In the city of Rikarisu, Rudy begins the process of healing the Superd reputation – but Ruijerd sense of justice will make that journey difficult.

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In the city of Rikarisu, Rudy begins the process of healing the Superd reputation – but Ruijerd sense of justice will make that journey difficult.

Director(s) Hiroki Hirano, Ōri Yasukawa
Writer(s) Manabu Okamoto, Hirohisa Saitō
Aired (Hulu) 3/14/2021

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Dead End – Eris, Rudy, Ruijerd

So it seems Ruijerd is quite infamous and even has a nickname like “Dead End.” This makes it so, to get into the Demon City of Rikarisu, Ruijerd’s hair is changed to the color of the Migurd because green hair makes all the difference between fearing Ruijerd and playing him off. Case in point: Rudy decides to make a big deal when he, Eris, and Ruijerd join a local adventurers guild under the name of “Dead End.” Which, for most, leads to a barrel of laughs because he is very over the top over the announcement.

Ruijerd with blue hair

Yet, this is all part of his plan to heal Ruijerd, and the Superd’s, reputation. For if he can be amongst people and show himself as able to resist violence, even do good, there is hope.

Rescuing A Kitten In The Demon World Isn’t Like In The Humans World – Rudy, Man-God, Ruijerd, Eris

However, with beginning as F-rank, and the real money not coming until C rank, where the slaying jobs are, so comes the problem about how to survive in Rikarisu? Ruijerd doesn’t have money, and Rudy’s money isn’t enough to feed and take care of three people. Especially since both he and Eris are accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and while Eris is adapting well to the demon world, Rudy is not.

But, thanks to Man-God, Rudy finds himself rescuing a whole bunch of pets and this may help their rank and reputation.

The Grey Area – Ruijerd, Eris, Rudy

But, before all that happens, Ruijerd kills one of the animal snatchers for hitting Rudy. Thus, Rudy has to remind Ruijerd that he can’t operate on a good and evil dichotomy. There has to be some gray and Ruijerd, he just doesn’t understand or outright refuses to. Thus, Eris feels the need to get involved and not just get Ruijerd together but remind him of all Rudy is trying to do for the both of them.

Which, be it the punches or the reminder Ruijerd was a killer at one time, maybe this breaks through. For now, Ruijerd isn’t just the hero rescuing two kids, and damn whoever gets in his ways, but he has to be aware of the damage he does to reach these goals and whether the ends justify the means.

Ruijerd rejecting workign with bad people




Between slaying demons with ease to showing her emotional intelligence has risen beyond when we first met her, Eris was a bit of a standout this episode. Granted, she stomped a mudhole into that one demon, but beyond that? You can’t discount her talking sense into Ruijerd so that he understood why Rudy wanted him to calm down the desire to kill and be the sword of justice. Yes, while punching Ruijerd, and leaving minor marks, but she is not even in her teen years yet. So there is still so much growing up to do and a certain amount of grace she still needs to be afforded.

A New City, And So Many Things To Learn

Unfortunately, we don’t learn the history of Rikarisu, about its government, or even about the hieroglyphics shown on its walls. But, as shown previously in the series, there has to be a transition period solely focused on Rudy as an individual or as part of a group, finding stability. For it is only once Rudy is stable does he get serious, venture out, and begin to learn.

Take note, him learning multiple languages wouldn’t be possible when he first arrived in Roa, because he had to adjust to Eris, how she learned, how the compound operated, and even his sword training with Ghislaine. Yet, knowing who Rudy is, a studious young man, we can fully expect from Ruijerd, or others, to learn a hefty amount about this new world he is in.

Rikarisu in the distance

Ranking Up

With money being a major issue, and clearly, Rudy not for eating bugs and demon meat, I think it is safe to say he, Ruijerd, and Eris will be in Rikarisu for a while. Even Eris seems to realize, despite her faith in Rudy, this isn’t a few-day pit stop.

Yet, it does create the opportunity to see Rudy get to be in combat and perhaps catch up to Eris in terms of combat. For while Rudy is quick with his magic in situations where he is in control, as shown in that dungeon, if he gets physically hit, often he is down for longer than any person should be – if they want to stay alive.

So while it isn’t clear how long “Dead End” may remain in or around Rikarisu, it does seem clear that it will be a place of notable growth for our heroes.

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Ranking Up - 86%
Eris - 87%
A New City, And So Many Things To Learn - 85%


A new city, a new culture to learn, and a few ecchi moments have Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation tugging along and keeping you satisfied.

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