Overview With a 2nd Piper episode comes a rehash on her relationship with Alex, but luckily the episode is saved by Red and Vee’s continuing issues. Review (with Spoilers) I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Vee and Red’s little back and forth, and all the people they bring into their drama, this…

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With a 2nd Piper episode comes a rehash on her relationship with Alex, but luckily the episode is saved by Red and Vee’s continuing issues.

Review (with Spoilers)

I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Vee and Red’s little back and forth, and all the people they bring into their drama, this season would probably suck. For one, I really don’t give a single damn about Piper and I wished she would get dragged off to solitary for a season like Ms. Claudette, who hopefully will be in season 3 because I miss her. But, sad little Piper aside, Vee is really starting to become one hell of a villain, who strangely I still like and hope that her ways aren’t due to malice, but just business. Even with that said though, with her interaction with Poussey this episode, I am starting to feel like Taystee a few episodes back, and am finding it hard whose side to be on.

Topic 1: Hello to Old Friends – Piper, Sophia, Lorna and Nicky

So, just to get her out the way, Piper finds out Polly slept with Larry and in retaliation she has Cal’s new wife put a bag of burning poo on Polly’s doorstep. Also, Alex and her relationship is gone over and it seems they may end up going for another round. Speaking of going for another round, the neglected Sophia is back! And let me say I think it is so dumb she has hardly been on since she could match wits with Vee and make for some good TV. That aside, her son Mike visits, as does her ex-wife, and though Mike is a bit distant at first, there is some progress as they play cards. Making me wish rather than giving Piper a 2nd episode, we could have seen Sophia bond with her son more, and finally get a scene with her confronting Vee.

But in the silver lining of characters getting what they deserve, Christopher shows up, visits Lorna and thoroughly embarrasses her. Unfortunately though, with Lorna not having enemies, and only Nicky seeing anything, there won’t be any teasing for her. If anything, this hopefully will be the stake in her little racist heart.

Oh, and speaking of Nicky, with the heroine in her pocket, and Gina watching, we get to see that old mother/ daughter relationship between Nicky and Red again. For Nicky, to maintain her 2 years of sobriety, she hands over the heroin to Red so she can dispose of it.

Topic 2: The Guillotine Drops – Bennett

With Bennett snitching, Fig and Caputo plan how to let the guillotine drop. Meanwhile, Daya seems upset that she and Bennett can’t have any real type of relationship. She wants him to be able to be open about her, rather than sneak around even though all the girls know they are together. Which, when Mendez gets canned, makes things worse for not only did she have to deal with Fig chastising her, but friggin’ Mendez does all she wants Bennett to do. Albeit if Bennett did do as she asked he would go to jail, but you can understand her not wanting to be the main girl who is treated like a side-piece.

Topic 3: Sharing is Caring – Poussey, Red and Vee

At this point, it is really hard to say if Poussey and Taystee are even friends anymore. And with me watching episode after episode, I must say it makes the transition from best friends to Taystee being so indifferent feel so traumatic. But, at the same time, it really helps you get into Poussey’s head for it seems the quickness of her losing Taystee is driving her nuts. Not to mention, with her standing up to Vee and her ways, she gets ostracized. Things get really bad for Poussey though once she starts drinking and tries to rough up Vee. And while Vee doesn’t make sure she gets caught drunk, she does have Suzanne do a number on her, and though Black Cindy watches, she don’t do nothing. Then, as the final blow, we don’t even see Taystee check up on her old friend or anything. Which kind of makes me wanna cry as I type this.

But, as much as I am starting to hate Vee for what she is doing to my favorite relationship, I gotta admit she is perhaps one of the main things making this season worth watching. For while compared to her past self she seems like a punk, it may just be she is just smarter about not getting her own hands dirty. And when you really look at the season thus far, it is hard to deny she isn’t bringing life to this show. Especially since, outside maybe Gloria, Rosa, Poussey, and Taystee’s backstories, there isn’t any serious emotional impact to the show anymore. It’s basically jokes and violence.

And while it has gotten a bit more shallow, at least Vee and Red butting heads keeps it interesting. But with the COs sweeping Vee’s area and catching Janae with the product, we are reminded of what Taystee warned everyone about before she started sipping on the kool aid. For, basically, she just lets Janae go back to the SHU (solitary confinement). Something which makes Brook’s little protest even stronger for Yoga Jones is sick of seeing friends taken there just because. Thus leading her to verbally supporting Brook.

Leaving us with Vee needing to use the information Big Boo gave her for safe passage of goods. Something Red isn’t for because, as we saw in her episode, Vee doesn’t share. However, Vee notes people can change, as Red did, but with Nicky giving over the heroine Taystee gave her, from Vee, and Nicky noting where it came from, Red realizes that Vee hasn’t changed at all.

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