SMILF: Season 2, Episode 3 “Surrogate Mothers Inspire Loving Families ” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Non-white women who live in Boston, two who work for Ally specifically, and one of the two’s sisters are the focus of Smilf’s latest episode.

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SMILF Season 2, Episode 3 Surrogate Mothers Inspire Loving Families - Title Card

Non-white women who live in Boston, two who work for Ally specifically, and one of the two’s sisters are the focus of Smilf’s latest episode.


Director(s) Frankie Shaw
Writer(s) Emily Goldwyn, Jess Lamour
Air Date 2/10/19
Introduced This Episode
Elsie Numa Perrier
Mindy Nhadya Salomon
Ida Sisa Grey
Chloe Mia Kaplan

You Know I Am Your Mother: Ally, Ida, Chloe

Ida (Sisa Grey) talking to Chloe.
Ida (Sisa Grey)

Ida is a Samoan woman away from her daughter, but while distant from her own flesh and blood, Chloe, Ally’s daughter, makes a good stand-in. After all, she, minus skin tone, is similar to her daughter. She is a big girl, often sweet, and she treats Ida like her mom. Even sneaks into her bed sometimes to talk and find some peace. Take, for example, after a date, her first, which didn’t go the way she thought it would. Rather than go to Ally, she went to Ida.

This, of course, upsets Ally but what can she do? Her kids don’t care too much if it is her birthday or not and they’re teenagers. At this point, she is just bankrolling their lifestyle and hoping to keep them happy. If not hoping they’ll visit when they leave and not leave her alone in an empty house.

A Birthday Gift For Us Both: Ally, Mindy

With her pretty sure Mr. Daddy, Donald, is cheating on her, Ally needs some retail therapy. So, she is looking for a Birkin bag and runs into Mindy. Formerly, either because of her English or plain old racism, Mindy is usually kept to the back. However, with her boss away means she gets to be in the front. Also, it means Mindy dealing with peak entitled white woman in the form of Ally. Something her sister, who works for Ally, but Ally doesn’t know this, deals with regularly – but more on that later.

Mindy (Nhadya Salomon) noting she and Ally are birthday twins.
Mindy (Nhadya Salomon)

What matters here is being reminded that, as sad as Ally’s life is, she is still a mid-key horrible person. One who, for some reason, somehow gets what she wants. She wanted a Birkin bag, one was reserved, but when that lady pissed off Mindy, she decided to sell the $23,000 bag to Ally who purchased it without a second thought.

At Beck and Call: Ally, Mindy, Elsie

Being that Ally doesn’t have friends or an active husband, it makes her a very demanding boss. Hence why Bridgette ended up losing her date and why Mindy, on her birthday, loses out to getting to dance to Lakou Mizik live. For with Bridgette needing a baby sitter, and Elsie having a hard time turning down $400, for what was just supposed to be an hour, Ally gets what she wants. But, this leaves Mindy unhappy and Elsie, after dealing with Ally pushing the idea someone stole from her, and being a pain in the ass, trying to make the best of a bad situation. So, while Larry sleeps, the ladies dance and wait for Bridgette.


There Is A Bigger World Out There

Elsie (Numa Perrier) in the hair salon.

Bridgette lives in a bit of a microcosm. Her life is Tutu, Ally, and Eliza. Yet, in Boston, there are many communities and people beyond Bridgette’s daily life. Hell, Ally has said at least Ida’s name many times in the first season, but she was disregarded since Ally, nor Frankie Shaw, made her someone worth noting. But, in this episode, we’re reminded each character has their own story and just because the show may not focus on it episode to episode, they all have a life in progress.

On The Fence

Mr. Daddy & Ally

One of the things I was surprised didn’t happen this episode, especially since Bridgette wasn’t in it, was us getting to see how Ally decided to fire her. Granted, she said the reason was because Bridgette is young and could do better, but it seemed like there could be more to it. Yet, we don’t see Mr. Daddy, get a clue as to maybe he thought Bridgette looked nice or anything like that. It remains a bomb dropped on Bridgette seemingly to push her storyline along than something which had truly been a long time coming.

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