Miracle Workers seems like the grand example of why more shows should become limited series – and we mean that in a good way.

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Miracle Workers seems like the grand example of why more shows should become limited series – and we mean that in a good way.

Creator Simon Rich
Director(s) Jorma Taccone
Writer(s) Simon Rich
Air Date 2/12/2019

2/8/2019 (Online)

Genre(s) Comedy
Good If You Like Workplace Comedies

An Imagining Of What Heaven Is Like, Outside Of People Being In Bliss & Happy

Isn’t For You If You Think Depicting God As A Jaded, Possibly Indifferent, Figure Is Inappropriate
Introduced This Episode
God Steve Buscemi
Craig Daniel Radcliffe
Eliza Geraldine Viswanathan

The Introduction

After an undisclosed amount of time being like a CEO of Earth, God has become jaded. He isn’t alone. Craig, who has been in the Department of Answered Prayers for perhaps 10,000 years, he is jaded too. For not only is he the only one working in that department, which never expanded when humanity’s population exploded, but it seems when you try to answer a bit time prayer, something bad happens.

Enter Eliza, a transfer from the Department of Dirt, who tried to help someone praying for rain and ends up causing a monsoon. She brings up the death toll to God who decides, since Eliza makes things seem so terrible on Earth, maybe it would be better to destroy it. Thus leading to, after God announces this plan, Eliza making a last-ditch effort, a bet rather, to save Earth.

What’s the bet? Well, to answer a love prayer – supposedly one of the hardest there is, in 2 weeks. If she does it, Earth is saved. But, if she doesn’t, Earth is gone and Eliza has to eat a worm – and look like she likes it.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Should we assume this is purely lifting the concept of God and how heavens works and anything else remotely biblical does not apply?


A Jaded & Sarcastic God

God (Steve Buscemi) questioning what he can do about disasters in the world.
God (Steve Buscemi): I don’t want to sound cynical, but what’s his point?

It isn’t clear how related, if at all, the god in Miracle Workers is to any religious text. However, considering all that is being allowed to happen, this god seems pretty accurate. One which feels unappreciated, let’s bad things happen in masse, and seemingly lets others handle all issues and questions what can be done by them anymore? Yet, when challenged, feeling tickled and pushing for an embarrassing situation to punish someone who dared to question their decision.

Eliza and Craig As A Team

It isn’t clear if something romantic may or may not happen, but there is a spark in Craig’s face which makes Eliza seem like she has created his own personal heaven. Maybe it is because she isn’t as jaded as he is, or God, and thinks she can change things? Perhaps being isolated so long makes someone wanting to work with him, be friendly, part of a team, enrich his life in ways no one else has pursued doing? Either way, the actors have good chemistry, and it makes you excited to see them try to get a couple together while growing closer themselves.

On The Fence

Will This Show Skate Around Religion And Biblical Texts?

It’s hard to mention there being a God, archangels, prayers, and more, without wondering if a show will take a jab at any religion. However, the first episode avoids any specifics, beyond God being portrayed by a white guy. Also, while God is made to be jaded, a bit ridiculous, and maybe even lazy, you can see a fine line being walked so for the more religious viewers out there, things don’t get too abrasive. Leading you to wonder if, ultimately, this show may play it safe.

First Impression: Positive (Watch This)

While sidestepping potential controversies, Miracle Workers is not only comical but continues to cement Geraldine Viswanathan as an actress. At this point, up and coming, next big thing, etc., she seems past that. Especially considering her going toe to toe with some of the biggest names and never seeming to be in their shadow.

But what really drives this to being rated positive is the fact you know it is a limited series. With that in mind, even if billed is also noted as an anthology series, you know there won’t be an attempt to push this past the luster of its premise. Thus making it seem every episode counts, and we won’t get filler for the sake of reaching a high episode count or to give following seasons relevance.

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One Comment

  1. How can you see Craig as jaded? Yeah, sure, he doesn’t answer big prayers and is careful with the small ones because stuff can go south quickly, but darn if he isn’t the most adorable thing. He’s fulfilled by seeing the little dances people do when they find their missing stuff (his poor face when asking if the debris would dance, was adorable).

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