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We discover the truth about Christopher as Red seeks to reestablish herself, as does Vee.

Review (with Spoilers)

I don’t know why I don’t remember season 1 having this format of which it features one specific character as everything else goes on. Be it because the featured characters of season 1 appealed more to me, or simply because my memory isn’t all that great. Either way, with the focus being on the little racist, as well as Ms. Rosa who is growing on me, you get a fairly decent episode.

Topic 1: What About My Happiness? – Lorna

With the knowledge that Christopher is moving on, a dark cloud comes over Lorna. The bubbly little racist piece of trash gets a wakeup call and the one thing that gave her hope is on the way out. Queue my maniacal laughter. But what makes this whole situation interesting is that this relationship with Christopher is in her head. For not only is Lorna a dumb little racist raggedy doll, she is also a crazy stalker. One who has completely imagined this full blown relationship with this man after one date. Which after, from what it seems, he cut contact with her.

But you have to feel sorry for the little turd though. Her family is far from polished, and between her sick mother, the kids around the house, and who knows what else, you can understand her mentally looking to escape. Then, with Christopher, I can only assume she saw her dreams of escaping her life have some possibility of becoming a reality. Though, from what it seems, she scared him off with her crazy and ruined any potential of friendship by not only stalking him, but making a makeshift bomb to kill Angela, the woman Christopher plans to marry.

Then, in the present, as Ms. Rosa gets chemo and has a nice chat with an obnoxious young man, she takes the van and drives over to Christopher’s house. But the highlight to me, when it came to this Lorna thing, is Ms. Rosa finally establishing herself. She robbed banks in the past, leading her to being put in prison, and I felt quite excited to maybe learn her story but, sadly, it isn’t told to us on camera.

Topic 2: Nicky vs. Big Boo

As we saw in the last episode, Nicky is running through the new girls at a crazy pace, something Big Boo (Lea DeLaria) doesn’t take kind to since she wants some action as well. Thing is, as Nicky says, the girls just may not like someone with Boo’s look. So, with this insult comes a bit of a competition. Both want Brook, Piper’s acquaintance, and the winner is the one who gets her first. Which, luckily for Big Boo, she has something Piper wants, Ms. Claudette’s old blanket, so she seemingly has the upper hand. Well, that is until Brook learns Piper tries to trade her for a blanket, which leads to Nicky, who always finds herself near a girl while she is breaking down, taking advantage of the situation and making Brook orgasm.

Topic 3: The New Power Structure – Red & Vee

The true big story of the episode though comes with Red discovering a greenhouse, which has a connection to the sewers, as well as Vee seemingly trying to ostracize Poussey. Starting with Red, with her old cafeteria girls having no time for her excuses, she is really forced to accept the golden girls as her new click. Which isn’t all that bad since they don’t have a clear leader and Red seemingly misses having followers more than anything. Though it should be noted, after more than a decade, she finally has a cubicle mate who is Piper of all people. And while Red was enjoying her solitude, even with lack of authority, I think Piper showing her that she isn’t afraid of her because she no longer has power is what really pushed Red to wanting to have that greenhouse and exert herself as a leader once more. Which isn’t to imply she plans on perhaps getting back at Piper for going toe to toe with her, in fact they sort of become friends.

Making for a good segue to talking about everyone’s favorite friends: Taystee and Poussey. As we have seen, Poussey and Taystee have an enviable friendship. In fact, they remind me of Karma and Amy from Faking It, though with less drama, and of course they are Black. But, what we didn’t fully know until now is that Poussey in fact sees Taystee as more than a friend, or would like to. She even kisses Taystee and Taystee has to remind her that she isn’t gay which leads to a sad faced Poussey and oh it broke my heart.

But then Vee steps in. Be it homophobia; Vee wanting to be the center of Taystee’s life, since she was one hell of a book keeper; or maybe her trying to look out for Taystee, with no agenda, it is hard to say. Either way, she decides to plant a seed in Taystee’s mind which poisons Taystee and Poussey’s friendship. Vee wants to make sure Taystee doesn’t get friends on the inside mixed up with friends on the outside, and the whole idea is that perhaps Taystee is being used. And while I’m sure Poussey trying to be more than friends with Taystee might be annoying, I think the reason Taystee really starts to distance herself is because of Vee pushing the perception that maybe Taystee is a lesbian. Making it seem Taystee maybe a little homophobic too, or might be the main one if just being assumed to be lesbian could make her distance herself from her best friend.

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