As Jackie is reminded of what rock bottom is like, people realize Jorge is gone, and Charmaine questions if she wants to be in the game anymore.

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As Jackie is reminded of what rock bottom is like, people realize Jorge is gone, and Charmaine questions if she wants to be in the game anymore.

Aired 12/5/2021
Network Starz
Directed By Rebecca Cutter
Written By Tim Walsh, Sarah Berry
Introduced This Episode
Janelle Crystal Lee Brown
Felix Andres Munar
Vince Phil McGlaston


Chin Up, Eyes Forward – Osito, Charmaine, Wayne, Vernon, Janelle

With the death of her sister comes Charmaine ready to quit the game. She lost one of the main reasons she got into the game, and without Aileen, what’s the point of continuing on? Well, when she visits her uncle Wayne, he notes the reason to continue on is that, if she doesn’t, what was all this for? He even paints the idea that the game is like chess, which means losing pieces in the process. Which, yes, comes off quite callous at the moment, but it seems to break through to Charmaine and is the encouragement she needs to continue.

Switching to Osito, he and Janelle have a conversation about his gift since it is not necessarily appreciated. However, Osito explains that he appreciates her and where he is from, the DR, people looked out for each other, and while he didn’t get the same experience when he came to the US, he tries to carry that spirit with him. So, he had a friend who needed a car, so he got her one. Taking note of that, she warns him that his unit is getting searched soon, which it does. Thus, after her reveal is proven true, their next meeting leads to signs they are going to be a bit more intimate.

News Is Going Around – Alan, Leslie

Alan gets a tip about Jorge’s car being left at the airport, and upon learning it has been there for three days, wheels start turning. Thus leading to him calling Leslie, for now, they really need Daisy and to get information on what may have gone down. Especially since Jorge’s disappearance lines up with Charmaine being gone and raising suspicions.

I Forgot What Hard Times Are Like – Rafael, Ray, Jackie, Renee, Frankie, Vince, Leslie, Charmaine

With Rafael, Jackie goes on a SERIOUS binge. I’m talking beyond alcohol – she does coke and even CRACK! But, things go a bit too far when Rafael asks Jackie to mess around with the dealer to score more drugs, thus leading her to call up Vince, a member of the local AA. But, just as she is about to secure a sponsor, Leslie shows up and admonishes her for disappearing for three days and has her refocus.

However, as some may know, with addicts, their addiction usually just becomes obsession from a drug to a task or person. In this case, the person is Daisy, and the task is proving something is wrong after a dream makes Jackie think Daisy is dead. This leads to another round between her and Ray since, with Leslie and her not getting along, Ray is the only person who Jackie thinks will listen. Which he does, but he also sees Jackie in a terrible state and tries to keep her from blowing up the life she put so much work into.

Now, does she try to clap back? Yes. However, with his words of criticism coming from a place of caring and not feeling like an attack, she gives in and listens. She even sleeps in his bed, for he thinks she is a DUI risk. Heck, she even asks for Ray to cuddle, with her as the big spoon, and he obliges.

But, while Ray is dealing with Jackie at home, Renee is another person he is trying to handle. Specifically, he is trying to plant seeds in her mind to get her paranoid. Why? Well, because he doesn’t trust her and after a conversation with Felix at the DEA, Ray has enough information to start stirring the pot a bit. Be it lying and saying Jorge was a snitch or even revealing Renee’s car is being tracked. This drives her NUTS!

However, to make matters worse, when Charmaine returns to the cape, Frankie sets up a meeting that will have Renee take Jorge’s place in the operation. Pair that with Frankie revealing to Renee he knows Jorge was murdered, and you can see Renee’s blood pressure go all the way up.

Leaving you to wonder, how will this affect the rarely, if ever, mentioned baby?

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, are you telling me there is no video with an audio recording that could pick up all that Janelle and Osito were talking about? Never mind, considering Osito interacts with a few people from the outside world, did it never cross Janelle’s mind that if they are searching him, and find nothing, they won’t think she might be involved?
  2. Did Alan just cut corners to avoid getting a warrant? Is he starting to understand the dark side of policing?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I think Ray and Jackie will get closer, and Ray will use Jackie to keep pushing his case, and because she trusts him, she’ll work with him, despite his reputation.
  2. With Alan, I think he will start to understand why Ray operated like he did to get results.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

The circus don’t stop for just one clown.
— Charmaine




What we love Ray for is the consistency. Rarely does Ray come on screen and make you roll your eyes, even when his life is on a downturn. Instead, he knows how to keep your interest as a solo character, as shown by his since-forgotten plot about reconnecting with his son. But, on top of that, whether it is Renee or Jackie, he is the scene partner you want to have.

I’d even say, after Jackie’s binge, her seeing Ray allowed her character to quickly recover. Because, I don’t know about you, but I got more than enough of Jackie messing up her life in season 1. I did not need another round. So her hitting rock bottom and then possibly skipping off of it like a smooth rock on a lake? That was what we needed.

Heck, considering her and Ray’s dynamic, it could make it so she, once again, can use his character to build herself up. Even though, storyline-wise, it will be the opposite.

So Many Good Storylines Happening At Once

Let’s applaud Hightown for having multiple quality storylines at once. You got Frankie scrambling to handle Jorge’s death, Renee freaking out because she is tasked to step it up while trying to transition to being with Ray. Alongside that, Ray has an entire investigation relying on his past credentials and still having some skills, even if they are currently unappreciated.

Also, we have Charmaine reeling from the death of her little sister and Osito having a nice life in prison. Which, yes, with the Osito thing, him getting with Janelle is a on the fence topic, but I will admit I’m interested to see where it goes since, second to Ray, Osito is perhaps one of the most charismatic characters. Even with him put on ice with a very limited amount of interaction.

On The Fence

Janelle and Osito

It’s like, I get it, Osito is still one of the MVPs of the show, so a love interest was bound to happen. However, I just feel funny about it being Janelle. Maybe it is because she formerly was so against it? Perhaps it is due to questioning where Osito’s ex disappeared to? It’s overall hard to say. The only thing I can say for sure is that part of me wanted to see Osito with someone new, and while Janelle wouldn’t be my first pic, I like that she succumbed to your boy’s charms. Even if it might be her undoing.

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Charmaine at a bus stop
Hightown: Season 2/ Episode 7 “Crack Is Wack” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
Bless Ray for holding it down when his peers can't, Charmaine keeping things alive with the drug side of Hightown, and Osito still drawing you in despite being locked up with limited character interaction. Those three are the bedrock of this show and keep it going.
So Many Good Storylines Happening At Once
Janelle and Osito

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