Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 11 “Changing Seasons” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 11

A truly shocking moment happens: Lady Mae admits she is wrong, apologizes to Grace, and all in one episode. But while there is that major shock, so builds to a few other ones. Be it Grace taking an interest in Basie Skanks or Carlton coming back to the show – which are two situations which may come into contact.

Someone to Mourn With: Charity, Carlton

While in a rut with coming up for a song for Jabari [note] Who she kisses in the episode [/note], Carlton’s name is mentioned so Charity gives him a call. Leading to him giving her a piece of his mind. After all, she cut him off after he was “Let go” and has said nothing till she needed him.

Leading to a slew of excuses. Of which the divorce, learning Kevin is gay [note]Which seems like an icebreaker for her now[/note] and the baby become her excuse. One which hits home with Carlton, who still hasn’t found real full-time work. But what truly heals the relationship is the mention of Eden Brooke – what would have been Charity and Kevin’s daughter, Nathan’s fraternal twin.

With the mention of that name comes tears, forgiveness, and perhaps a reconciliation. Just in time to setup Grace’s next crusade dealing with homophobia and homosexuality in the church.


Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 11

Taking into consideration Grace’s new crusade, you know Carlton is going to get dragged into it sooner or later. In fact, I can already imagine Grace bringing up Carlton to Basie Skanks, her new friend, and him hiring Carlton. Well, this is assuming if Basie has a deacon board that is more open minded than Cavalry.

But the true importance of Carlton coming back is because, as likely said last week, or in one of the many back and forth conversations I’ve had with Sarah, there really aren’t enough displays of friendship. Pretty much, if you’re not talking to family, you’re talking to your boo and it makes it so no one seems to be, as Carlton can be, an unshakeable presence in your corner. Especially in terms of when you say something to upset your family or you and your significant other are going through something.

I mean, just for an example, let’s pretend as if Charity wasn’t telling everyone who would listen that Kevin is gay, bi, hetero-flexible, or what have you. Carlton, being a gay man, would have been someone excellent for not only her but perhaps Kevin to come to. For while Carlton isn’t a pastor, a counselor, or anything like that, he is someone who I think Kevin, and Charity, could feel safe with. In terms of their familiarity with him, the fact he is gay, and that the chances of him slipping information to another member of the church being slim.

Yet, as shown in episode 2, it seems whatever relationship Charity and Carlton did have, it wasn’t worth fighting for. Which, hopefully, isn’t true now. For who else, besides Jabari, which is a very new relationship, does she have to lean on? Especially talk to in order to understand Kevin vs. talk about Kevin. For if you just look at the family, Charity isn’t close to anyone. In fact, none of the siblings are all that close. So Carlton coming in, and forgiving Charity, as Kevin exited is an undeniable blessing.

Someone To Blame: Mae, Grace, Tasha, James, Rochelle, Kerissa

Due to Lady Mae, Zora and Sophia won’t be able to join the St. Josephine Academy Cotillion. Which is a sort of big deal. Sort of because Kerissa, Jacob, and Grace aren’t flipping out about it, but the girls and Lady Mae are. Especially since it seems all of her, Lady Mae’s, girls went and she knows she sent the packets. So, with that in mind, she checks in with Jacinta, even brings a gift since she likes collecting antique things. Leading to her to learn Tasha Skanks was the one who handled the documents. Making Mae think the girls packets got lost due to pettiness.

Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 11

However, the truth is, Lady Mae put the wrong domain down. But this isn’t something she admits immediately. She lets Grace take the blame, at dinner, in front of company. Something Kerissa doesn’t care about for she seems willing, able, and prepared to come at Grace’s neck whenever possible. Which, strangely, doesn’t lead Grace to snap at her. Instead, she just apologizes for she does really feel between Darius’ article and of course Mac’s murder, she, and Sophia and Zora in extension, are paying the consequence.

But, luckily for both of them, James’ new best friend Rochelle knows Jacinta through her last church and since she helped her deal with having breast cancer [note]She currently is in remission.[/note] Making it so, the next morning, when it is just Lady Mae and Grace not too long after her apology does Sophia rush in to reveal she got and Zora have been accepted. Leaving the matriarch and Sophia’s mom happy, while also noting that, despite this nice gesture, neither trust Rochelle all that much [note] Especially with her bringing homemade treats to Bishop Greenleaf’s office in the middle of the day, sitting on his desk, and just seeming just a little bit too flirtatious. Much less hinting that she has a thing for bishops and pastors[/note].


Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 11

Is there any chance this Kerissa and Grace beef will ever end? For while it is well established that Grace is the reason Kerissa’s life is not only less than ideal, but a bit unstable, at some point these two have to hash it out right? Sooner or later Grace has to take a stand and a real verbal altercation, I doubt physical one, has to go down. For while Kerissa may not be Mae’s biological daughter, damn if she doesn’t have a biting tongue like her.

And speaking of Mae, as much as I want to give her props for noting she was wrong about the Cotillion thing, I found it messed up she really let Grace take that L during dinner in front of everyone. Really pushing the idea that despite her and Grace seemingly healing old wounds in light of her nearly dying fighting off Mac, there remains some pettiness within Mae she can’t let go. Some need to see Grace humbled before an audience. If not just maintain her pride and sense of self-righteousness while Grace is torn apart.

But can you imagine Kerissa’s face if Lady Mae stepped in to defend Grace, noting it wasn’t her fault but an “overlooktion?” Oh, it would have been priceless. Though I can’t even fathom if Kerissa still would have gone off or would have put a tranquilizer in that rage of hers. Mostly because, how often does Kerissa interact with Lady Mae besides pleasantries?

Leading me to wonder, what will be Kerissa’s storyline in these back episodes? She is such a strong personality that it truly makes it seem that with these Grace spats, that it is just her letting off steam. So should the expectation be, with Jacob not making a salary, that marital problems, once again, will be her storyline? Or maybe she may get in the ring with Rochelle, because of one reason or another?

Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 11 - Lady Mae noting she is aware of Rochelle and will face that battle when it comes.

Since, as Lady Mae notes herself, there is a battle coming. She isn’t sure when but during the dinner to butter up Rochelle before asking a favor, said favor being to cover up the mistake Lady Mae made, Rochelle was revealing herself. Mostly in the form of noting her expectations for her favorite bishop or pastor, which, being that I’m not aware of church functions, seemed a bit much. Almost to the point that this personal touch she is looking for sounds like she wants a relationship-relationship out of her bishop. Which is peeped, but it isn’t clear if James realizes this young thang got a trap she is trying to snag him in.

Oh, and before we move on, is it wrong I took delight in Tasha Skanks calling out Mae for her un-Christian like behavior? For while I love Lady Mae, I do get tired of all the self-righteousness sometimes. Because, even though I get Tasha would have reason to screw the Greenleaf family over, I don’t personally see her, nor Skanks really, as that petty. That is, to get to the children because God is taking too long to smite the adults.

With that said, I still would love to know how Tasha and Basie got together. For they still seem like an odd couple.

Trouble Is Just Around the Corner: Basie Skanks, Grace, Sophia, Zora

Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 11

Now that Grace has dealt with the majority of her guilt and trauma due to killing Mac, she needs a new crusade. Something to keep her busy since preaching seems to have long stopped being on her agenda. So, with it being mentioned at the Metro Memphis Council of Churches monthly meeting that a child died due to homophobia in the church, a light goes off.

Leading to how ole’s Skanky comes in. The council meeting is held at Triumph and Basie sort of plants the seed that perhaps something should be done. He doesn’t outright call for it, but for Grace, he minas well have been speaking to her directly. Thus creating this idea of Grace working with Skanks. Something neither James nor Jacob are necessarily for but neither are going to stop or talk Grace out of doing. In fact, it seems they find her being charmed by Skanks almost comical. Mostly since neither take homophobia in the church seriously since neither of their churches outright condemn homosexuality.

Though, with that said, let’s not forget the Carlton ouster due to the deacon board. Alongside that, whatever nonsense Kerissa was trying to talk about in terms of trying to sound tolerant but making it seem like people are forgetting about sin.

Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 11
Sophia reacting to Zora saying she and Isaiah had sex.

Leaving one last thing to recap: Zora lost her virginity to Isaiah. Which is worth noting since it is assumed they wore a condom, but who knows if it did what it was supposed to. Also, with Zora not making it sound like a horrible experience, it is making Sophia curious about the idea. She even asks Roberto about it, through asking if he is a virgin, which he says he is.


I’m so glad to see ole Skanky back. He truly is my favorite character on this show – period. Not just because he has a Joker like personality, minus maniacal laughing, murder, and the obvious stuff, but since he isn’t self-righteous. Does he have a little bit of an ego? Yes. However, like Bishop Greenleaf noted, he is one charming dude and it is hard to not fall under his spell. So it should be interesting to see how his partnership with Grace turns out. Especially since you know his vendetta against Bishop James and Cavalry is far from over. Pushing the idea Grace may become a sacrificial lamb.

That aside, can I be honest? While I adore Sophia and appreciate Zora, I sometimes find it hard to take note of their team drama and be genuinely interested. Not because it is boring but more so, with everything else going on, I look at them and sometimes wonder if their screen time could be put to better use.

Collected Quote(s)

If we avoided every place where enmity and strife once confounded us, we’d all be stranded where we stand.

I know you know how it is. The Lord moves when He moves. We just do our best to follow at speed.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So how long until Aaron finds Kevin?
  2. Will Kerissa ever get a storyline not involving her husband or kids? What is going on at her job?
  3. When will Charity and Jabari become official?



  • The return of Basie Skanks.
  • Lady Mae being put in her place and apologizing to Grace about something.
  • What’s on the horizon for Rochelle Cross.
  • How the show may address homophobia in the church community.

On The Fence

  • Zora and Sophia’s relationship storylines.

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