Queen Sugar: Season 2/ Episode 6 “Line of our Elders” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

If I may sort of rant, I really don’t understand how and why this show doesn’t get major accolade notoriety. For while, I get, as a Black person, we should uphold the NAACP awards, maybe BET awards, and all that, it isn’t like all of your peers recognizing you, you know? Plus, with this argument…

If I may sort of rant, I really don’t understand how and why this show doesn’t get major accolade notoriety. For while, I get, as a Black person, we should uphold the NAACP awards, maybe BET awards, and all that, it isn’t like all of your peers recognizing you, you know? Plus, with this argument amongst entertainers, and something I bring up in reviews at times, where they don’t want to be pigeonholed because of their race/culture, it makes our award shows nice but still limited.

But, in the long run, all that truly matters is that whenever this show wraps for a season, or as a series, everyone doesn’t have a gap in employment. For that is truly what matters in the long run.

So, with that said, let’s talk about Episode 6 “Line of our Elders” and how this show consistently makes you cry.

The Interview: Charley, Remy

Charley will be the first African American woman in Louisiana to own a mill. With that, she handles this business venture like she does all others. Meaning, she makes it into a media spectacle. She even agrees to let this gentleman named Ben (Josh Ventura) do a profile on it.

Problem is, Ben isn’t trying to write some fluff piece but really do one on Charlie. Something beyond this perfect media image she puts out. Which, of course, Charley isn’t really trying to do. For she just started therapy, likely with the therapist meant for Micah, and she is not ready to expose herself like that. However, during the opening, something goes wrong and she has a fit. I’m talking about a completely out of character tantrum, meltdown, breakdown, or what have you.

Something Ben unfortunately sees and it leads him to want to focus on that. So, to protect herself, she decides to trade him doing a fluff piece for an exclusive when she divorces Davis. Something Remy is still waiting on to be final. Though, considering where her mind is, and what she is being advised, they may just extend that friendship a bit longer before becoming official.


Anyone else forgot Remy was on this show? I know I did. For I really do believe Queen Sugar decided to sidestep that usual, let’s help her heal by getting a new man, nonsense. I mean, granted, in season 1, Remy was her rock, potential bae, and all that. However, to a certain point, I think both were just really vulnerable, the chemistry was there so there was a desire to feel desirable again.

But now, perhaps like Darla in a way, Charley is coming to realize she needs autonomy. She needs to be on her on, be single, focus on the business and Micah, and not worry about if some man is good? Does he feel loved, are his feelings and ego gassed up and ready to go, and things of that nature.

Which I’m so happy to see. For if there is one thing I love about this show is that neither Nova or Charley, even Aunt Vi to a point need a man to feel complete. They’d like one to be there to compliment them (verbally and as a person), maybe lay it down every once in a while, but they are not a requirement to be happy and fulfilled.

Honoring The Dead: Charley, Aunt Vi, Nova, Ralph Angel, Darla

It’s the day of the mill opening and Charley is pretty calm about it. For, so it seems, between her and Darla, who is a little overwhelmed at times but handling things, everything is running smoothly. That is until the pressure feeder goes haywire and Charley surpasses being embarrassed.

For, you see, the mill was Charley’s way of reconnecting with Ernest. After all, she made a life for herself on the other side of the country and rarely visited. So while this man was loving and as much as an ideal father to her as the kids he got to see on a regular basis, she didn’t fully return the sentiment. So this was her redemption for not being there weeks or days before he died. The mill was her means of showing she is his daughter and the life he helped provide, she wasn’t going to forget what it took to get her here. Nor the people involved who supported her dad’s abilities to be the man he was.

But then that pressure feeder breaks and she goes ballistic. She literally tries to claw out all of the gunk which is backed up and Nova has to calm her down. Also relate that, despite being 20 or so miles away, she too was guilty of not coming around often. Something she seemingly regrets. Though, in the long run, you can tell, despite the bump, Charley is quite happy with what she did. Something especially seen when Aunt Vi praises her, and she recounts the day with Darla. Much less, when everyone visits Ernest’s grave sight.


Charley had me weeping so much this episode. To the point, I’m kind of surprised at how I thought of her early in season 1. For now, she is definitely one of my favorite characters, probably only 2nd to Darla.

But with how she talks about the guilt of not being there when her dad asked for her, and the way she speaks on how her mom raised her, more and more I want just one flashback. Because I seriously need to see the women, outside of Aunt Vi, who molded Ernest’s children. And while it is nice they are mentioned from time to time, spoken of in a kind of positive manner, I need to see them, experience them, and understand them. So, with that said, I’m sure all can agree Lynn Whitfield seems like the obvious choice for Charley’s mom. As for Nova? I badly would love to see the original Aunt Viv, Janet Hubert, be Nova’s mom.

That aside, there are just so many moments worth mentioning. The breakdown of course because it shows you how Charley, as much as she is trying to change for the better, maybe not become her mom, is struggling. Then there is Aunt Vi complimenting Charley and you seeing how much that meant to her. To the point, her face almost looked childlike. As if she has been fighting for Aunt Vi to just praise her, not make her see how good Nova or Ralph Angel did, but got to be the one who solely got Aunt Vi’s attention. And then there were her moments with Darla.

Last week, I had a very enjoyable conversation about what may come of Darla, among other topics. Of which, one of the topics were about how would Darla and Charley work together. After all, Charley doesn’t have the same experiences with Darla as everyone else. She doesn’t have Aunt Vi’s knowledge of what she was into, nor was around like Nova to see how things were since then. Pretty much, to my understanding, her knowledge of Darla has mostly come from after she returned to Louisiana due to Ernest’s death.

So, with that, there was a question if these two would mold well, perhaps how Ralph Angel would feel about it, and could Darla handle the type of work ethic and perceptions Charley expects? Which, so it seems, she did. But to make things more interesting, Darla and Charley connect in a way. Especially over parents who expected the world of their child and so they kind of struggled because of that. For Charley, it was her mom, and for Darla, it was her dad. Leading me to believe, if it wasn’t for what Ralph Angel says in the next topic, both women may have become friends. If not the sisters they may eventually, legally, become Darla is coming upon two years sober and invites Charley to a party Ralph Angel and her are throwing..

When The Truth Comes Out: Nova, Darla, Ralph Angel, Charley, Blue, Aunt Vi

With Ralph Angel and Blue encountering the woman who Ralph Angel robbed in I think the first episode of the series, and him being called a liar when he says he doesn’t know her, so begins a domino effect. One which basically has Ralph Angel telling the truth. First to Blue, not about his past, but about Kenya. That the doll was thrown away, he doesn’t single out Darla, and he apologizes. From there, he reveals Ernest’s last will and that is when all hell breaks loose.

For Nova, she is upset because, to take care of Ralph Angel and Blue, in extension, he had to moonlight as a janitor. And you know how this family feels about working and dealing with the local white people. So that is why she is upset Ralph Angel was left the farm.

As for Charley? Woo, that one is a doozie. Let’s just start off with the fact he mentions this after she has spent millions, forged Davis’ signature, and had to struggle to set herself up in Louisiana. Not to mention, the farm, as shown, was her way of reconnecting with her father. So for him to leave it to the boy least equipped to keep it going because “He needs it the most” took her to a dark place. Especially when it started to get revealed Aunt Vi knew and Darla dares to open her mouth.

Thus creating a situation where it seems the family may split apart. However, while Aunt Vi doesn’t necessarily like playing the role of the matriarch sometimes, she feels the need to step up. For it is clear that if she let Nova or Charley leave, that maybe it for the family. All this healing and bonding that has happened since Ernest died, it can completely unravel and lead to things being as they once were. Which, Aunt Vi doesn’t want. She likes having access to her grand nephews, her nieces, and the only family she has left. So if she has to get up and fight for it, that is what she’ll do.


I want to focus on Nova and Ralph Angel real quick. In one of the previews, Ralph Angel addressed Nova being there for a bunch of strangers but not him. Which was always perplexing to me. After all, he is your own brother. Yet, with her noting it is because, essentially, he deserved to be in jail for what he did, my jaw dropped a little bit. If only because it is so rare, at least this season, for Nova to talk like that. Much less, Ralph Angel being in prison is something generally not talked about. So for her to be willing to cut so deep was a surprise. Especially considering who she often advocates for. Much less, even with Micah and Blue out of the room, it isn’t like these people were whispering.

Then when it came to Charley, I fully understand why she is pissed. Since the funeral, she has sort of been treated as an outsider. An outsider by her family, by the people she has been trying to do business with, yet honoring her dad and making amends has been the goal. Yet, why should she try if they are willing to keep her in the dark? Use her, while she is perhaps at her most vulnerable time since childhood, and then have people like Darla try to make it seem she is overreacting. As Hollywood noted:

For while I get she has loyalty to her man, lest not forget Charley is your boss and sort of sister. Much less, I bet, compared to any other offers Darla could have gotten, Charley is not only paying her exceedingly but would be lenient when it comes to seeing Blue Who has gone back to school by the way. .

So, needless to say, it is going to be a long and arduous journey for this family to go from the state it is as of the end of the episode back to some form of copasetic.

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  1. I agree, and we know how stubborn Charley can be. Although, I feel Darla may not have thought that it was her place to tell Charley about the will. RA probably asked her not to say anything. Along with her still finding her footing with the family, she may have like it would be best just to let them handle. I mean with all the talk of how Darla ain’t family, she in her mind may have felt like whatever happens, happens.

    I would just hope that RA and Charley would be able to put aside their difference for Darla and her moment. Despite how Charley may feel bit betrayed by Darla, she has to remember that it was her father, and her brothers doing, not hers. For Charley to feel that strongly about, where she ends up completely blowing Darla off, then she might well just fire her all together. It was just a moment of Darla sticking up for the person she loves, for to get punished for would really suck.

    1. But I think we have to understand for Charley, she has all the right to be stubborn. RA and Darla, essentially, played her. For a farm that isn’t even hers, she invested hundred of thousands of dollars. To help this mill make money, and not deal with the Landry monopoly, she spent millions of dollars.

      She essentially put all this work in to help make RA’s life easier. I don’t think she can quickly forgive that. Especially since Darla knew and then had the audacity to ask her for a job. So then it is like, first her brother plays her when it comes to the farm and getting this mill running, and then his little girlfriend comes along to get some money too? Granted, she is a hard worker, but she may still see it as a snake in the grass. Though, I do hope Darla tries to spin it as trying to repent or something. Maybe pull her weight.

      But you do bring up an important point about Ernest’s role in all this. He gave the farm to RA because he needed it the most yet, he didn’t make that will easily available. The one which wasn’t hidden away was the one where the land got split evenly. Making me think he knew if RA got the land by himself his daughters, especially Charley, wouldn’t help the boy. And considering he was moonlighting and more to keep RA on the up and up, and to keep him from stealing, I guess he forced Charley and Nova’s hand to pitch in.

      Though there is one thing that remains: Unless RA pushes that will into the court system, nothing has changed. It is just a piece of paper in which everyone knows Ernest’s last intentions. If no party involved pushes it, then the problems between them are over. That document just has to be destroyed and that’s it.

      You think they’ll do that or will RA pursue total ownership?

      1. Although if you remember, Darla didn’t ask Charley for her job, if I remember correctly Darla just went to Charley for some help on her resume, it was Charley who after looking at resume again decided to give her a job. Which I guess it still pretty bad either way. I feel like if Darla woman’s up and apologizes for knowing about the will and not saying anything, and shows that she knows how to keep her relationships out of her work, and steps up to help Charley with whatever she needs, despite being with RA, I think that Charley may have a bit of mercy on Darla. Though we know RA isn’t going to make it easy on her. He is going to make her choose, watch I’m calling it right now, Either the job/my sister or me.

        As for legal action being taking place, I think that when it comes to RA the last thing he should be thinking about is taking anyone to court, especially when the robbery situation isn’t over yet. Can he even do anything legally, considering his past offenses? Along with that Charley has WAY more means to take somebody to court than RA does, I doubt he would even know where to began.

        I feel like an eventually burning of the will is going to happen. That is the only endgame I see happening.

        1. Agreed. That will ultimately will be on Ernest and RA will just get hate due to being the clear favorite in the long run. As for Charley and Darla, I think Charley forgiving her may happen if only because she has been on the path to perhaps forgiving Davis. So something small like this maybe a test to see if she can really forgive people who have wronged her. Especially after she made a personal investment in them.

          1. That is the one thing that irks me about RA, he was clearly the favorite, the father giving everything he could to his son, yet ultimately RA ended up in a life of crime. How? His sisters are well educated, with the careers that they wanted, so what happened to RA? Why is he such a screw up? He didn’t grow up in a crime- riddled, ghetto neighborhood, he lived on a farm, with his hard-working, stern father. Can being coddled so much really have that sort of negative affects that RA has shown to have? Did he even go to college? I know that college isn’t for everyone but, I would think that Earnest would want for his son to obtain higher education. We know Darla was accepted and went to college for a bit as well, before having to drop-out. I don’t think that she finished college or got her degree? Earnest raised the girls to be strong, hard-working, successful women, yet just let his son flounder around town?

            1. But did he really raise his daughters though? Charley’s mom raised her and Nova’s mom, she seems to have a really strong influence on her. Add in Ernest cheated on Nova and RA’s mom with Charley’s and you got to question a few things. Because while it was clear Charley knew who her dad was, it wasn’t like she lived in the house with him. I think she just visited some seasons.

              So with Nova, was it she just lived in the same parish and her mom let her visit? Because, at this point, it seems like RA may have been the only one who doesn’t make it seem his mother’s influence is what strongly makes him, him. He is all Ernest.

              1. Which again makes you question who Earnest really was. We know that he was hard working, but as for who he was a husband and father, there are a lot more questions than answers. Yes, everyone makes their own choices, but maybe the reason why Earnest put so much work into taking care of Blue, is because he realized that he didn’t do his best in raising RA. You know how grandparents seem to dote on their grand kids, and they are a lot more sweet, and supportive to them, then how they were with their own children. He probably felt immense guilt for seeing how his son’s life turned out, and took on the job of raising Blue to make up for it, along with not wanting for Blue to go into the foster care system.

                Blue can’t be more than five or six, and we know that RA was locked up for four years, my question is how does Blue have such a bond with RA, he knows that RA is his dad and everything. Usually when kids are taken from their parents at young ages they tend to bond with whoever has them, so the fact that Blue didn’t see Earnest as his dad is a bit of a surprise to me. I can understand why Blue knows who Darla is, she raised him for a good while, and bonded with him before having him taken away, but as for RA, I’m surprised Blueeven knows who RA is.

              2. … I never thought about that. And, if I recall right, no one really visited RA, especially Blue because he didn’t want his kid to see him like that. So I guess they made sure through pictures and talking about him he didn’t seem like a stranger maybe?

                Though, at the same time, Blue is a trusting little kid and maybe once he bonded that was that?

                I think you definitely found a bit of a plot hole.

              3. Yeah, I mean I know QS is a tv show, and I know that by the time we meet RA he has been out for 6 months, I guess for me realistically Blue would have maybe needed a bit more time to make a connection with RA. Although, it could be just what you said, telling Blue about RA, and showing Blue pictures, kids tend to trust, and take on whatever adults tell them, so he probably just held on to the understanding that RA is his dad. It’s not like Blue is like ten and knows everything is father did, and kids are generally trusting overall, so I guess that makes sense.

  2. I agree, along with going back to what you said before, about how Charley maybe the first person to see Darla for who she is now. Not just a drug addict, or horrible absentee mom, but just as a regular person. They can bond over their backgrounds, over being mothers, and just how they are both trying to move forward with their lives.

    I just hope that RA can put his ego, and his own needs to the side, and allow for Darla to have her moment. I wonder how he will react when he finds out Darla invited Charley to her 2 year sobriety celebration? It would really suck if Darla is put in the middle of RA and Charley’s disagreement, I want to believe that RA wouldn’t make her choose, but I don’t know. I mean he has to see how hard she is trying.

    1. I think the real problem here is RA coming to terms he isn’t Darla’s one and only. But, when it comes to Charley coming to the 2 year sobriety thing, I think that is in jeopardy. If only because she opened her mouth about knowing about the will. With that, I don’t know how quickly she may forgive Darla for knowing, and laughing with her. Making her perhaps feeling like an idiot.

  3. Reading that Charley is now your second favorite character, is interesting.

    My question is, what is it about Darla that caught your attention? What made Darla your favorite character? What is it about her character that put her above the rest of central characters? To know none of the 3 siblings aren’t your favorite, number 1 character choice is funny.

    1. Probably because Darla’s story line is the type we rarely see outside of indie movies. Especially when it comes to Black people. For usually it isn’t about the recovery but us seeing them at their worse (a Black woman, especially mother) and how that acted as a drive for their kid to do better. Just so they wouldn’t become like this woman.

      But, with Darla, they allowed her to have her humanity. They didn’t present her as this neglectful monster at her worse. Instead, they showed her during her recovery, her trying to stand on her own, and that was new for me.

      As for the siblings, the main reason why they aren’t my favorites is because their growth. Nova, to me, is who she is and with that, her job on this show has become helping people become their best person. Which, while nice, it makes it so that usually, her scenes have always been about the other person. Be it Too Sweet, Calvin, or whoever she is helping at the time.

      With Ralph Angel, he too seems to be comfortable with who he is and isn’t much for the idea of evolving. Though with him, I’m kind of cool with where he is at. He is part of the burgeoning examples of positive Black fatherhood, and a decent boyfriend. Though, as you have said, he often can be selfish. Yet, story wise, nothing much about him excites me. Take away Darla from the equation, alongside Blue, and he is but a simple farm boy who’d probably end up sticking his thing in whatever catches his eye. For, on his own, without Darla and Blue, who is RA? Those two mold and define him to the point I feel the need to ask that.

      Now, as for Charley becoming #2 (Which was formerly Ralph Angel’s place solely because of Darla and Blue), it is because she has had the most visible growth of the main cast. From leaving Davis to making a life for herself in Louisiana, she hasn’t changed from day to night, but you can see her world turning. And, in the process of getting reacquainted with her roots, being open to change as a person, and being vulnerable at times, it is like we got to watch her redefine herself. We got to see who Charley is when Davis’ name isn’t associated. Add with that, and her son is dealing with becoming demystified about what it means for him to be Black in America, I think she reps being #2 well. Especially in that “Being Mary Jane” quote sense.

      1. Claps hands together in agreement lol Everything you wrote is also how I feel about Darla as well. She isn’t just this monster who uses and lies to people to get what she wants. In the two seasons we have watched Darla, the only questionable thing she has done since she has been clean, is throwing away Blue’s doll. In a moment of frustration, and fear. RA even from the first episode alone, we have seen make questionable decisions, even putting Blue at risk himself, when he left Blue in the park by himself. We know that Darla isn’t perfect, but we do see her growth, and we see her determination, to stay clean, and that is why Darla is my favorite character. It also helps that Bianca Lawson is acting out Darla in such a dynamic and beautiful way as well.

        What are your predictions or hope’s for Darla and Charley’s relationship moving forward? The whole will thing isn’t over yet.

        1. What I’m hoping for is a friendship honestly. I think they both can continue the healing process through each other. Plus, I think one of the things we don’t see enough on this show is friendship.

          We kind of do with Remy and how he interacts with the family, but he doesn’t just hang out with RA or Hollywood. Then with Charley, he is building a foundation for a relationship. Also, speaking of Hollywood, he too we don’t just see hang with RA or anything. And while Nova has her friends, we see them a handful of times maybe? Though surely not enough to remember their names.

          So I hope we can actually see this friendship happen and Charley can get that sibling relationship she has sort of wanted. For, lest we forget, it wasn’t just Davis she lost when the affair and all that happened. All the basketball wives she lost too. Plus, with Charley’s mom being presented as “The other woman” and that always looming over the relationship she had with Nova and RA, it really does seem Darla maybe the first person who has tried to befriend Charley just because. Not to date her, not because of her status, but because they can relate and get along with her.

  4. What do you think of Charley and Darla’s bonding moment?

    I feel like Darla is still working through her issues, despite feeling a bit awkwardness with Charley and the wine, in the same scene we see her openly, and honestly talk to Charley about how she is 2 years sober, and how she is thankful to Charley for giving her a second chance, and a job. Darla could have totally just changed the subject, or even asked Charley to not bring up her addiction, or her recovery, but she doesn’t she talks to Charley, not in shame, but in a sense of accomplishment, asking Charley to come to her celebration for being two years sober, again shows that she is growing and she is starting to make peace with her past. I mean think about it, of all people you would think Darla would ask to come to her sobriety celebration, that it would be miss high class LA living Charley right? Darla sees a lot of herself in Charley, so again I think her inviting Charley to her celebration was her starting to grow, and not be so meek about her sobriety.

    1. I think it really began with the dress, as you noted. With that, she was reminded of what life was and I think as she recovers in her present Charley is a key to rekindling the good times of her past. For, like when we talked last week, I think Darla appreciates the fact not only Charley has given her a job, but one that is challenging.

      We can talk about forgiveness, but it is clear by how Nova and Aunt Vi are around Darla that they may have verbally forgiven her but aren’t ready to see her in a new light. With Charley though, you see this real second chance. This ability to not be pitied but seriously expected something of. Perhaps for the first time in who knows how long.

      So, in a way, I see their bonding on a multitude of levels. One, I sort of see Darla looking to Charley as a big sister, inspiration, if not mentor. Two, I see her trying to live the life she once had vicariously through Charley. For, to be honest, I was surprised when Charley said get a shirt and Darla came out with a fancy dress, Charley didn’t say nothing, give her a look, or anything. Then, lastly, I think with Charley that Darla can be a real person. Something beyond a girlfriend or mother, but a person who can have her own life and interest. Someone who doesn’t necessarily have to walk around on egg shells. For with RA and Charley not having a relationship, it means Darla could have something complete separate from RA yet also something which brings her closer to the inner circle of his family.

      Leading me to ask, what do you think of RA and Nova’s relationship? Not just in terms of what she said, but in general?

      1. i think that RA and Nova have stronger bond than with Charley.Nova definitely tells RA the truth, and he seems to listen to her, to an extant. RA keeps trying to throw in Nova’s face how she is always helping out other boys who are in the system, when the truth is, she deals with boys who get wrongly convicted, and arrested, like what happened to Micah. Even though it isn’t discussed it is pretty much somewhat of a un-kept opinion around the house that RA doing four years in jail, was 100% by his doing, hell even Darla herself said that to RA. I believe fully that if RA was wrongly convicted of course Nova would have been loud and protesting hard to get her brother out, but everyone knows RA did it to himself. Even though we don’t know exactly what he did, we all ready have other situations involving RA to let us know that he can easily turn to crime, if he feels like he isn’t getting what he wants. With the convenient store robbery, and with him stealing those phones back in season 1. I feel like RA had to hear that from Nova because that is the truth. Although, I feel him on how Nova didn’t visit him while he was locked up, that was all on her.

        1. I think he went in for armed robbery right? Leading me to question, how did he not end up going back after robbing that store ON CAMERA!

          1. If not that, than what? Four years is a grip.

            As for RA getting all bent out of shape when Darla starts to gain a bit more independence, and confidence in herself, we already see that. That smug remark RA made to Darla when he saw her wearing Charley’s dress, made my teeth itch. Like here we go RA, really? He needs to get it together, Darla is doing so much better, and she is getting her life together, and yet he is still dogging her out. What does he want from her? Let her be great, she is moving forward in her recovery, and parenting Blue, along with being a supportive girlfriend to RA! His ego and his pride will be his downfall. he needs to do right by Darla, she is doing the best that she can. He needs to relax, and see how far Darla has come. Getting in his feelings and possibly making her choose between him and her job, I’m gonna be so mad, even more than I was when I watched the episode. ?

  5. I feel like when it comes to addicts, a lot of them have be at such low point mentally and emotionally already, before they turn to drugs. Darla with what we know so far, could have very well been suffering from depression all throughout her pregnancy with Blue, things got a bit better when he was born, and it was just her and RA raising him, and then when RA got locked up she could have very well just lost it, because again know one wakes up one day, and decides to become a drug addict, and to alienate their friends and family. Along with her parents already cutting her out of life, she may have just broke.

    I think the writers allowing Darla to work for Charley was the first step in having her grow. Also, sobriety is different for all who go through it, Darla very much has a voice. We all definitely heard her when she stood up for RA at the dinner table, and when she stopped that leech ass reporter from seeing Charley have her breakdown. Also, even when she isn’t the loudest, she will stand up for herself when she needs too. Like when RA was questioning why she needed to go to her NA meetings. Along with when Blue was getting bullied in season 1 and Darla shut those parents up, also when she gave her apology/thank you speech to Aunt vi in season 1, she may not have been yelling, but we all definitely heard her. Although, I do see what you are saying, I also think having 3 other very strong women characters on the show like Nova, Charley, and Violet, I guess the writers feel like they may have to write Darla a bit more quieter than the others.

    1. Which is something I like about this show, and what helps Darla stand out. None of these women are afraid to speak on their truth, but each one chooses different battles. Darla only goes to battle when it deals with someone threatening a person who she loves. Though, when it comes to her own person, it is only when she feels cornered, in my mind.

      Charley goes to battle whenever she feels her autonomy, or sense of self is threatened. Nova, she is very selective in her battles and word choice I think. Hence why, whenever she argues or says something to someone, it pierces deep. Whether she meant it to uplift or hurt you. Then with Aunt Vi, she seems to avoid confrontation whenever possible, but will address it, like Darla, when it deals with her loved ones or she feels pushed too far.

      And I think with how slowly but surely they are showing Darla interact with everyone, they are allowing us to understand how she isn’t so different from Ralph Angel’s family. That if you really look at it, her story could have been any of theirs. It is just, her father’s influence didn’t stick to her like Charley’s mom did for her. That as much as Darla would love to be this open and loving person as Nova or Aunt Vi, past rejections and shame has kept her from evolving into them.

      So, she stays quiet and introverted. At least, until she is around those she has a certain belief of permanence with. Which I was so looking forward to between her and Charley because, and maybe it is just me, but I find it odd these adults have damn near no active social life outside each other. I mean, they are cordial, may hang out every now and then, but we aren’t presented the idea any of them have that friend that when they are down, that is who they turn to. At least, from my perspective.

      1. That is something that I have definitely noticed with Darla as well, she doesn’t seem to have any friends as of now. We know she was pit with the wrong group of people when she was strung out, and she may have had a lot of friends when she was in college, and during her high school years. But, as of now, she pretty much sticks to RA, which from the looks of things she may start to branch out on her own now.

        1. Is it wrong that I find myself constantly thinking that as she gets on her feet, she gets her own solid autonomy, and feels comfortable with her voice, it will cause problems between them?

          I don’t know why but, low key, I feel like RA likes the idea of being the bread winner and having the power in the relationship.

  6. Intense episode! Darla made my heart flutter this whole episode. Charley and Darla’s connection, and bonding was great to see. Darla and Charley are two sides of the same coin. Seeing Darla with the dress said so much about her character, even though we didn’t get any dialogue. You saw all through her face that she was reminiscing about what her life was, a few years ago. Seeing where she ended up, on drugs, living in a trailer park, to now having a well paying, classy job, and being clean and sober. Darla and Micah’s scene was sweet as well. You could see that Darla really looks up and admires Charley. Darla at some point in her life was Charley, just a bit younger, in college, family has money, parents we’re very controlling and perfectionists.

    1. Which makes me really hope, one day, we get to meet everyone’s parents. I feel like they are setting us up to meet Charley’s soon

      1. Yeah, they are, and I can’t wait. What are your thoughts on Darla has been written this season? I have read, and watched a lot of reviews and people don’t really like how meek, quiet, and sad (for lack of better word ) Darla has been. Some, feel like she should be a bit more confident in herself, and with her self esteem since she has now been 2 years sober. One comment that I read, said that they feel like their is always a sense of darkness around Darla, even in scenes where she is happy.

        While yes, I agree about her being a little bit meek, and quiet, but I think she is still dealing with the her own shame and guilt. Guilt, shame, regret are the main reasons a lot of addicts don’t get clean, because they know once they are clean they have to come face to face with everything they have done, despite Darla being clean for 2 years, she still has to work on herself mentally and emotionally. Although, I don’t think that she will relapse. Darla rejecting the wine showed us that she knows even drinking just to celebrate the happy moments can be triggering. RA selfish ass definitely doesn’t help with a lot of scenes that Darla has either. Also her parents have been bought up a lot through out these last 2 episodes so like Charley, I think we will eventually see them. Maybe that has to do with the darkness in her scenes as well, the missing pieces in her now sober life is her parents. Despite having her son, and her boyfriend back in her life, she will not truly be happy, until the dent in her relationship with her parents is mended.

        1. I think what this show tries to do is, even with how fast time flies between episodes (usually 1-2 weeks at a time), that people don’t change overnight. Plus, in terms of Darla’s mood, I think the problem is Darla people are expecting to be some kind of empowering success story. The kind where she is put on a pedestal, is so happy, has her sober chips and etc.

          Thing is, that maybe true for the way some addicts are portrayed on TV, but for everyone else it is different. Darla lost so much due to her addictions and what she has gotten back I wouldn’t say she has a firm grip on. Just take her situation with Charley. Who knows if Charley is petty enough to just decide to fire her and send her back to square one? With Blue, while RA took the heat and made it seem like it could have been him or Darla, she may reveal it was her and who knows how Blue may react?

          Then with RA, I’m mentally trying to picture him handling her at her worse. I’m talking, whether she is relapsing or just on the brink of losing it. For I often feel like we are presented with them a honeymoon stage relationship. That is, as compared to Hollywood and Aunt Vi where as cute as they can be, they also have their fights sometimes. Like with him noting she should go with Ernest’s kids to the cemetery.

          And perhaps that is why there is this cloud over Darla. Everything that makes her happy right now, she lost it once and that means she can lose it again. Hence another reason why she likely wants something for herself. So that way, no one can take it from her.

          On top of that, who knows if Darla may have a mental disorder like depression or something. I know there is a strong focus on the drugs when it comes to her past, but I think what led to that downward spiral should be noted to. For it has to be more than Ralph Angel going to prison. I feel the darkness either has to stem from something her parents did or did not do, maybe a mental disorder, or something which hasn’t hit the surface to the point we can pinpoint it yet.

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