Light As A Feather: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Light As A Feather Season 1 Episode 1 ...Stiff As A Board [Series Premiere] - Title Card
93.93% (11)

Light as a Feather shows that giving YA novel adaptations more time to develop doesn’t mean you’ll get a better product.

Creator R. Lee Fleming, Jr., Zoe Aarsen
Noted Cast
Violet Haley Ramm
McKenna Liana Liberato
Olivia Peyton List
Candace Ajiona Alexus
Alex Brianne Tju
Henry Dylan Sprayberry
Trey Jordan Rodrigues
Marc Alex Lange
Gabby Leah Lewis

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Thanks to a girl named Violet, four friends, McKenna, Olivia, Candace, and Alex, have been cursed. Why? Well, similar to the movie Truth or Dare, Violet was compelled to play a game, in this case, Light As A Feather or else she’d die. If not her loved ones if she refused to play. Thus dooming the four girls, who didn’t do anything to deserve to die, being used as pawns so Violet and her grandmother can stay alive.


The Flashback to How Violet Got Involved Came Off Like A Better Show

A lock on a bridge that represents Violet and Marc's love for one another.

Episode 9 is the best episode of the show and it is all because the cast which takes up the rest of the episodes are downgraded – sans Violet. Meaning, we barely get any McKenna, Alex, Henry or Trey. Instead, we get Violet, her boyfriend Marc, the girl who cursed them both, Gabby, and characters who actually seem interesting. Which, before the show’s finale, seemed like a really bad move. For it makes you take a look at the 8 episodes which precede this one and makes you feel a certain type of way.

Mostly in the form of wondering, between the casting person and writers, why couldn’t we get what is seen in episode 9, in the other 9 episodes? That is, equally compelling characters, a cute couple we are pushed to care about, and some sense of desperation. For McKenna seeming exasperated all the time just drains the emotion out of every episode. Thus leaving you with this uneasy feeling for it would be one thing if all 10 episodes were meh or bad, then you could say it just is a niche kind of show. However, episode 9 pushed the idea things could have been better. Leading you to want to play the blame game and start taking note of who, or what, probably is the reason this show never lived up to its potential.

Low Points

It Seemed To Cut Off Its Nose & Lips To Spite Its Face When It Killed Off Characters

With the killing of Olivia and Candace, it left us with the neutered Alex, McKenna, Henry, and Trey. The boys on this show, from the present anyway, are boring as hell and don’t amount to much beyond being love interests for McKenna. Then with McKenna, I want to say she is meant to be an everyday girl in a strange circumstance. Hence why she is made to be so bland that anyone can step into her shoes. Problem is, her being so generic, yet still pushed to the forefront, takes this show down several notches.

Mind you, this is even when they bring her twin into play, her mom being an alcoholic into play, as well as he dad showing up. Nothing done with McKenna doesn’t lead you to question why was Liberato selected to play the lead despite it seeming she wasn’t ready to do so? Which I mean in the kindest way.

On The Fence

Alex Was Wasted

Alex talking to Violet.

I still very much believe in Brianne Tju. To the point I see this being her Secret Life of the American Teenager, in relation to her having a career glow up similar to Shailene Woodley. However, I really do hate all that personality and star power Tju has got dosed so McKenna could be seen as the lead. It’s like holding back the hare so the tortoise could seem the fastest, styling, and most interesting. It hurts to watch after a while.

The Characters Aren’t As Interesting As You Sometimes Wish They Were

For a good part of the show, it seemed like maybe there was more to McKenna, Candace, Olivia, and Alex than meets the eye. Alex mentions she and Olivia once did some shoplifting which pushes the idea these girls may be reformed. Add in Alex being a bit of a drug addict and so begins you coming up with ways maybe these girls wronged Violet and this is all revenge.

Come to find out though, it wasn’t. She met them all over two years ago, they had the right number to play the game, so they were a safe bet. There was no big revenge plot, these girls were never that interesting, it was all just foolish optimism.

Violet Lost Her Luster Eventually

Violet pretending to be concerned as Olivia's world burns.
Violet: Olivia, wait

Violet often would have a deadpan delivery which made moments funny. Especially after she set up situations to make the girls hate each other. Something which, considering she wasn’t trying to exact revenge, it wasn’t clear what purpose she had in making them hate each other. Unless it was just to speed up them dying. But, getting back to the jokes, Violet, having an almost Willy Wonka, if not European/Australian deadpan humor, was the saving grace of the show.

Problem is, there comes a point where you grow tired of her. You fall back in love when she comes back from the dead, and episode 9 provides another adrenaline shot, but then the finale leaves you right back in a place of complacency. Making it appear Haley Ramm tried her best, but she can only do so much with who and what she has to work with.

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Overall: Negative (Niche Show) | Reconsidered: Mixed (Stick Around)

With us all inundated with so much to watch, it makes Friday seem like a buffet as new programs are made available and we get a swath of choices. I decided to watch this over The Haunting of Hill House because I’m used to horror productions featuring young adults so I figured I’d enjoy it more. That The Haunting of Hill House was perhaps too slow for me. Well, now I regret not dumping this and just working my way through that. Learning to appreciate as I did Ozark with time. For truly, there isn’t much here to justify watching this show. Yeah, with it being a half hour, you’ll get through it quickly. However, you won’t get much out of it.

Hence the negative label. With Handmaid’s Tale over till next year, I wasn’t planning to reactivate my subscription to Hulu. But I did for this and even with the special my account is on making it $6 a month, I feel like I wasted my money. So, do yourself a favor, don’t waste your money, your data plan, your lifespan, none of that.

Has Another Season Been Confirmed?: Yup

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