Hotel Beau Séjour: Season 1/ Episode 8 “De Maaslandmoorden” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As it is learned that Sophie and Leon’s body were handled the same way as Kato, the amusing thought of a serial killer that was brought up before becomes something credible.

Episode Focus: Another Day and More Funerals (Marcus, Alexander, and Schneider)

With Sophie and Leon hanging themselves, but it being ruled a murder due to them dying of asphyxiation before their bodies were arranged, it doesn’t look good for Schneider. The person they could have pointed to, Melanie, was in custody.[note]and when we last see her she is recovering from a suicide attempt after hearing about Leon[/note] Yet, whoever killed Leon and Sophie repeated her process of covering the eyes post mortem.

One suspect was beginning to seem like Marcus, since he was out that night, but his sleep machine gives him an alibi. So the only option, at least in Alexander’s mind, is perhaps Vanderkerk’s men did it to get back at him. Hence why the murders are so professional, even allegedly done with a plastic bag, and also why, unlike Kato, Sophie wasn’t raped. It was payback, not personal.


People are dropping like flies now and it really makes you wonder if all signs which point to Charlie are true. For, noted in the topic below, that young man got serious issues. Granted, Alexander heavily contributed to them, but it is hard to say if Charlie is truly the culprit. If only because there is this guy he discovers, assuming it is a guy, whose alias is “White” who seemingly took an interest both in Kato and Sophie’s photography and may have met up with Kato the night she died.

If not, at the very least, be a new person who can add an additional piece to the puzzle in regards to who truly is the one who killed Kato and possible these other two.

Subplot 1: The Truth About Charlie (Charlie, Alexander, and Kato)

Yes, she looks at him lovingly and reassured, but could he be her killer?

Charlie has a borderline personality disorder with paranoids and envious tendencies. A mouthful right? Well, this was diagnosed back in middle school when Charlie tried to kill Leon using a nylon cord. Something he set at just the right height to take Leon’s head clean off. Luckily Alexander spotted it, but it does make clear how long Alexander’s favoritism of Leon has likely been going and how it has driven Charlie mad.

Though, what is perhaps sad is that Alexander isn’t even trying to reconcile with Charlie. He notes that he would feel less if he was burying Charlie instead of Leon, to the boy’s face! This happens as Charlie is trying to share the grief of losing Leon.

Thus pushing Charlie to seek out some validation sex from Kato since he is feeling a bit suicidal. However, she isn’t into it and it seems this rejection makes Charlie’s mind continue down into the abyss. Something trashing Leon’s bike doesn’t fix and then we end the episode with him confessing to the three murders.


This show seems to be very much about cause and effect. Because Luc wasn’t looking out for Kato, he never saw Sophie drug her or even saw the signs she was drugged. Because Sophie drugged Kato, she cannot remember anything which happened the night she died. Due to Alexander being a horrible father, Charlie is all screwed up in the head and because Kato, while high, flirted and dismissed Charlie, he may have killed her. This is just a working thought but it is really the only way I can understand Alexander’s involvement in all this. As for Vanderkerk? His part I think may just be that he sold the drugs to Ines who gave them to Sophie. You can add on he may have delivered Kato to her killer, but it is harder and harder to say who may that killer be? For even with the Charlie possibility, this “White” person, who admired Kato and Sophie’s photographs has to be it.

I mean, it explains the rape. Lest we forget, Kato took nude photos and put them online and the creep probably got off to them. Likely to the point, he wanted the real thing and when he couldn’t get it, he killed her. Leading me to wonder was she raped before or after death? That aside, then when Sophie’s sex tape came online [note]Which Hilde confesses to Alexander she posted[/note], it riled that guy up again.

For, it isn’t like with “The Frappening” where the videos and pictures are of inaccessible celebrities. These sexual images were people the culprit knew. He had access to them, could see them, touch them, have conversations with them. Yet, he was still denied. Making it really seem Charlie could be guilty, since he seems in dire need of validation. But even with the murder attempt of Leon, that was in middle school. In a twisted way, especially considering his mother’s mindset, you can understand why he would want to kill the person who took his dad away. Yet, it doesn’t make sense for him to kill and rape Kato, alongside do the same to Leon and Sophie. Did he like Kato first? Was he jealous that Leon had a living girlfriend? I mean, everything wraps back around to Charlie but there is this sense we are intentionally being thrown off. [note]Ines is pregnant.[/note]

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