As Julia preps to film her pilot, she gathers her closest supporters to prove Russ wrong, and perhaps the world as well.

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As Julia preps to film her pilot, she gathers her closest supporters to prove Russ wrong, and perhaps the world as well.

Aired (HBO Max) 3/31/2022
Directed By Charles McDougall
Written By Daniel Goldfarb
Introduced This Episode
Alice Brittany Bradford
Russ Fran Kranz
Judith Fiona Glascott
Hunter Robert Joy

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


There is new blood at WGBH with Hunter as the head, but with Russ still being one of the primary producers on the network and his theater background making him bougie, Alice still has her work cut out for her. Julia, who Russ continues to make fun of, is not a high priority for him, and when his intellectual show isn’t received well, it seems he wished to take that loss and spread it around.

Luckily, Alice warned Julia that Russ would be on a tear, and despite Russ thinking Julia sounds like a man doing a woman’s voice, she charms him. She cooks him a nice meal with some sherry, and next thing he knows, he is watching the woman on camera with her niece Avis, editor Judith, husband Paul, and of course, her on a set.

Now, as for how the filming goes? Well, it is a bit of a mess. Julia prepped for her type of kitchen where there is a gas oven, not an electric one. Also, there were no knives, she dropped the meat on the floor, and she finished too soon, and with each mistake, her confidence only lessened. Though, with a spattering of jokes and her humility, despite doing far more than tuna casserole, like Russ’ wife likes to make, only Avis and Judith think it went well.

Things To Note

  • Unexpected Content Advisory: Miscellaneous (A few dirty jokes)

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Are they going to edit the show or air it just as it happened?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Hopefully, Alice gets some clout from this show being a success
  2. Paul feeling left behind as Julia gains the type of confidence that makes him feel less needed



Julia Being Bougie Yet Relatable

It is an interesting thing done here when it comes to Julia. In many ways, you can understand Russ’ point of view of looking at Julia and seeing a woman a bit out of her depth, sweet, but also a possibly bored housewife. Yet, even with Julia being a published chef with a taste for foods many may never try in her lifetime, there is something there.

At first, it is hard to say since Julia’s look and life seem foreign. Yet, as you see, being confident is not who she is, but a daily task to build herself up to try to stand on her own, you get it. Watching how she leans on her partner, niece, and friends reminds you of what greatness a person can accomplish when they feel like they have a community. Heck, even in return, when Julia is getting her niece out of a rut, as Avis mourns her husband, it also shows her passion for others is a two-way street.

Which makes it a bit heartbreaking that Russ is such an ass, and Paul sometimes seems like he wants to be supportive, yet also likes his dynamic with Julia. That is, him being the notable one, with her a notable figure as part of his story, as opposed to it potentially being the other way around.

But as history shows, Julia’s charm didn’t just work on Russ, but a nation. So with Lancashire at the helm of this show, we have the perfect balance between a well-versed, upper-middle-class lifestyle and persona, with someone who understands it’s all about exposure and not always upbringing. For once you know better, you can do better.

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Julia saying her classic line
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Julia Being Bougie Yet Relatable

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