Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 12 “House Rules” – Overview/ Recap (with Spoilers)

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Patience and trust are major themes in “House Rules” as everyone is tasked with having faith in their significant other while in a precarious situation.

Grown People Relationships: Grace, Charity

Despite trying to be the best girlfriends they can be (this is assuming Charity and Jabari are even official), both are having relationship issues. For Charity, the first issue is finding reliable child care so she can date. Which, thankfully for her, Grace comes to the rescue. Albeit mostly to get back in Charity’s good graces, but a favor is a favor. However, despite multiple, passionate, kisses before, all Charity is given at the end of the night is a peck. Which leads her to wonder if she attracts a type. Meaning, those like Kevin who are looking for a beard.

A conversation she has with Grace after she has her own issues with Darius. For the problem with them is that there is this “Chinese Wall” Grace established which means certain things are off limits. Like him speaking about when he is doing articles on the church and her, I guess, trying to influence his writing. Things like that, her suddenly reconfiguring their date, and his secrecy, makes it so both feel the other is holding back.

One major craw comes from Grace when it came to that job opportunity in New York that he decided to drop in her lap and his secrecy about why he doesn’t go to church. Which, later in the night, he explains it is because of the way his former pastor tried to console him after his wife died in a car accident. With being told, “It’s best we don’t question God.” That did it for Darius and now he only steps into the church for work and that’s it.


Do you ever watch a show and wonder to yourself, “Why is this person in a relationship?” I know I do. For while I get human beings have the natural need and desire for companionship, intimacy, and a confidant, it seems most shows just want to focus on the drama doesn’t it?

Like this situation between Jabari and Charity. I get that after Kevin she is a bit hesitant due to marrying and being with someone who is bi, gay, or what have you, much less left her without warning. But does no one else think that, at this point, she would perhaps be better off single for a while? After all, the ink is barely dry on her divorce papers and one could argue she still hasn’t sorted out all of the issues she has with Kevin at this point. Hence why she already has her defenses up when it comes to Jabari, wondering if he is another gay man trying to make her his beard.

Then with Grace? As indifferent as she often seems, that is how I feel about her and Darius. For what really is keeping them together besides a mutual desire to not be alone? Their relationship seems purely built on this general TV idea that damn near every character has to be paired up. That, if they don’t have a relationship going on, that would cloud any and all other storylines they could potentially have. Which is a bit frustrating.

Not to imply I don’t like Darius and that the story about his wife doesn’t make sense, in terms of him being apprehensive about church culture; However, I’d rather see Grace deal with the fact she killed someone. Something that we keep seeing in the recap at the beginning of the episode, gets referenced by Grace not sleeping well, but that’s it. For rather they either have Grace deal with relationship drama or drag out her inevitable return to preaching. Something that she may not feel fond of, but Darlene makes it seem she enjoys it. So here is hoping when Grace gets around to the pulpit she brings down the house. Assuming Darius won’t just take up all her time until they have a heated breakup.

House Rules: Zora, Jacob, Kerissa

Jacob is having major issues with his daughter and wife. With Zora, the main problem is she is spending time with Isaiah with the door closed, when she thinks no one is home. Then with Kerissa? WOOOOOOO! Kerissa is really digging in her heels when it comes to Jacob getting a job, using the GoFundMe money or something. Especially since her paycheck may cover bills but it can’t pay for all the repairs the house needs. Yet, Jacob keeps preaching patience and trust. That the Lord will provide a way. However, Kerissa is getting tired of waiting to the point she decides to go to Bishop Greenleaf for money, thus fanning the flames.

Yet, with Jacob not looking out for his wife and kids as Kerissa wants, and talking about having the moral authority now that he isn’t messing around, she decides to take things into her own hands. Meaning, going behind Jacob’s back and revealing Basie’s financial woes (to the tune of $250,000).


I found it hilarious that Jacob brought up his past affair and then made it seem he now has the moral authority of his relationship. Brother, you lost it as soon as you cheated and will forever be trying to get it back. So as much as he may have turned things around, he is in no position to start putting his cards on the table like a high roller.

But, with that said, it is difficult to judge Kerissa’s decisions this episode. Well, outside of her seeming low-key anti-gay. However, that is a topic for another time since I need her to verbalize her feelings rather than skate around the issue. So, focusing strictly on her issues with Jacob, alongside money, I fully understand and support her decision to snitch on Basie to possibly get some money for the house. After all, faith doesn’t pay bills. Much less, as I believe the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves”  and with Jacob not even talking about looking for a job, just spending money, can you really blame a woman for making her own moves to support their family?

After all, they have two school aged children who cannot succeed at school without a stable flow of electricity. Be it for something as simple as lights or to make sure they have a computer to do research and their papers. Never mind keeping their phones charged so that if something happens, they can be contacted.

Though you know Kerissa going against Jacob is going to have major consequences. Especially since he was trying to keep Basie’s business from becoming public knowledge – based on his word. But I guess since Kerissa didn’t make any promises, she figures she is off the hook.

Taking a Stand: James, Mae, Grace, Rochelle, Basie Skanks

With Basie Skanks taking a very public stance against homophobia in the church and bringing Cavalry’s name into it, combined with Darius talking to Carlton and writing a front page article, Bishop Greenleaf is highly upset. So upset he takes himself over to Triumph and presents a threat. One in which he tells Basie to keep his church’s name and his family out of his affairs – quite sternly may I add.

However, all things considered, even with Basie’s agenda, he may be the least of his worries. If only because, while Lady Mae is having lunch with Jacinta, she becomes a bit more privy to Rochelle’s past at her former church. One in which it is damn near confirmed she was having an inappropriate relationship with the pastor, over there. As for how far it went? Well, Jacinta doesn’t spill all the tea. But it does put Lady Mae on notice that all this friendly chit chat and the office visits shouldn’t be overlooked. [note]Jacinta knows Rochelle due to Rochelle handling her finances and making her a lot of money.[/note]


You got to love this new direction the show is going on. With Mac gone, there isn’t a villain anymore. Now we are forced to see complicated people capable of good, especially preaching it, but who do actively participate in wicked and evil acts. With Basie, gambling is his sin, boastfulness as well, but he balances it out by seeming like a good person at heart. He may very well be a trickster, but with his proclamation in support of the LGBT community (well, maybe just homosexuals, I don’t know his position on bi and transgender people), which did not seem popular in his church, it is hard to not think he might be genuine.

As for the Greenleafs? We already know Lady Mae is a gossip. Also, like many a Black woman on TV in a power position, if you threaten even a hair on her head she will come down on you with a slick tongue, and make it seem she will destroy your life. Then with the Bishop, who knows if temptation may take him from the mountain into Rochelle’s valley? For while he and Mae are good, Rochelle kind of reminds me of what a younger version of Lady Mae may look like. Plus, with just the way Bishop James talks, you know he is capable of doing something stupid. Now, whether he hasn’t due to the fear of being caught or not is the question. One I can’t answer even as he walks into the valley of death.

But, with all that said, I again find myself waiting for Grace to make a move. Especially now that she is the Outreach Director and has discovered all of Kevin’s “Pray the Gay Away” pamphlets. Will she confront the man who was running those classes? Much less, knowing Carlton was involved with that article, may she reach out to him and try to recover Cavalry’s image in his eyes? Much less, how come no one thought to ask Charity why Carlton said what he did? Stay tuned for the next episode of Greenleaf to find out.

Collected Quote(s)

We got to where we are with the help of God, but we got here slowly, more slowly than some wanted. But that’s how long it took, and I expect justice in this realm will take longer to achieve than most want to. But I’m prepared to practice patience.

Patience doesn’t mean standing still while waiting for something to change. Patience is lovingly guiding people who don’t understand into a greater understanding.

Why do we always have to be the ones who have to circle back once it’s too late? Just this once, can we get it right the first time?

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