Orphan Black: Season 4/ Episode 5 to 8 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Human Raw Material Overview Things slow down a bit as the episode takes aim at Brightborn and Felix’s new sister Adele. Leading to nothing too great or drastic being revealed, but a reintroduction of Krystal, Cosima getting to do an investigation, with Donnie of all people, and a reminder that Allison used to be a…

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Human Raw Material


Things slow down a bit as the episode takes aim at Brightborn and Felix’s new sister Adele. Leading to nothing too great or drastic being revealed, but a reintroduction of Krystal, Cosima getting to do an investigation, with Donnie of all people, and a reminder that Allison used to be a drug dealer.

Trigger Warning(s):
Body Horror (Deformed Baby)

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Mommy & Me (Felix, Adele, Sarah, and Kira)

With all that has been happening in Sarah’s life, it is easy to forget she is someone’s mother. Much less, that this kid hasn’t had stability in her life since Sarah decided to throw her little world into chaos. I mean, from the kid likely not having touch a school in years, to being separated from her dad, the fact that the girl seems practically normal is a surprise.

However, while Kira has been well-protected from the stress and madness of her new life, the same can’t be said for Sarah. For after years of betrayals, hidden agents, mysterious companies, and dealing with weird bio-tech people, she is very wound up. You can see it in her eyes, her hair, and how she treats Felix’s undisputed sister Adele. Someone who, honestly, we know Sarah is a bit jealous of since now Felix’s loyalty and time is dedicated to her, but you can’t blame her for being suspicious. After all, the company Felix and Adele used is under Brightborn, which Susan Duncan and Evie run, and considering his sister is as weird as she is, naturally red flags are raised.

But, thanks to Scott, a DNA test proves they are siblings. Leaving perhaps the only problem being how Sarah has treated Adele thus far. Though, thankfully, despite making an ass out of herself, Mrs. S and even Kira understand how on edge Sarah is. In fact, right before Sarah can make a bigger ass of herself Kira pulls her into her room and reveals she can feel what the clones are feeling. A means of taking Sarah’s mind off Adele and answering the question that Sarah has been picking over when it comes to Kira’s dreams and recent oddities with her.

Topic 2: Brightborn (Allison, Krystal, and Donnie)

If there is one thing about Orphan Black which is consistent, it is that we are almost always dealing with some company or organization which is not very upfront and public with their goals. Things are no different with Brightborn but rather than Sarah doing as Beth did and doing all the investigations, it seems Donnie is the constant, and different people are tagging in to join him. Last go around it was Felix, but this time it is Cosima, his would be surrogate.

But what I’m sure the two weren’t planning on was not only Krystal showing up, and beating up Donnie when she learns he knows more about her than she does him, but Susan Duncan showing up. Really leading you to wonder why a woman who faked her death allows herself to be seen so often? Granted, Ira is her personal bodyguard, but she walks around without her face covered, where there are windows, and unless all along she has kept to this one building, and Rachel is in the basement, it is hard to not question the logic here.

That thought aside, as Donnie was trying to keep Krystal from screwing things up, and getting his ass kicked in the process, Cosima was snooping around, stealing ID cards, from Susan of all people, and trying to learn as much as possible without much of a plan. Which was a bit strange. Despite having days, if not maybe a week or two, to plan what the overall goal was, Allison just walks around, takes pictures with her phone, and I guess was just looking for something big worth taking back and spreading news about. Of which she did get something, but not on camera.

Said thing is the birth of a child, which we witness, which looks like a the remains of a candle after the wick burned out. It is a bit grotesque, and definitely shocking to Cosima. Though what makes matters worse is that Susan catches her after that event. Thus leading you to think maybe another clone is about to get killed off, but Susan doesn’t pursue that option. It seems Susan is a believer in free will, and while Evie isn’t fond of Cosima knowing as much as she does, there remains this need for Kendall and Susan is hoping that by not murdering Cosima, and offering to help her live to old age, perhaps the girl may come to her senses. After all, Cosima is a scientist! She must think with her brain and not her heart, and if she wants her brain to survive, she needs to think survival and not necessarily loyalty to Sarah, Mrs. S, or even Kendall.

Things To Note

Susan Duncan and Ira are a couple, and they make out at the end of the episode.

Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

So does Susan not care who sees her? For, last I checked, people still would want her dead and gone.


Krystal’s return, and whooping Donnie’s ass.

Being informed that Helena is still alive by text message

Marty reminding Art he has a family to look after, leading to the question of whether we’ll see his ex and daughter in the future.

Kira and Sarah having mommy and me moments.

Low Points

Is Krystal going to remain a consistent character or is she just going to come and go sporadically?

No mention of M.K.

Susan Duncan walking around, highly visible, and acting as if faking her death decades ago now means she can walk freely.

No Rachel and Charlotte scenes.

On The Fence

The Adele and Sarah beef honestly, while understandable, is a bit tiring. Though Adele just being thrusted onto the show so quickly didn’t help that whole plot anyway.

The Scandal of Altruism

Trigger Warning(s):
Gun Shot, Suicide Attempt, Assault, Blood,

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Conspiracy Theorist (Krystal, Felix and Art)

While the sisters, Kendall, and Mrs. S are handling a Brightborn deal, Felix is called upon to handle Krystal. Someone who has now gone to the police and, luckily, is circumvented from being seen by Detective Marty Duko (Gord Rand). A person who, unbeknownst to Art, is quite familiar with Project LYDA, but that is another story for another time. The real focus is trying to figure out a way to keep Krystal from continuing her investigation. Leading to Felix, alongside Art, saying she has discovered a big time investigation and she needs to just act like things are normal in order for things to go as plan. Which, considering there isn’t a LYDA clone which can have their drive subdued, likely all this will mean is she will either avoid these two or try to work with them closer. After all, while not the brightest of the clones, she is as stubborn as the rest and I can fully see her acting like Sarah did and digging deeper into the madness. Especially since Felix drops the term “Neolution” which gives Krystal something new to look into.

Topic 2: A Deal With The Devil (Susan, Cosima, Sarah, Ira, and Evie)

For the majority of the seasons now, one of the main goals has been perfecting the clones DNA. For Project Castor it was keeping their brains from turning to mush and for Project LYDA, it was making it so their bodies wouldn’t eventually kill them before they reached 30 (estimated age). However, until Kendall that wasn’t possible. But with her discovery has come a hope, a possible cure, and one highly desired by Susan who still clings to her old research, and is in need of Cosima’s work in order to progress it towards making her girls, and her boys, perfect.

Unfortunately though, perfection is not guaranteed without sacrifices. For example, Susan wants all of Cosima’s work on a hard drive, work done under DYAD which technically should have never left their offices. On top of that, Susan wants to be there for the extraction so she can meet Kendall, which brings a slew of issues ranging from discovering what Kendall looks like, making her easier to find, and Sarah’s network revealing one of their hideouts – thus opening them up to be tracked [1].

But with Cosima in dire straits, and Sarah wanting that maggot the hell out of her cheek, a deal is made.

Topic 3: Time To Say Goodbye (Cosima, Sarah & Beth)

Orphan Black isn’t the type of show which caters to happy endings and leaving it at that. Be it through death or, in Kira’s dad case, just disappearing and never being mentioned, people come and go. So it should be no surprise that Sarah’s latest deal for some sort of peace goes wrong. Now, she does get that maggot out of her cheek, but then on her way to Felix’s loft she learns Kendall is kidnapped. Leading to the rash decision of bleaching all of Kendall’s DNA just so Susan, sitting only a few feet away, wouldn’t have it. Perhaps one of the dumbest decisions of Sarah’s life for by the end of that night, thanks to Evie Cho, Kendall ends up dead.

You see, as much as Susan has been thought as some sort of villain, you must remind yourself she didn’t go into hiding for nothing. People wanted her head, her research, and her life. Beth in fact was one of the first ones to realize that Susan is just an old woman trying to finish what she started. Hence why, upon discovering her, she didn’t kill her. No, instead she found herself nearly killing Evie. However, with a gun toward Evie’s head she is told of what happens to clones, especially ones which have talked, when one gets a little too close to the source. M.K. knows, but Beth wasn’t trying to discover that. So, rather than kill Evie, and perhaps find herself dealing with someone much worse than her, Beth walked in front of a train and set in motion the chaos of Sarah’s life.

As for Cosima, well that is where the tears start to come. From the beginning of the series, Cosima has been the brainy one, a sort of balance between the rebellious nature of Sarah and the need for steps like Allison. With that she has often seemed like a sidekick and even with her relationships, be it the friendship with Scott to the romantic ones with Shay and Delphine, she, like Felix, was someone you liked but never felt like you got the full effect of. That sort of changed in this episode for that character, as always masterfully played by Tatiana Maslany, is just hit with one upper cut after another.

It all begins when it becomes clear that Susan has nothing to do with Kendall being kidnapped, it is all Evie Cho. She believes Susan’s work, while once at the forefront of technology, has become dated. After all, why make a clone when you can have a little maggot bot, or some other procedure done which doesn’t take years to mature? However, what can she do with Susan in the way? So, in the past, she tried to use Beth to get Susan killed. An idea likely thought of since Sarah, and trigger happy Mrs. S, naturally would think Susan double crossed them. But either way you slice it, with Kendall alive, much less her cells existing, Project LYDA and Castor would remain viable. Kill Kendall though, have all the research taken, and then burn Kendall’s body to a crisp, and then what does Susan have? What is she working for?

So, Evie used that hard drive to get all of Cosima’s data, some of which maybe good for Evie’s projects, put a bug on Cosima’s computer to wipe out all that research, and then used Cosima as witness to Kendall’s death. Then, on top of that, Evie reveals Delphine is indeed dead. Pushing what is usually a good action, sci-fi, and mystery show into a place where your emotions get tapped. For, unlike everyone else, Cosima hasn’t really double crossed anyone or did anything but help Sarah. So for all that to be put on her is just heartbreaking. Yet, at the same time, despite Evie being the bad guy in all this, a part of you can’t help to feel this is more so business than personal, and is more so Evie’s last resort than her first grand plan. Thus leaving you with some complicated emotions as Kendall’s body burns and Cosima cries into the phone relaying to Sarah, and Mrs. S, all that has happened.

Things To Note

For reasons I can’t fathom, Felix’s loft is used for a meeting place. Something which I found incredibly stupid for it isn’t like Susan isn’t part of the organization which assigned watchers to the clones, has taken part in massacring them when they knew too much, and pretty much has used family and friends in order to get what they pleased. So by bringing Susan to Felix’s loft, who is to say she wasn’t followed, which she was? Who is to say Felix wouldn’t be tracked to see what he knows, and thus have a bigger target on his back? Much less, as much as Felix is part of #CloneClub, at the same time he has a life outside of that. One already threatened by the concept that anyone could be a spy, as Sarah tried to point out with Adele, so imagine him getting the full #CloneClub effect by having to look over his should as he randomly paints naked.

Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Where is Helena, and how will she react to all this? Especially in terms of how will she deal with Evie and Detective Marty’s part in all this?


Though not said enough, the music of this series, but especially in this episode, just really helped build up suspense and make your emotions run high. Be it before and after Kendall’s death, or before we saw Beth walk toward the train platform to where it all ends. While I didn’t end up crying uncontrollably, I did find myself losing one or two tears.

I really like the idea of Evie as a complicated villain. For, in the long run, I don’t see Evie like past villains who did things solely for power and control. Evie seems like the type who would only do something if absolutely necessary in order to further her goals. Which, as of now, aren’t the usual evil stuff we are used to. Yes, some of her projects do skew toward seeming unethical, but she is helping woman have healthy babies, she is using Leekie’s research in order to try to perhaps kill the pharmaceutical industry, and it all comes from her being a sickly child and wanting to do better. I mean, in a different spin, she could easily be presented as a main character just trying to adapt into a cut throat, sometimes literally, world where she has to make personal sacrifices for the greater good.

I liked how this episode, a little past halfway through the season, we find ourselves wrapping up a lot of old storylines and questions. For the Delphine fate, while not important to me, was to many fans. Then, when it comes to Beth, arguably she remained too much of a mystery for far too long. So while the catchup was great in all, it does feel long overdue. Plus, in many ways, with the show refocusing on topics which were important during the 1st season, it is like the show is rebooting itself a bit. Not in terms of just forgetting season 2 & 3 as if they were bad, but actually learning where they went wrong, dwelled on something too long, and is learning from its past. Which I hope makes sense to someone besides me.

Low Points

To me, with seeing Cosima thrown into a major moment, it makes me wish Felix and Art were given the same opportunities. Granted, Cosima witnessing what arguably is a major death may not seem like a big deal to some, but I do feel like it was the rare moment when someone not named Sarah was forced to deal with the weight of this life. When it comes to Allison, yeah between her and Donnie some messed up things happen, but now, even when it came to Dr. Leekie’s death, it all seems like a joke. When it comes to Cosima though, I feel like between Delphine and now witnessing Kendall die, that weight isn’t going to be treated like rubber but like cement. Something I want to see with Felix and Art for while the show is essentially about the clones, it sucks sometimes that those who are so active in Sarah’s life don’t really have a life of their own if they aren’t doing something for Sarah. Which is why I find the way Adele was handled as so horrible.

The Antisocialism of Sex


After Kendall’s death everyone who directly deals with #CloneClub is a bit shaken, though no more than Mrs. S, Sarah, and Susan Duncan.

Trigger Warning(s):

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The End of Project LYDA (Susan and Rachel)

With Kendall gone so goes whatever could be done with project LYDA, as well as CASTOR. Leaving Susan in such a state where she is ready to give up and retire. Hell, to prove how done she is, she lets Rachel wander out of her room and actually see sunlight. Though just because Kendall is dead, it seemingly, to Susan, didn’t mean her work in Neolution was fully over. Well, at least it seemed that way until Evie pretty much made it clear that neither her, nor especially Rachel, had a place in their organization anymore. LYDA’s research will be absorbed and used for whatever projects it can, their funding will be reallocated, and pretty much Susan’s clones are free. That is, except the self-aware ones who, for now, will just be monitored.

Topic 2: Worse Birthday Ever (Donnie, Art and Allison)

Despite still being on the fringes of things, Allison is quite affected by Kendall’s death. For while she isn’t at the point Cosima is, health wise, it remains a possibility. Yet, despite her mood and person shifting, she still has a daughter who has a birthday. One which gets ruined for, thanks to Art learning about Kendall’s death, and beating the hell out of Marty about it, Donnie gets arrested. Now, as for why both Donnie and Allison didn’t get arrested? Well, I’m not sure. Maybe Marty has just enough of a heart to keep it where Clone Club gets put on notice, but isn’t brutalized in such a way that their children get effected.

I mean, overall, it is rather hard to understand the methodology of cops on this program. After all, Art beats the hell out of Marty at the police station, and thinks that there would be no consequence. Which, to me, seemed so out of character and stupid. For even when you factor in Marty being part of the reason Beth killed himself, and Art still having feelings for Beth, and those feelings transferring to her sisters, such an irrational act is hard to excuse or fathom from him.

Topic 3: Visions of Beth (Sarah, Felix, Kira, and Mrs. S)

It feels like it has been many seasons since we saw Sarah take one to the chin and decide to pack her bags and head to a bar. However, it used to be a regular thing. Lest we forget, before Sarah was incapable of doing much besides getting pissed drunk and hanging with the wrong people. In fact, especially in the first season, it seemed like she was so messed up that the thought of her becoming anything like a decent parent to Kira was a fantasy. So to watch her devolve overnight back to who she was, you know that is how deeply affected she is by Kendall’s death.

In fact, it can be argued she goes beyond her former selfish form in which she was just about her own pleasure, fun, and survival. Arguably, she transcends to a place where she is in Beth’s shoes. I say this because, it honestly seems Sarah first tries to cope by being her old self with drinking, doing drugs, and having sex, but then realizes that isn’t enough anymore. So with Mrs. S mad, thoughts that Felix is still pissed about Adele, and it seeming like no one is in her corner, what else is there but death? A thought which we saw, a few episodes back, crossed Beth’s mind. However, unlike Beth, Sarah has a non-Clone Club family. One which will track her down, as Felix did, and will talk sense into her. Now, granted, the damage is done, and poor Kira seeing her mom leave abruptly again probably caused some old abandonment issues to resurface, alongside Mrs. S reinforcing such ideas, but now she may have a new friend. For just as Kendall exits Kira’s life, so comes M.K. Now, as for why, out of all people, she is approaching Kira through the internet, who knows? But she better be careful for Sarah has done a lot to keep Kira safe, and I’m sure she’d have no problem murdering someone to keep the child alive.

Things To Note

Cosima learns Delphine is alive, and this keeps her from inserting Sarah’s old maggot into her mouth as perhaps a last hope for her survival.


Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

What is with Rachel seeing a swan in her visions?

Where is Helena?

Considering Kendall was a majorly important person to the various members of Clone Club, does this mean Evie Cho, and in extension Marty’s, days are numbered?


Seeing the different ways each clone handled the death of Kendall, including seeing Mrs. S cry over it.

Despite their differences, it was kind of cute for Rachel to still want to work next to her mother and continue her work in some form or another.

Though a minor part of the episode, I still quite adore Rachel and Charlotte’s relationship.

Donnie’s arrest, while sort of weird, I’m considering a good thing for honestly I think Kristian Bruun has proven himself way beyond the limitations that Allison’s storylines usually have. So I’m quite glad between working with Felix, to now going to prison, they aren’t keeping him in Allison’s little bubble.

Sarah’s breakdown, while slightly unexpected since I didn’t think of her as close to Kendall, I think was decent. It sort of put a lid on Beth’s ability to shadow a lot of what has happened thus far and while Beth remains a player in all things which have happened, I feel Sarah now officially holds the baton. She is the one who brings life or death to the clones and, unlike Beth, when things get difficult she makes the tough decisions which get people hurt. That is, as opposed to just quitting and then taking herself out and leaving everyone else to make their own decisions.

Low Points

Art to me, while in some ways necessary for the sake of being the show’s token Black guy, is on the fringes. His assault of Marty seemed desperate, uncharacteristic, and just plain stupid. Why would you beat a man, who already suspects you may be up to something, and do it in the police precinct where there are witnesses. At best, Art would get suspended or fired for beating on a cop and, at worse, his life, his daughter’s life, and the clones’ life could be ruined. After all, even with, thus far, no one of Neolution being presented as high ranking officials, they have gotten away with so much that it damn near is implied. So Art making such a scene just seems like a desperate ploy to remind us of how loyal he is, and how he can be a catalyst for change.

Allison’s storyline dealing with her grief and the reverend talking to her just makes my eyebrows raise and eyes roll. There needs to be something done with that character which is major for with Helena gone, and now Donnie, the person who gave her character some appeal, what is there for her to do? Continue running the school board or another failed performance? Spare me por favor.

The Redesign of Natural Objects


The time to mourn Kendall has gone, and now there is the question of how to progress now without her. So, a new method for a cure is discussed and thoughts on what maybe should be done with Evie Cho.

Trigger Warning(s):
Torture, Gunshot, Mutilated Animal and Blood (Gore)

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Jailbird Donnie (Donnie & Allison)

Donnie Hendrix in jail is a sight to see. Especially since it seems like he has watched a bit too much Orange is the New Black and thought being tough, letting people know what you are in for, that helps right? WRONG! It seems, as said in a past episode, Neolution is everywhere and apparently that includes jail. So, with Donnie mouthing off he ends up confirming who he is and so begins the blackmail.

One in which the squeeze is put on Allison and you begin to question what may happen. After all, as I have said probably every other episode this season, Allison is damn near an outsider. Someone who has two young children, a husband in jail, and has never really wanted to have as much on her plate as everyone else. So with Donnie’s life being threatened, understandably Felix, Mrs. S, and Sarah are quite worried. Luckily though, blood is thicker than water.

Topic 2: The Case Against Detective Duko (Mrs. S, M.K., and Sarah)

When it comes to Orphan Black, take downs have almost always been violent. There aren’t really some big investigations, people going to jail, and all that. Pretty much the best case scenario is getting maimed like Rachel or killed like nearly everyone else. Dectetive Duko is no exception. For while it seems, with the help of Art, Duko was going to be taken down by legal methods, let’s be real, that was never going to happen. He killed Mrs. S’ mother and while she is often the level headed one, the one who plans things out while Sarah goes and does as she pleases, let’s not forget she is the one who raised Sarah.

However, it should be noted that Mrs. S murder of Duko isn’t Helena style, but begins with an interrogation. One which asks him about how deep and involved he is with Evie, and what she learns is that he is somewhere between being a personal assassin and perhaps just a pawn. You see, Duko claims he is only under Evie’s thumb due to his niece being threatened. However, M.K. has a slew of documentation about payments which one could argue would just be used to complicate things if Duko spoke up. Yet, at the same time, when a man is being tortured and, due to being tricked, unprepared for someone like Mrs. S, he could have just been saying anything to survive.

Well, in the end, nothing works. He reveals Evie wants to implant bots into millions under the guise of gene therapy and that Evie believes Sarah could be a threat to all that, as well as her sisters. Which I think is hilarious for while Sarah has been working her way up on the chain of command, and taking down one director after another, isn’t Evie supposedly all powerful? Doesn’t she have cops, people in jail, and who knows what else on her payroll? What makes Sarah such a threat with a small, but efficient, underground rebel group, a hacker, a scientist, and Sarah’s stubbornness?

Topic 3: Search For A Cure (Cosima, Rachel, Ira, M.K., and Susan)

With a larger group than ever representing Clone Club, there is no more need to only focus on strictly one problem at a time. From what it seems, Sarah is going to head the fight against Evie as Cosima heads the fight for a cure. Something which seemed rather impossible, for now pretty much only Kira contains some form of Kendall’s DNA worth using. However, with her dad’s genes mixed in her, it ruins the possibilities. But with the talk of mothers and fathers comes the idea of using Sarah’s eggs and Ira’s sperm, and extracting stem cells for research. An idea which Rachel wishes to participate in, but with a No vote from Scott she gets pushed off that team. Leaving Cosima with the question of where to setup shop? Her current location isn’t really clean, so it seems she is to work with Susan on that mystery isle. Which, considering how much Susan fears her communications, and who knows what else, being tracked, you’d think a giant helicopter coming to her home someone would think would set off some alarms.

Though with Rachel kicked off the science team, it seems now the only option is to join Sarah’s. For despite Sarah being part of the reason Rachel is all messed up, there is a chance, until Evie is dead at least, they can’t put their reciprocated malice aside to work toward a common goal. For with Rachel as strong as ever, and as conniving, if not more so, than Sarah could ever be, perhaps she can bring something to the table. Granted, she won’t be able to infiltrate that well since Evie hates project LEDA and CASTOR, and she hasn’t been shown handling a weapon before, but I’m sure she’ll be put to good use.

Leaving M.K. To say I thought she would never be seen again would be an understatement. She got her revenge, at least against one person responsible for Helsinki, and seemingly that was going to be it. She would disappear to the comics or, like Tony, become another weird clone who popped in and out. Yet, since she is beginning to cough up blood, and her expertise aren’t in the medical field, she is joining the cause. Mind you, she hasn’t told anyone, but that is without a doubt her motivation.

Things To Note

Allison is performing Jesus Christ Superstar!

Collected Quote(s)

Treatments do not mean a cure.

—           “The Redesign of Natural Objects.” Orphan Black

Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Where in the world is Helena and when is she coming back? (In the next episode preview she appears so YAY)

What in the world is with Rachel’s visions of a swan, especially with its head cut off, and this man?


I like Rachel mixing into things and ending up with Sarah. You know there won’t be peace between them, and them working together is but temporary. For even if Evie lives through this season, sooner or later Rachel is going to rise back from the ashes and begin to get her long simmering revenge.

Though the bio talk went so over my head, at the same time I appreciate the show making the idea of making a cure so complicated. It conveys the idea there is no quick fix and that maybe all Cosima needed was Susan’s financial resources and then BOOM, she is saved. The idea that this will be a long process, one I’m sure between M.K. or Cosima someone may die from, makes it seem like a race against time. Something which isn’t just a long gestating storyline, but a story which honestly matters as one clone after another becomes effected.


On The Fence

While I enjoy Donnie for what he is, and I like how Adele is going to play into his story, I remain so disinterested in Allison. Even with it seeming she was going to betray Sarah, which perhaps was the first time she really got a reaction out of me in a while, once that was over all that was left is her musical. Something which nearly drove me to sleep since I find it sad how her basic self is the only one with the ability to pursue her dreams.

I sort of have mixed feelings about Duko being eliminated as he was. Yeah, him trying to play double agent would have likely been a mixed bag, but at the same time I feel like there was so much more he could have revealed or help build up to. But, I guess, there remains flashbacks.

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