Bridgette in a Catholic church.

It’s one baby step forward, and two hops back as Bridgette continues to try to get her life together.

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It’s one baby step forward, and two hops back as Bridgette continues to try to get her life together.

Director(s) Frankie Shaw
Writer(s) Frankie Shaw, Rachel Leavitt
Air Date 1/27/2019
Introduced This Episode
Joe Junior Lucien Spelman
Jackie Sherie Rene Scott
Hank Dan Aid

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Mourning Together: Tutu, Jackie, Joe Junior

Tutu is going through it, and while Jackie is of some comfort, Joe Jr. is still dealing with the father Joe wasn’t when he was alive. Particularly him not being that active in Joe’s life or the life of his kids. So he isn’t for worrying about Tutu’s feelings and mourning with her.


With Tutu admitting to her anger issues, possibly having ADHD, ADD, and noting she has PTSD, it makes you wonder if this might be enough for her to consider therapy. I know she probably has a limited income, but considering she took Bridgette to it and it did her some good, maybe she might look into it for herself. For with Jackie talking about selling the house, and Joe Jr. likely of that mindset, perhaps it might lead her to decide it could be for the best? Isn’t that what SMILF is about? A new start and trying to put the reins of the past behind you?

Derailment: Hank, Bridgette, Ally

While Bridgette is having weird sex dreams about Harvey Weinstein, a side effect of her dad dying, she is also trying to work her way up into dating again. This was supposed to happen with a tattoo artist named Hank, but then Ally got in the way. How? Well, with Mr. Daddy having an affair, combined with her birthday, Bridgette gets dragged into a birthday dinner. One which ends with Ally firing Bridgette.

Why? Well, because Ally sees her as a threat and she missed a day of work – due to masturbating with flaming hot Cheeto dust on her hands.


Ally firing Bridgette.
Ally: You don’t wnna be a tutor for the rest of your life.

Ally is a trip. She took hours of Bridgette’s time, knowing she had a date, had Bridgette role play Mr. Daddy admitting to his affair, then fired her to have one less source of temptation in the house. YET! She still expects her and Bridgette to be friends. Isn’t she a hot mess?

But, is she better or worse than Bridgette? Between standing up Hank, stealing a Virgin Mary statue, and walking along the highway with it, so comes the question if Tutu and Bridgette are both going to hit a downward spiral? Much less, as this happens, how will Larry be affected? Clearly, he has some wits about him and is beginning to understand his mom isn’t the happiest person around. Will he pick up on things getting worse than they were before?

Something Has To Give: Rafi, Bridgette

One of the few things Bridgette has always had control over was Larry. She controlled who sees him, when, and has held that over Rafi for quite some time. However, it has come to the point where she has to let go. Not of Larry, but trying to hold Larry over Rafi’s head to attempt to force Rafi to do what she wants and needs at a moment’s notice. So, she finally decides they need a schedule. Something Rafi, who leaves his bed 2 in the morning, is glad to hear from his eccentric baby momma.


It’s both cute and sad how Bridgette still relies on Rafi. Cute that, even at 2 AM, he would begrudgingly pick her up from the side of the highway, and not ask why she has the Virgin Mary with her. Yet, it is also sad because Bridgette reveals, when talking to Ally’s son Rivers, usually she ends up with someone because they’ve hanged out long enough vs. what Hank was trying to do. But, what show do you know of, especially with a woman as lead, that doesn’t have them detrimental to their own progress? Especially when it comes to someone who seems ready for a relationship coming into their lives?

But, at least with her calming down her attempt at a power play with Rafi, maybe Bridgette can compensate losing her job? You know, with having a schedule, she can find a job which may allow her to pursue her acting dreams, date seriously, and maybe get her mental health together? For masturbating to the idea of Harvey Weinstein taking advantage of her is weird. The kind of f***ed up you’d expect from a show like SMILF, but still very weird.


  1. Bridgette finally giving into the idea of Rafi and her having a schedule for Larry.
  2. The possibility that with Tutu admitting she has issues to Jackie, maybe her seeking ways, beyond weed, to deal with them.

Low Point

  1. Ally being trash and firing Bridgette because she saw her as competition.

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