Samantha being catered to by an entire crew.

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As Dodoi and Samantha film their commercial, we see both are far from their career highs.

Director(s) Julia Jordao, Felipe Braga
Writer(s) Roberto Vitorino
Air Date 7/6/2018


It’s the first back to stardom, in Samantha’s mind, and even if the beer is cheap and the commercial will only be online, something is better than nothing right? Plus, with her still fighting off what she did as a child, including setting a fire to the makeup person’s wig – while still on her head, she has to be creative. Such as using feminism to manipulate her competition into leaving and then dealing with the director’s ageism to enhance her part. One which didn’t really have lines at first but being that Samantha is really type A, she gets herself some lines.

Meanwhile, Dodoi too is dealing with trying to assert himself and prove he still has it. Which is kind of hard since he is in his mid to late 30s, if not 40s, and maybe out of shape. But after around 26 takes, he gets back into his old routine. Leading him to think maybe he should make another run. See if he truly does still have it.


Keeping it honest, this show might be a bit of a struggle. If only because, similar to how some saw Girlboss, I’m kind of seeing with Samantha! Is she likable in a way? Yeah, but I can’t even imagine if this was 10, 13, or more episodes making it till the end. Not to say I’m already at the point of, “I’m finishing what I started, and that’s it.” More so, I kind of feel like there isn’t a strong hook here, and while maybe this has some kind of social commentary, beyond watered down ageism and some sort of feminism comments, I’m just not getting it.

All I’m seeing here is that, despite her age, Samantha is still the tyrant she always was and while you have to note that she could be an excellent director, that isn’t the lane she is going for. So unless she begins some sort of redemption, deals with a real setback, or something to not make her seem so one note in a way, this may be one of the examples of how first impressions don’t often stay true. For while I thought the eccentricities could grow into something compelling, I may have spoken too soon.

Low Points

  1. The show doesn’t present the kind of hook which could make someone not deeply into what Samantha! is selling willing to go one episode after another. It seemingly started off strong, stumbles this episode, and hopefully finds its footing in the next. Otherwise, this may be a 3 and out type of show.

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