Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

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After the “Meh” Trevor Noah special and Amy Schumer’s which was, like a cheap knockoff of a brand name comedian, Chappelle redeems Netflix’s comedy lineup with “The Age of Spin.”

The Set

Dave Chappelle is older[note]42[/note], wise, yet couldn’t give less of a f—. His set is filled with OJ jokes, including about him killing his wife. There are Bill Cosby jokes dealing with him raping women. Yet, at the same times, things get serious and he talks about how there was a time, before caller ID and a news story about a kid shot or a terrorist act every day. A time when care bears would star and shoot love out of their chest and that was what he inspired to be. Though, instead of love, he shot cum on someone’s chest.

As you can imagine, Dave is all over the place but it is only if you don’t pay attention. For no matter how far he goes, either with offensive or weird ass stories, there is a rhythm you get into. It’s like jazz and no matter how crazy and wild he gets, the bass line is the same and he truly shows that even 10 years removed from being one of the most famous comedians in the world, he not only still has it, but he could give Kevin Hart a run for his money. If only he knew how to pick a good movie.

Collected Quote(s)

[Speaking on racist white woman in the past] You was in on the heist, you just don’t like your cut.


It Was Everything You’d Hope For And More

Dave in not the kind of comedian you go to without thinking, hell hoping, to be shocked and offended. Dave is old school. As he notes. He isn’t the type of comedian who tells the types of jokes which can be funny, maybe a bit vulgar, but wouldn’t threaten some sponsorship deal. No. He is a life observer type of comedian and some s— to him just don’t make sense. Be it the discrimination Olympics the LGBTQ and white women have with Black men, the different sets of issues his generation faces vs. 24-year-olds, or the complex issue of dealing with your heroes fall from grace. For him, it was OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby, imagine what future generations will deal with? Though, he argues, they are desensitized now. Thanks to the news, 24 access through phones and the internet, you can know about every horrible thing in the world by voice command.

All of which he jokes about and dissects in a way which, as a sort of after effect, gets you thinking.

The Storytelling

As noted, Chappelle is old school and old school comedians are like old school musicians. For old school musicians, the music led to the lyrics and for old school comedians, the story leads to the jokes. Chappelle isn’t like many a modern comedian who is about making a fool of themselves and trying to cause machine-gun laughter. He builds to his jokes for a better pay off. He makes his jokes not just about embarrassing moments, but the awkward kind which you may want to forget or just see if anyone has a sick sense of humor like you do.

On The Fence

The Sound of the Mic Hitting His Leg

This isn’t a major issue, but it was kind of annoying that Dave kept, every time he laughed at his own joke, hitting the mic on his leg and causing feedback. It wasn’t loud enough to take you out of his rhythm, but after awhile you sort of hoped he would become more aware of this thing in his hand.

His Stage Presence

As said, Dave is old school. He is not going to be running around on stage, making weird ass faces, or hump a stool. He is the kind who connects with you and keeps you interested through a strong story and well-placed jokes. However, there were times it did seem he was fighting to not get lost in his own thoughts. Like he needed a cigarette to mull over what he just said or was going to say next. Not to the point it seemed, at all, he forgot his set, but like he was trying to control the pacing but not in a way which seemed as natural as it could have been.

Overall: Positive (Watch It) – Recommended

35 laughs in an hour special. One which is only the first released tonight. Truly, I don’t know if I’m ready. I have a slight headache from laughing right now but damn it feels good to laugh at a comedy special. One which doesn’t seem ill-planned, or only has one or two good sections. A comedy special which doesn’t have some long ass unnecessary skit at the beginning of it. Just one which, from start to finish, is about telling you a story, getting the gears in your mind turning a bit, and laughing.

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What Would Your Rating Be?

What Would Your Rating Be?

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