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Best of It’s interesting in our culture […] our parents are already concerned about us being hurt or irreparably scathed in some way by life so they teach us how to manage and deal with failure, but no one teaches you how to manage and deal with success. – Keegan-Michael Key It’s easy to keep…

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It’s interesting in our culture […] our parents are already concerned about us being hurt or irreparably scathed in some way by life so they teach us how to manage and deal with failure, but no one teaches you how to manage and deal with success.
– Keegan-Michael Key

It’s easy to keep the mask on when you go out into the world. I’m at work and I’m playing this character, […] now maybe I’m off set, and I’m in my feelings, and somebody comes up to me and says ‘How you doing?’ and I pull up, I’m prepped, because this is what we do, we wear that mask so well. But to really say this is the truth of who I am, ‘Girl pray for me, I’m going through it.’ I’m not there. But a lot of the time when we wear the mask for a living, it’s knowing that you can take it off and be comfortable in that skin.
– Niecy Nash

Money is good for only one thing, and that’s spending. It doesn’t fill my integrity.
– Gina Rodriguez

If you cuss somebody out right, they won’t even realize it till they get home.
– Niecy Nash

When you get good advice, when you get something that speaks to you, you pay it forward, you pass it along.
– Niecy Nash

Coming from nothing […] no one ever teaches you about balance and I learned the hard way. Being a husband and a father, missing out on some of those key moments in my children’s’ lives, in my family’s life, because I was so focused on getting this so we can have a better [but] it never stops, it never ends.
– Anthony Anderson

Everyone has the best intentions, but no one knows what the fuck they are talking about.
– Jerrod Carmichael

The ability to fail is, like, an essential part of creativity.
– Nina Jacobson

If you’re not provocative, if you’re not really provoking thought, conversation, debate, then you’re not servicing in some way. […] You wanna be honorific, you don’t wanna be delicate, you want people to think, you want people to talk, but you also want them to come away realizing if we can’t solve the issue on a show, then we’re certainly, none of us are doing enough to solve it in real life.
– John Ridley

We have a better idea of your voice than you do of ours because we have to live in your world, you don’t have to live in my world. You’re a visitor, if you choose to go and hang out with your girls and listen to hip-hop, you can be a visitor. But I, if I’m going to be an active member of society, I have to live in your world. So I have a better idea of your voice than you do of mine, but I’m not allowed to write your voice and you are allowed to write mine.
– Kenya Barris

If you want to be a writer, you have to learn how to write in other people’s voices until you get the chance to write in your own.
– Nahnatchka Khan

I need to be a student of what I’m doing.
– Kenya Barris

You want your difference to be acknowledged, […] but on the other hand I don’t want to be defined by them and that’s the road that you kind of walk.
– Aline Brosh McKenna

My management philosophy […] is that they’re gonna do what I would do, if I had time, 85% of the time and I have to learn to live with the 15.
– Ted Sarandos

It’s weird being millennials because there’s so many blueprints and you’re like, aiming for that, and by the time you get there you’re like, this doesn’t exist anymore. Like, at all.
– Donald Glover

When you are confident and feel good about what you do, there’s no need to make other people feel small.
— Sterling K. Brown (THR Drama Actor Roundtable – 2017)

When you have everything ahead of you, and you’re dreaming […] it feels so great. And maybe, at the time, you wish things were different or you weren’t starving to death or whatever it is but when I look back on those days now? They were some of the best times in my life.
— Billy Bob Thorton (THR Drama Actor Roundtable – 2017)

There really is no difference between art and prayer.
— Oprah [Quoting Rainn Wilson] (THR Drama Actor Roundtable – 2017)

Those are the regrets. Not the ones you said ‘no’ to but the ones you said ‘yes’ to.
— Jessica Lange (#THR Drama Actress Roundtable – 2017)

Feeling like you are the subject and not the object is such a crazy shift in autonomy.
Kathryn Hahn – THR Full Comedy Actress Roundtable


The Rest

How you get to the product is almost more important than the product nowadays.
– Donald Glover

Nerdy is liking stuff that takes work to like
– Donald Glover

Being a writer is hurting the people that you know to impress a bunch of people you’re never going to meet.
– Chris McQuarrie

I’ve really grown tired of something that is clever but signifies nothing.
– Marti Noxon

So for me it was, ‘This is gonna happen.’ There is just no question because when you question something then the forces, then the challenges arrive. When you don’t, you create your own journey.
– Gina Rodriguez

I feel like, ‘Oh you don’t know. God has blessed me and I know I will make this project great.’ This is my conversation in my head. And I go, ‘Okay,’ you know what I mean? But if they don’t pick me, I feel like, ‘I’m telling you something: I’m going to come in this business and do something. I’m a make a mark, I’m going to do something with myself.
– Niecy Nash

That’s character work, like your character work. Not for somebody you write and put on television because I think that is what gets lost in this industry. You go and you tap into all these different human beings and we get to transform, but we don’t work on our character. I’m constantly working on Gina and on how Gina feels and how Gina is today and what is present in my life, and what has been given to me and my blessings and my path on the journey I want to take. That gets worked on daily.
– Gina Rodriguez

Laughter wasn’t merely laughter, but it was a teaching instrument […] and in the laughter and beyond the laughter you can change.
– Jeffrey Tambor

In general, men can and frequently do fail up and women can and do frequently succeed down.
– Nina Jacobson

When you know it, it feels easier and safer and you can go for it. It’s actually more scary, I think, when you know you are a bit outside of your own experience and how do you get that right and how do you make sure that you’re addressing complicated subjects that you know are divisive in a way that feels provocative, honest, but also self-aware?
– Nina Jacobson

[On being a mom in the industry compared to father] They go in and come back, they’re a hero. We go in and come back, we’ve abandoned them.
— Reese Witherspoon – Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter

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