The war comes to an anti-climatic end.

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The war comes to an anti-climatic end.

Aired (BBC iPlayer) December 18, 2022
Episode Title The Clouded Mountain
Director(s) Russell Dodgson, Amit Gupta
Writer(s) Francesca Gardiner
Noted Characters
Kirjava Patricia Allison


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And So, The War Begins – Marisa, Asriel, Xaphania

With it being clear Metatron and the Kingdom of Heaven are on the horizon, final preparations are made. Asriel reveals a bomb he made that can harness dust flow, and he tasks Marisa to detonate it. She speaks to Xaphania, who seems to be not prepping for battle at all, just acting as some sort of guidance, and Marisa asks if this will all be for nothing?

Xaphania doesn’t give point-blank answers since she is an angel. However, she does make clear that Marisa has already decided her fate and what will come. But, to give some guidance, she tells Marisa to use her ability to repress the best of herself, for it will be necessary for the fight to come.

Reuniting With Daemons – Lyra, Serafina, Will, Kirjava, Pan

While everyone else is facing an overwhelming number of angels, some of which are poisoning the minds of the foot soldiers to commit friendly fire, Serafina retrieves Pan, Lyra’s daemon, and Kirjava, who is Will’s. She is escorted by Asriel part of the way, as she seeks out their daemons, and assisted by another on the way back to Asriel’s camp. The two are able to reunite with their human counterparts, but not much is said. Pan, of course, is still reeling from being abandoned, and Kirjava? There is simply a greeting and nothing more.

The War Is Over – Metatron, Ogunwe, Marisa, Asriel, Lyra, Will

The war ends up over almost as soon as it begins. After Marisa dispels specters that eat people’s daemons, this intrigues Metatron to the point of meeting with her. And as he opens the doors to the kingdom of heaven, in his machine, Asriel flies in and enters the kingdom as well.

Now, you may think with an entryway into the Kingdom of Heaven, Ogunwe’s forces would have rushed in and followed Asriel, but they are dealing with angels turning them on one another. Which makes the grandest battle of them all not one of physical strength but of wits and mental strength. Marisa has to trick Metatron into thinking she’d rather be an angel on his side than stand as a human against him. Asriel? He has to face himself and distract Metatron as long as possible so that he can be positioned just right so Marisa’s daemon can detonate the bomb. And in time, they get him where they want and kill Metatron – albeit while they, Marisa and Asriel, sacrifice themselves.

Thus leaving Will, Lyra, Ogunwe, and others to see the fall of the Kingdom of Heaven, and we’re left with the assumption of peace.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What was the thing in the cube which died? Was it the original God before Metatron made themselves regent?
  2. Did I miss a conversation? Does Marisa have powers to dispel specters, or was that some kind of dust weaponry that instantly destroyed them?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Finding out what happened with Mary’s friends and the girls who didn’t join Ogunwe’s army because of their dad
  2. Learning whether the fall of Metatron means anything considering the many arms, like The Magisterium, still existing


Low Points

The End Of The War Was Anti-Climatic

For 3 seasons, The Authority, and The Magisterium, all these entities have been depicted as all-powerful. They have weathered many rebellious groups, like Ogunwe’s, and have crushed them, repressed them, and wiped some cultures and people out of history books. Yet, within one battle that lasted less than a day, it was all over?

Despite being heavily outnumbered, likely by some of the most powerful angelic beings in existence, taking down one single angel ends it all? Never mind, that angel’s ego is what did him in? Don’t get me wrong, I understand Marisa’s gift of communication is not to be underestimated, as it is dangerous and has brought down many men. However, for this all to end because of a bomb Asriel made combined with Marisa stroking Metatron’s ego and interest long enough? Even their sacrifice doesn’t feel like enough to create a proper ending to this saga.

But, with all those who followed who said they had the will of The Authority backing them, maybe those final battles may make up for the one which was supposed to be the grandest?

Metatron aka Enoch in human form
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Metatron’s fall has to be the biggest letdown we’ve seen in ages for a villain. It makes having one more episode leave the question, “Can the final episode compensate for this terrible penultimate one?”
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The End Of The War Was Anti-Climatic

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