, she laid all her cards on the table. Perhaps making it so the only thing to really expect out of this show is the characters’ personal drama met with a pseudo-music video. One which will either go along with the song, like strangely this episode had or one which has a completely opposite tone, like damn near every episode before this one.

With all that said, I can’t wait for the finale. Not necessarily because I’m excited about it, but more so I feel like I gave this show a shot, but every storyline which could have been interesting let me down. So I just want it to be over instead of dropping it so late in the season.

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