As we come upon the end of “Motherland: Fort Salem,” we get a quick resolution for the Bellweather Unit and a reprieve from all the drama they’ve experienced.

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As we come upon the end of “Motherland: Fort Salem,” we get a quick resolution for the Bellweather Unit and a reprieve from all the drama they’ve experienced.

Aired (FreeForm) 8/16/2022
Director(s) David Frazee
Writer(s) Brian Studler, Jeff Patneaude

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Well, That Was Easy – President Wade, Anacostia, Abigail, Raelle, Petra, Silver, Scylla, Tally, M

While the surrender led to torture and an unfair trial, all that ended abruptly after M, President Wade, and The Marshall were found. You see, since the Marshall uses a Biddy system, losing one of his members led to him weakening suddenly and crashing the car with President Wade and M. Luckily, though, they were found, and during the Bellweather Unit’s trial, Wade pops up and, on top of smacking the mess out of Silver, also exonerates the Bellweather Unit.

With that, Silver finds himself locked up, and the Bellweather Unit, which includes Scylla, finds themselves having no excuses to not enjoy their lives.

A Time To Celebrate – Tally, Gregorio, Raelle, Scylla, Khalida, Alder, Abigail, Adil, President Wade

Abigail Adil President Wade Raelle and Scylla Motherland Fort Salem Season 3 Episode 9 But I Dont Even Have a Dress… scaled
“A double wedding between Abigail and Adil, alongside Raelle and Scylla, with President Wade officiating,” Motherland: Fort Salem, ” But I Don’t Even Have a Dress…,” directed by David Frazee, 2022, (Freeform)

For example, Raelle and Scylla, now there is no excuse for them to not get married. Also, with Khalida rescuing Alder and then checking on her brother, Abigail has no excuse for not marrying Adil, thus leading to a double wedding with President Wade being the officiant.

Unfortunately, Alder doesn’t stay since she has to go to Africa to find the final steward of the First Song. Of course, Tally wants to join her, but Alder rejects this proposal. Thus leading to Tally focusing on Gregorio and getting intimate with him; for what else does she have to do but kill time?

Same Old Song, Nothing New – Nicte, Silver, Alban, Penelope, Izadora, Abigail, Thelma, President Wade, Raelle

With all that is happening, Abigail finds herself going to where she used to as a child, the portrait of Jem Bellweather. At this point, with her creating new work, which can be the talk of the family, she finds herself standing shoulder to shoulder with Jem and frustrated. Why? Well, because Jem could be one of many legendary Bellweathers, but because of how much history has been lost between the Camarilla and slavery, there is so much that isn’t known. However, considering the power of the Bellweather family and their song, it does make you wonder if they are part of the line who created the First Song?

As for any other fallout from Wade’s sudden return? Well, it does lead to Thelma and the Cession gaining more autonomy, but it doesn’t lead to the end of the Salem Accords. So Nicte, who is willing to turn herself in, is told she will not get a pardon and will be brought to justice. Which, all things considered, she is okay with. She has seen how she has contributed to the Camarilla’s narrative; all she asks is for her knowledge and experience to be used in the fight.

Which, considering Alban breaks out former Vice President Silver, kills Izadora and has discovered Penelope? They may need Nicte, for Fort Salem has fallen, and Alban has discovered a direct access point to the Mycelium – something he has apparently begun to attack as the episode ends with Raelle spitting up blood.

Raelle reacting to the Mycelium being disturbed and attacked
“Raelle reacting to the Mycelium being disturbed and attacked,” Motherland: Fort Salem, ” But I Don’t Even Have a Dress…,” directed by David Frazee, 2022, (Freeform)

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, is Abigail the final steward
  2. Will the prophecy of Earth and Sky be resolved in the finale?
  3. Where are all the soldiers who should be at Fort Salem or after the end of the occupation, were they sent home? Surely everyone wasn’t invited to Raelle’s wedding?
  4. All things considered, shouldn’t the people be wary of Wade suddenly reappearing after a major terrorist attack on Washington?
  5. Why isn’t a military court (or military tribune) handling the Bellweather Unit’s trial?
  6. Where is Kara after all of this?
  7. Why didn’t Abigail’s three fathers walk her down the aisle?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Us seeing the final stand of the current American Camarilla leadership and the American witch army
  2. Petra or Anacostia being named President Wade’s new vice president – if not another witch
  3. The end of the Salem Accords



President Wade’s Grand Return

President Wade after smacking the spit out of Vice President Silver's mouth
“President Wade after smacking the spit out of Vice President Silver’s mouth,” Motherland: Fort Salem, ” But I Don’t Even Have a Dress…,” directed by David Frazee, 2022, (Freeform)

President Wade, being stuck in the wilderness, with no food, little water, and injured, was rushed through, but seeing her smack the mess out of VP Silver? Never mind telling him to check her fingerprints to prove she was who she is? LEGENDARY! It definitely deserves to be in Sheryl Lee Ralph’s career highlight reel.

Raelle And Scylla’s Wedding, And All The Reunions

It is really bittersweet to see everyone come together one last time. By marriage, the Bellweather Unit welcomed Adil, Khalida, and Scylla by marriage. Also, Edwin gained a new daughter, officially. Alongside that, Anacostia and Alder shared a moment, and the ladies, with their partners, got to listen to Raelle sing around a campfire.

The cumulation of moments presents a happy final image before what may come in the finale, depending on whether the writers believe in happy endings.

Low Points

Wrapping Up Everything So Quickly

Let’s get this all straight: President Wade suddenly appears, and congress and all those in the Camarilla don’t do a thing to attempt to kill her again? Never mind congress, who seemingly were in tune with VP Silver’s plan, just accepted her back with open arms and did not question if she was a witch in disguise? We don’t know much about American politics in the world of “Motherland: Fort Salem,” as they are on a different timeline. But are you telling me no one would be saying “Fake News,” raise a red flag, and wouldn’t call Wade an imposter?

On top of that, while cleared of killing President Wade, when it comes to Penelope and the attack on private property, how was that supposed to be handled? Let’s say the people believed Wade was real and let that go. Are you telling me that Penelope’s death and the attacks in the Cession would just be swept under the rug? Heck, throw in Alder being found by Khalida in northern Germany, getting her out of that cave safely, and getting her to Raelle’s wedding? There is so much sped through for convenience and due to time restraints that it undermines any sense of peril that was built.

Izadora’s Death

While Izadora has been around since the beginning, her death feels like low-hanging fruit. They didn’t kill off Alder, Wade didn’t die, and they didn’t kill Anacostia when there was a chance. Those deaths, especially if they were permanent, and didn’t use the Mycelium loophole or the fakeout we got with Wade, could have been impactful. Izadora? Don’t get us wrong, she is likable, but is she someone you were supposed to have an emotional investment and attachment to? Not so much.

But I guess the Camarilla had to eventually kill someone who wasn’t just introduced like Lupe, so Izadora was sacrificed. Though, you and I both know that with her dying gallantly, she’ll be next to Alder as part of the Mycelium, thus making her death as meaningless as it was when Alban had her killed.

On The Fence

Hey, Gregorio

I can’t be the only one who forgot he existed, right? Never mind that he and Tally had enough of a thing for her to jump his bones? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for her. But I also find myself racking my brain to remember their interest in one another being this passionate.

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Alder encouraging Tally to enjoy the day rather than join her in Africa
Motherland: Fort Salem: Season 3/ Episode 9 “But I Don’t Even Have a Dress…” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
In some ways, “Motherland: Fort Salem” seems like it is going to end with just enough to compensate for all it has rushed through. However, considering their adversary has never lived up to its potential, while we may have a joyous end to the series, it may barely feel deserved considering how feeble their adversary was.
President Wade’s Grand Return
Raelle And Scylla’s Wedding, And All The Reunions
Hey, Gregorio
Izadora’s Death
Wrapping Up Everything So Quickly

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