Bridgette dressed up as a queen.
"My Queen"

Accountability is forced upon Bridgette, Tutu, even Rafi and each take the call and pursue different decisions. Some a bit drastic.

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Accountability is forced upon Bridgette, Tutu, even Rafi and each take the call and pursue different decisions. Some a bit drastic.

Episode Information: Episode 6 “Should Mothers Incur Loss Financially?”

Director(s) Cate Shortland
Writer(s) Frankie Shaw, Jessica Moore
Air Date 3/3/2019


Losing The House: Tutu, Jackie, Joe Jr.

Being that Tutu was against marrying, and Massachusetts doesn’t do common law marriages, that means Joe Jr. owns the house and Jackie reveals he intends to sell it. Why? Well, his wife was laid off, he has a kid in college and other young kids running about. As for what Tutu is supposed to do? Honestly, Joe doesn’t mention any ideas and very well may not care. Leaving Tutu in a terrible position since her daughter can’t take her in and her sister? They’d kill each other.

Losing Dignity: Tutu, Jackie, Bridgette, Larry

Tutu at the cash register.

Bridgette’s monthly bills are well over a $1000s and without working for Ally, add in discrimination because she is a mom, things are hard. However, sympathy is in short supply since Tutu doesn’t feel all that bad for Bridgette. Hell, when Bridgette ends up on food stamps she questions if her child will now become a welfare queen and notes she thought Trump got rid of that program.

This leads to a whole lot of issues because taking care of Larry is hard and he is coming to that age of being aware his mom is struggling. So Tutu wanting to put her hands up and block Jackie from helping leads to Bridgette calling Tutu a horrible mom. But, as whenever Bridgette blows up, within a day she is reconciling with Tutu, and it becomes another piece of plastic thrown under the bridge.

Losing Nelson: Bridgette, Nelson, Rafi

Rafi has it made. Nelson pays all the bills, and he is just responsible for a few errands. When Rafi was with Bridgette, this wouldn’t fly at all, and she notes she used to berate him about being a man and yet now, he has a woman with far lower standards. The kind Rafi complains about just because she asks for some help and accountability.

So, after their fight, Rafi and Nelson, and talking to Bridgette, who he helps steal food from Ally, Rafi goes back to Nelson. In fact, he pushes the idea of marriage which she seems to go for. However, whether her parents react as Tutu did is a whole other story.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Tutu is 64



Larry Knows

Larry noting to Bridgette he knows they don't have more money.
Larry: I know we don’t have any more money.

While Larry isn’t a major player on this show, he does mark when things are at a bit of a breaking point. In a way, he acts like Bridgette’s conscious or the one who snaps her out of denial. She doesn’t want to admit she is poor, but with Larry recognizing they don’t have money, it forces her to do what she has to do. Which means getting government assistance. Something that is shown not to be easy, that is has a stigma that is hard to shake and doesn’t really cover your needs the way it is advertised. For Bridgette doesn’t go overboard and buy unnecessary items but just some things which cover her, like tampons, and stuff for the household. Yet, it can’t be done, and she is back at square one almost. Just with maybe a baby step forward.

Major Changes Are Afoot

With Rafi proposing, Tutu on the verge of being homeless, and Bridgette desperate for a job, something has to give. Though, we also have to factor in Samara Weaving (Nelson) leaving the production as well. Something which likely means a grand shift in the narrative for Rafi and perhaps Bridgette too. After all, eventually Bridgette has to have a come up, and when it comes to Rafi, there is the slightest vibe that maybe something could happen there.

As for Tutu? Well, at 64 and with her attitude, I can’t picture her getting a job. Yet, you know something has to be done. The only question is what and how? Will Joe just make her pay rent and leave her alone? How about she gets kicked out, lives with Jackie a bit, until something grand, like winning the lotto, happens to her? Considering Tutu has had it as rough, if not more, than Bridgette, she too could use a kiss from lady luck to drag her out of the straits she is in.

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