Marvel’s Runaways: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Hostile” – Recap/Review (with Spoilers)

The Runaways finale leaves you feeling that this is but just another Marvel property vs. something they consider to be a potential headliner. Network Hulu Director(s) Marc Jobst Writer(s) Quinton Peeples Air Date 1/9/2018 Catch Up or Follow Along [External] Characters Introduced Vaughn Cody Mayo Aura  Patricia Lentz Frances  Heather Olt Rescuing Karolina: Alex, Nico, Chase,…

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Molly saying "The Struggle is Real"

The Runaways finale leaves you feeling that this is but just another Marvel property vs. something they consider to be a potential headliner.

Director(s) Marc Jobst
Writer(s) Quinton Peeples
Air Date 1/9/2018
Catch Up or Follow Along [External]
Characters Introduced
Vaughn Cody Mayo
Aura  Patricia Lentz
Frances  Heather Olt

Rescuing Karolina: Alex, Nico, Chase, Karolina, Jonah, Molly

Nico and Karolina Kissing - Marvel's Runaways

With Jonah showing he has no issues committing violence against kids, even having a Dragon Ball Z moment with his own daughter, it puts both the kids and parents on notice. But, with the battle obviously being a losing one for the kids, it is agreed to abandon Karolina, at least at first. Nico, being that she seemingly has been rewritten to fall in love with Karolina, repeatedly speaks up about a rescue effort. The problem is, at first, there is a mixed response. Alex isn’t for it, Chase isn’t either, but with Gert approving, and then Molly, majority opinion rules.

Thus setting into motion a plan to rescue Karolina. Which begins with Molly and Chase getting captured by the off-putting recruiters, Aura and Frances, and then Alex stealing a van. But, while they are getting things together, Karolina has that weird mask on that Jonah did when in a weaker state. Also, the two have a conversation in which Jonah reveals that he is her father.

All of which isn’t addressed at all when Karolina somehow makes it out with Chase and Molly. Which you could say is thanks to Vaughn, but in truth, it seemingly was Leslie which helped them get away. At least so she could have a bit more freedom with her newly fathomed plan.

Stacey Will Cut a B****: Stacey, Tina, Leslie, Geoffrey, Catherine

Stacey coming for Leslie in every which was possible.

With Jonah assaulting nearly everyone’s kids, naturally, some don’t take kindly to Leslie calling a meeting. After all, her relationship with Jonah is no secret. But, to clear the air, she shows all her cards. This includes admitting she is why Gene and Alice are dead, as well as Amy. Well, she didn’t kill Amy, she was actually the one to warn her, but with her delivering Amy to Jonah… well, you get the point. Hence why Amy was discovered in such a way that it looked like a suicide.

After all, the death of the Hernandez parents was already terribly botched so Amy required a more professional touch. But, as you can imagine, with the soldier Tina has been, she is ready to kill Leslie and you best believe that Stacey, who increasingly has been venting and coming at people’s necks, is ready for a piece of Leslie too. However, they need her if they want to kill Jonah. So, it seems she’ll get to live to see another day.

As for Geoffrey and Catherine though? Well, they decide to work on their own. They’re tired of PRIDE nonsense and at this point, probably couldn’t give a damn about any kid besides their own. But, it isn’t clear between them and the remaining members of PRIDE who pushed for the ultimate blow to the kids thinking they could be on their own.

The Runaways: Alex, Nico, Karolina, Chase, Gert, Molly, Darius

An Amber Alert for Molly, and it being noted the Runaways are suspects in regards to what happened to Destiny.

With Nico kind of boo’d up with Karolina, Alex has tried to take his L in peace. Mostly by figuring out the team’s next move. After all, every single one of them are used to luxury. None of them know what it is like to struggle so with them not leaving with much more than the clothes on their back, Alex decides to see his uncle Darius and hit him up for some cash – I’m talking about a roll as thick as his fist of hundreds. Of course, Darius isn’t expecting to leave empty-handed, but as for what he got out of this deal besides maybe some information, that isn’t made clear.

What is made clear though is that Chase really likes Gert and she really likes him, but don’t expect a second kiss there. We get one out of Nico and Karolina, but not from the couple already established in the comics. It’s whatever.

Especially since the season ends with us seeing the runaways on TV with an Amber alert on Molly and the rest of the kids being persons of interest in the death of Destiny Gonzales. Thus making all that money Alex now has for naught, damn near, since the reward for turning them in is probably higher.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

1. What in the world can Alex say to Darius for him to be giving him a couple of grand for?
2. Considering what Alex heard his parents say, is he still vehemently against them?
3. So are Alex and Nico officially dead and get over it? They were so cute though.
4. Considering Jonah is becoming next level ashy again, does that mean his mortality is running out?

On The Fence

While A Satisfying End, It Isn’t Something Which Leaves You Hyped

Leslie admitting she made some mistakes in her life.

I’ll be the first to admit that sci-fi and fantasy isn’t my strong suit. I’m the type who loves strong character development, complicated relationships, and that isn’t what Runaways gives. Arguably, what Runaways has tried to give us is what seemingly is what made the comic popular and that is FreeForm/ YA novel type of drama in the Marvel universe. Which, more often than not, is what we got. The problem with the finale though is it lacks any real exclamation points. 

For the kids, yeah there is a will they or won’t they again scenario for Gert and Chase, but their relationship was never made to be swoon-worthy. It’s one makeover away from many a teen movie of the 80s and 90s. Then with Nico and Karolina, honestly, being that Nico was with Alex in the comics, I see this switch purely for the benefit of Karolina’s character. Since, even with her facing off with Jonah in a Goku vs. (insert any villain you want) type of battle, she remains one of the driest characters on the show. Heck, even her escape from the temple was without any real excitement.

Then, when it comes to the adults dynamic, outside of Stacey getting real sassy and displaying a few expletives, and Tina, as always, giving this show some dramatic legitimacy, they’re kind of ho-hum too. Even when you add in Leslie, whose character is as dull as her daughter, revealing how many deaths she has either directly or indirectly been a part of.

And, while you can mention the discovery at the bottom of the hole, Alex and Darius’ mystery deal, and a handful of other things, there is just this vibe I can’t shake. One which makes me wonder, with this show being part of the larger Marvel Universe, is that holding it back? For with the Hulu paywall, you know that Marvel/Disney isn’t making the kind of money it would from Runaways that it can from Iron ManCaptain America and the rest. Also, and I could be wrong, I doubt they’ll have their TV programs, especially a freshman which isn’t a monster in rating, lead rather than follow. So, perhaps that is why Runaways ended in a manner which feels a bit underwhelming and like it still is without a true call to action. For, in the long run, it is just another property and not a headliner.

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