Molly giving Issa the side eye.

As Issa gets closer to Condola, both Lawrence and Molly seem to think that relationship is becoming a problem.

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As Issa gets closer to Condola, both Lawrence and Molly seem to think that relationship is becoming a problem.

Directed By Thembi Banks
Written By Amy Aniobi
Aired (HBO) 4/19/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Forcing The Issue – Molly, Andrew

Molly has long struggled with having the ideal relationship, and with Andrew, it is no different. Yes, he is employed, puts it down, and can hold a conversation – but he isn’t opening up. With that, alongside him dating other people, it seems to push Molly to question what are they? Because she can’t even claim they are friends with benefits for while she opens up about things besides work and her friends, he is really closed off.

Which makes him allowing the fact he has a brother and sister seem like progress and admitting he has trouble opening up to people. Granted, it would have been nice if he said this earlier, but who said it was just one type of man with communication issues?

This Friendship Doesn’t Work For Me – Molly, Issa, Condola, Lawrence

Issa and Condola spending time together is starting to become a problem. For, on top of the time they spend together working on the block party, now they are talking about Lawrence, and it is interfering with Molly’s one on one. Which you know, since she doesn’t do therapy anymore, she needs.

So, while Molly just deals with the fact Issa won’t be at her back and call, Lawrence speaks to Issa face to face to, as nicely as possible, say that Issa needs to keep his name out her mouth. Mind you, he truly does pleasantly say that, and Issa gets it, but it also shows us some of that old insecure Lawrence, so this could become a problem.

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. We truly need a Kelli episode because, while she had a moment before Tiffany’s baby shower, I need her to not keep reverting back to one-liners. They are golden but, if she is going to be a series regular, mix it up a bit.


Molly Addressing Her Wants Before Things Get Too Deep

Andrew getting defensive.
Andrew: Wow. Everything is an issue with you.

Communicating before things get to a breaking point is a universal issue in relationships. However, with Molly, being that all we see is her struggle in relationships, her speaking with Taurean, and especially Andrew, before she goes mad, that’s growth. Granted, she made a big risk since Andrew got in his feelings about her pushing for more but, I think playing it safe has always backfired for Molly.

Yet, it’s easy to understand that, considering how hard she has to work, in her personal life, she would want things to be more simple and the guy to take the lead. If not, at the very least, make her feel like she isn’t expendable by showing more than a physical investment but also an emotional one.

On The Fence

The End of TSA Bae

While I get the man is messy, considering he got two kids with a third on the way, I’m going to miss Calvin. Dudes who look like him barely exist and get shine. I mean, the man got stretch marks on his belly. Not only that, but he was also shown to be a decent dude and could put it down. Surely this can’t be the last we see of him, right? Let the big dudes live.

Lawrence Getting Involved In Issa and Condola’s Friendship

Is it awkward your ex and your current girlfriend are friends? Yes. However, last I check, Lawrence and Issa worked out all their mess, right? What does he have to worry about? The time he was unemployed and a loaf? That was a long time ago, and he has clearly bounced back from that. So, what is it he is so afraid of Issa saying as if she is someone to blow up his spot and potentially ruin his relationship?

I mean, if anything, him and Issa having a secret conversation is more likely to mess things up since it could come off he or she still have feelings.

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